40K: Buff It Up With New Space Marine Psychic Powers

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Hi everybody !!! BBF here to bring more 40K ruin and misery into your lives – with the new Marine Powers!

I finally had a chance to read the new psychic powers in the Angels of Death supplement. I’ve also read or watched some batreps featuring these powers. There’s been a lot of talk about these new psychic powers and how they are very over powered. Just like any other psychic lore there are some good ones and some duds. My favorite go-to lores are still Divination, Santic and Telepathy. I must be real and say some of these powers can be a true buff.

There is one really good psychic power from the new Fulmination lore called Veil of Time which is a blessing and allows the target unit to re roll failed saves… Obviously this is really a great thing for Death Stars and the same exact thing as Eldar Fortune. The other new power (Shifting Worldscape) that really stands out is from the Geokinesis lore which allows you to move a piece of terrain up to 24″… Again really good for Death Stars since you can use the terrain as an open topped transport to launch assaults… Should work very well with the new Wulfen.

The other new powers didn’t really grab me to be honest and even with a Libarius Conclave you’re fishing for these two super powers with no guarantee you’ll get them. There is one other new psychic power called Null Zone I should mention that’s a malediction and subtracts 2 from the invulnerable save for the targeted enemy unit… I don’t rank it as high as the other two since it’s quite situational only being of value versus certain armies. Finally there’s another new power Electrodisplacement from the Fulminations lore that lets you swap the position of two friendly units, one unit being the one with the casting psyker… This is a great way to get a soft unit out of combat and insert your Death Star into the melee in their place which is definitely a viable deterrent.

Seeing that the good psychic powers are spread over three lores (Techmomancy is not all that much to be honest) it’s like I said above – you’re fishing for them and probably won’t get all the ones you really want. So I think due to the randomness alone you’re at a potential risk rolling on these new lores. Have fun with them and hopefully you’ll get some of the ones you really need.



Here are some tips how to optimally use them for your Death Stars. My advice is don’t rely upon them to buff sub optimal units such as terminators as they are still sub tier even with the new super buffs.

Libarius Conclave is your go to formation since you’ll be able to roll for the most psychic powers and very reliably cast them too. The good news is Super Friends are even better now. I know there is still some hate out there but seriously with Tau and the very OP Eldar it’s not a big deal at all. 40k has never been more broke and that’s the name of the game… Always has been. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. There’s lots of cry babies that play 40k… You always have options and nobody is forcing you to play the game.


The new Wulfen can greatly benefit from these new psychic powers since you can cast them on friendly units. Put them in a big piece of gnarly terrain then launch it 24″ right up into your opponent’s grill… And yes they can assault out from the terrain the same turn – of course that’s the best part. This is absolute proof GW is really bringing back the assault phase in a big way. If you can combo this with Endurance and Invisibility it’s even better.

Remember how at first when the new Centurions were released nobody really knew how to fully utilize them then Khaldor Draigo came along… Same thing here with Wulfen – they just got a lot better now. It’s never been easier to make a unit more unkillable while simultaneously juicing up its killability.



I’m very excited to test the new psychic powers on my Super Friends army for the extra über buffage. The army already is fast enough as is and the ability to re roll all saves for your Death Star will take them right over the very top. I see this as being a major problem for Tau – they have been relegated to sitting duck status… Heh ! Remember you can move line of sight blocking terrain to shut the dirty xenos down too. It’s like I said above – completely unkillable with even more killability. The correct combination of old school Biomancy and Telepathy lores with the new ones will yield the best overall results. Ravenwing will greatly benefit since you can give them re rollable invulnerable saves… Yeah Tau are not going to like this at all.



You’ll want to start with your conclave first roll on either Endurance or Telepathy… I personally prefer Telepathy since I don’t run a lot of multi wound models in my units. I would next roll on Santic for Hammerhand and Sanctuary. Your last lore is from the new ones… I’d go for the re roll saves since my army is way fast. Basically you’ll have to figure out yourself what’s the best combination for your own army.


