X-Wing: Wave 8 – Punishing One & Mist Hunter Unboxings!

Punishing One X-Wing

It’s Scum & Villainy Day – come see the latest for the Wave 8 Ships: The Punishing One & The Mist Hunter!

Hey BoLS Readers – you didn’t think that The Inquistor’s TIE and The Ghost were the only two boxes we got for Wave 8, did you? We also got our hands on the two new Scum & Villainy ships for this wave and let me tell you: These two ships make S&V a faction to be feared!

Mist Hunter X-Wing

Let’s talk about the Mist Hunter! It’s got one of the most anticipated cards in the set – Tractor Beam:

swx52-tractor-beam swx41_tractorbeam-reference

This is a really powerful tool in your arsenal. For the first time you’re actually able to attack a player’s movement and place them in a bad spot. Tossing a ship into an obstacle can really mess up their plans for a turn or two. You could also use that forced Boost/Barrel Roll to push them in a bad firing arc for them (or a perfect shot for you).

Another unique card in the Mist Hunter expansion is the new Dual card Adaptability.


It allows you to choose before the start of the game either increasing your pilot skill by 1 or decreasing your pilot skill by 1. Which ever you play it at the start of the game lasts throughout the rest of the game (for now). The concept of intentionally lowering your Pilot Skill may be bizarre but it does allow you to move before your opponent in the movement phase – so you’ll be able to “block” sooner. I think it really helps out tournament players who have to have a set list for each game. Now you have the option to make a minor tweak and maybe gain an advantage – I’m sure there will be some creative uses for this card.

Let’s take a look at the pilots really quick too:

swx41_zuckuss_pilot swx41_4-lom_pilot

Both of these guys have some cool abilities. And when you have their counter part flying as a passanger they have some really cool synergy with each other:

swx41_zuckusscrew swx41_4-lom-crew

I think I like the pilot 4-Lom with Passenger Zuckuss combo the most. At range 1 you can recieve a stress to force a re-roll, then you can toss that stress over to the target. Since it now has a stress it’s going to limit it’s options for the next move phase. This will hopefully allow you to make a follow-up move so you can repeat the process.


Now on to my favorite ship for this wave – the Punishing One. I’m am most excited about this ship for the incredible white speed “2” Sengor’s Loop. It’s movement dial is nuts!


Yes, it will be turning left. A lot. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to catch.


The JumpMaster 5000 already comes with a barrel roll. If you slap an engine upgrade on their you’ll also have a boost action. And I can tell you from experience having the ability to Boost or Barrel Roll on a big ship will net you some big gains. If you want to take Push the Limit you’ll be able to do both in one turn – This is going to be key for Dengar as his ability can be down right devastating. Think about this: If you take the Punishing One Title and are range 1, you’ll be kicking out 4 attack dice. Now, if that same target decides to fire at you – you’ll be able to fire back with those same 4 dice! I don’t care what ship you are getting 8 dice thrown at you by 1 ship in a turn is going to cause you to pause for a moment.

And if you really wanted to be mean you can take the R5-P8 Salvaged Astromech to toss out 1 more chance to damage that attacker…you know, just cause.

Dengar also comes with two torpedo slots and with the new guidance chips card he can also be a very effective torpedo boat. The basic ship (the Contracted Scout) loaded up with torpedoes of your choice and guidance chips can really drop some pain on a target – and it’s not to harsh on points, either!


Let’s also not forget that Dengar comes with his buddy Boba Fett. And if Boba is the reason we can’t have nice things, then Dengar is the Jerk who takes your lunch money. With Boba riding in the passenger slot in the Punishing One you’ll make all those large ships thing twice about going head-to-head with the JumpMaster 5k, especially if you’re kicking out 6-8 dice a turn at them. And don’t forget that Illicit Upgrade slot either. Inertial Dampeners can really throw people for a loop when they are expecting you to be some where else.

I do go over the rest of the cards in the video. And sorry about the Thermal Detonators from last time – I’m kind of “meh” on bomb cards in general so I was a little underwhelmed. But this is the internet and apparently I kicked someone’s dog by skipping the effect card in the video…life must SOOOO be hard.

“Thermal Detonators Token: When this bomb detonates, each ship at Range 1 of the Token suffers 1 damage and receives 1 stress token. Then discard this token.”

I’m going to be playing games with Dengar this week and I’ll write-up a few lists ideas for the Jump Master. I really do think Scum & Villainy are the BIG winners for Wave 8. The Ghost and the Inquistor are good – but Dengar and Boba Fett are game changers!




  • Emprah

    Dengar has the ugliest ship out of 50 sci fi franchises.

    • Falchieyan

      It sounds like something he ordered from a cheesy 80s infomercial.

      • adamharry

        “Do you want to become an intergalactic Bounty Hunter/Cargo Carrier? Then order your new JumpMaster 5000 TODAY!”

        • Spacefrisian

          Jumpf for joy jump for joy

    • Benderisgreat

      It’s currently tied with the Starwing for crappy, POS designs I don’t want, ever.

  • Michael Gerardi

    I really, REALLY hope X-Wing is not going to be afflicted with the equivalent of Codex Creep.