The new psychic powers will help some armies more than others. A lot of people are already overreacting. Eldar have had their own psychic powers for a long long time – it’s not a big deal. Units that were already good will get even better now.

~What’s your take on the new marine powers?

  • Stealthbadger

    Is there a way to just copy and paste the comments section from the last 20 articles on the new powers? Just thought I’d try and save everyone some time.

    • tau4eva

      Yeah I read the title, skip the article, and go straight to comments here now anyway.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Same old BBF, can’t even help being obnoxious in the middle of an article. Cry Babies eh? Like people who play other factions than Marines, Tau, Eldar and Daemons? Grrrrrr.

    • Gilissen Kim

      To be fair, BoLS already had a “fanatic” feeling surrounding some writers… but with this article i just know this isn’t the place for an objective view on anything. This just clearly looks like it has been written by a Tau/Necron hating Space Marine player and just welcomes anything from GW even if it breaks the game. At Warseer and Spikeybits they all agree that these powers are too insane for friendly games (and they all play SM armies over there), even for Tournaments it’s a far stretch, because if they nerf Invisibility and detachment sizes with ITC
      rules, iam sure they’ll ban these powers outright in ITC errata

  • Chad Morrison

    Insert obligatory tau hate why am I not surprised

  • disqus_CktyL7rKWJ

    “Basically you’ll have to figure out yourself what’s the best combination for your own army.”

  • Tyris

    Aww, BBF, you sentimental old thing. You don’t need new psychic powers to make everyone’s day a misery – you just need to show up!

  • Charon

    “Eldar have had their own psychic powers for a long long time – it’s not a big deal” It is not a big deal because they do not have access to all other lores. They miss out some main lores and get them replaced by their own lores (like nearly every other army that has its own lore). Space Marines on the other hand have access to ALL main lores (including daemonology – malefic) and get their own powers on top of the pile.

    • Djbz

      Plus Eldar can harness warp charge (at best) on a 3+ By sinking roughly 500 points into one unit.
      While Space marines can do it on a 2+ with a measly 195 points. And only have to be near each other.

      • Nameless

        As a counter point, Farseers ability to re-roll any dice (one per phase) means that they are harnessing 75% of the dice even on 4+.

        • Djbz

          75% on one power is a far cry from 81(?)% on all powers.

          The new marine powers wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t so stupidly easy for a Conclave to get them off.

          • Nameless

            urm no. 75% is much closer to 81.333’% than it is to 50% that every other codex with psykers is harnessing on.

            in addition it requires no formations as that was a stipulation earlier.

          • Djbz

            The difference is All vs One.
            Conditional re-rolls can be useful, but most of the time just passing easier the first time is better.

          • Exactly.

        • LordKrungharr

          And they can negate any perils attack with one warp charge with that helmet. They have plenty of warp charges!

  • IngenuityGap

    The Wulfen don’t need another buff, they are plenty useful as it is. If you couldn’t figure out how they work, that’s on you. The centurions were the same thing. From Day 1 I had them with Tiggy and it worked wonders as it was obvious they needed a little psychic boost for true devastation. No need to wait for Drago to get updated.

  • My answer to nerfing the terrain transport power was fairly simple.
    I make all my terrain larger now. and then just litter the board with it. Haha. And I take my own terrain when I don’t game at home!
    It’s really not the answer and wont help anyone going to a tournament.

  • pokemastercube .

    if only my blood angels had access to a libarian formation…… 🙁

    • Gilissen Kim

      They do, check the damn army card for the powers + you can always add a detachment to your army consisting of ANY formation from ANY marine book lol.

      • pokemastercube .

        i know i get the powers, but from what i got from GW’s mouth was the libarirus conclave is a codex SM formation, BA do not get access to it

        • Gilissen Kim

          Why would you need access to it? You’re battlebro’s with Marines, you can take the Librarius Conclave formation and just add them to your army, and they still are able to cast blessing on them…it’s literally that easy!

          • pokemastercube .

            i like my furious charge libarians 😉

          • Joka

            Maybe, just maybe, i’m guessing, he wants a BA army because he wants to play BA and not BA + other dudes to cover BA gaps.

          • Scott W

            Sadly playing the wrong game these days if he expects theme to matter for competitive armies..

          • Gilissen Kim

            Like Scott W said: if you play fluffy, you die… Especially in the case of Chaos SM. People that don’t wanna use Black Legion or Crimson Slaughter formation and no Daemons either, just a fluffy CSM codex-only army… Then they start complaining CSM is crap like hell…

            Kinda ironic if you think GW still designs their game for the fluff. If that was the case Orks would have army-wide FnP

          • Joka

            Yeah, it’s kinda sad: the most endgame dangers to every faction in the fluff are a joke in the crunch: Nids, Orks or Chaos should feel frightening to fight… and yet they are outclassed by every faction at what they should do best. That is if people don’t go full jerk they can still play fun: space marines demi-company with a single libby, one semi-deathstar retinue for a captain/chapter master and lots of tacs, devastators and assault would be fun to face. As a rainbow aspect warrior army or a Necron Cad.
            Too bad lots of dudes are cheesemongers.

  • Gilissen Kim

    LOL, just LOL. “There is many crybabies out there that play 40k…You always have options and nobody is forcing you to play the game.” Are you serious? These power with ONE blow threw Tau, Necrons and Ad Mech out of the game. No way you can beat those Deathstars, even the SeerStar was already VERY difficult for Tau to handle (in combo with WraithKnights and Warp Spiders it was already impossible).

    So what you’re saying is: “HAHAHAHA, now it’s only Marines vs Edar in tournies! Bye bye crybabies!”

  • euansmith

    “Here are some tips how to optimally use them for your Death Stars.”

    Whenever that is said, somewhere, a little fluff bunny dies.

    • bobrunnicles

      “40k has never been more broke and that’s the name of the game”

      That….is just sad that apparently this is an okay thing with some people.

      • euansmith

        I can see that silly shenanigans like this goes some way towards making the Marines in to the supremely tough and killy army they are meant to be. I think it is a shame that it also makes them in to little more than some crazy, magic, Chaos Warband rather than a stoic group of implacable super soldiers.

        • Of course Tau and eldar are unhappy – two armies that revolve around shoot and hide tactics… Plus they have some of the most disgusting MCs and GMCs in the game. How is that any better ? Making assault viable again will open up the meta.

          • Gilissen Kim

            LOL, it was tested against Tau AND Necrons, with a Deathstar consisting of Librarius Conclave and Thunderwolves that are all on a piece of terrain. The Necrons even had their most unkillable formation against it (Retribution Phalanx) and still they dropped like flies and only made ONE lowsy casualty!
            Tau has even the best counter of any army to an Eldar Seerstar with the Tau Buffmander unit in combo with MarkerDrone formation to boost snapshots vs invisibility. I even have double Plasma weapons with reroll per suit (not regular TL) and ignore cover for the whole unit and still with a unit of 15+ 1Farsight and 1Commander, yes FIFTEEN suits with double plasma to on average do 12-14 wounds on a 13 men Seerstar (that has 19 wounds in total), but only IF iam lucky to get 3 Marker hits with snapshots on them to boost my Buffmander’s BS. Those 15 suits + FS and Comm and 16 Marker Drones cost me nearly 1500 points. That 13 man Seer Council Deathstar costs 900 points… On top of that, they cast on 3+, don’t get perils with Ghosthelmet and can reroll one warpdice per phase, i dispell on a 6. CASE CLOSED
            Take and assassin you say? Read my reply below where i explain how useless a Culexus assassin is for Tau, Necrons and DE, or even Orks, Nids and Chaos.

            PS: Take a Medusa Strike Force with Librarius Conclave (harness warp charge on 2+ and reroll spells on any discipline) and you got flying and simultaneously charging Iron Hands that teleport in and out of combat, are invisible, have rerollable saves and on top of that have 3+ or even 2+ FnP for all of them.

      • tau4eva

        Good news is that there are so many better game options now than 40k

      • Drpx

        Not really ok so much as desensitized.

  • Pyrrhus of Epirus

    “There’s lots of cry babies that play 40k… You always have options and nobody is forcing you to play the game.”

    and i think ive read my last BBF “article”

    • Gilissen Kim

      Yeah i’ve posted the same deal a little lower in the comments. Even Tau and Necrons can’t deal with these Deathstars, it’s already been tested and it can’t be done. They eat you up at close, you can’t dmg them with your shooting (invisible or rerollable saves, or both), then they teleport out of combat or just consolidate back onto their flying piece of terrain and fly off to another unit and charge from that piece of terrain… and press “repeat”. So basically everybody became crybabies and only Marines and Eldar are the badasses…

      • It’s irony if a Necron player complains about unkillable units. 😀

        • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

          Necrons are balanced because whilst hard to kill they only do damage in a 24″ range, are pretty slow and the toughest are not ob sec. If you can’t see the difference between that and a SM deathstar then I don’t know what to say.

          • But there are plenty of Necron death stars too. I don’t know of any SM death star that is objsec.

          • Gilissen Kim

            Since the new White Dwarves and the Angel of Death book states that the Space Marine “faction” includes ALL Space Marine armies from BA or DA to GK or SW, you can surely think of formation combo’s that make it so.

          • I’m playing 30k exclusively now 😄

          • Gilissen Kim

            Then how come you write a big article about one of the most game-breaking stuff? 30k is naturally more balanced than 40k, because it are all guys with the same stats, armour and weapons. The only difference there is between a Good Marine and a Naughty Marine. Not so easy to screw up balance with nearly identical armies.

          • I still play in 40k tournaments.

      • Matt Mo

        Ally in a Culexus assassin with your Necrons. Problem solved.

        I’ve played some of the new powers and its not all doom and gloom. Aside from not being able to get the powers you NEED with a 100% success rate, the powers themselves have people going nuts without truly thinking about them yet. The power that causes a piece of terrain to get moved says it treats units on top of it as disembarking. So no assaulting after your 6″ disembark move.. electrodisplacement can lead to some crazy “hit and run” shenanigans but I think the best power is the one that lets you reroll invuls, slap that on a knight or something that’s already been Invis’d and you got yourself an angry opponent 🙂

        These powers seem to be a lot of fun. That said, they will probably require some tweaking for use in the tournament scene as they do have some real potential for abuse.

        • Gilissen Kim

          If you play non Psyker armies like Tau, Necrons and DE that aren’t Battle Bro’s with the Assassinorum, then you’re screwed. Let me show you some examples.
          – He can’t get in your own transport (since you’re not battle bros) If you place him on the table to infiltrate he’s shot turn one before he gets within 12 inch range of the Deathstar.
          – Then you can get a very cheap Combined arms detachment with a Rune Priest and two Servitors so you can get droppods to put him in. But oh wait, one droppod is forced to drop in first turn? Too bad Deathstar will wait in reserves until after you dropped it.
          – Take two droppods then… Oh wait, they can still intercept the assassin with other units, even if it’s snapshots… or still move Deathstar out of range and let others kill him instead.
          – Take two assassins in droppods then… How much points you think iam willing to spend to disable some spells and perhaps shoot some of them with their own warpcharges? For that price i can by myself a medium sized (8 suits) Tau Buffmander unit.

          And that’s all considering you got the units you need to shoot it down in range or line of sight after the assassin dropped succesfully.

        • Gilissen Kim

          Ow and you’re wrong, the power for flying terrain is a 24″ range spell that allows you to get off of it as if you were disembarking from an ASSAULT vehicle. So oops… you can still charge… And even you couldn’t you could just teleport your OP cc units into combat.

  • NeonPhoenix

    kudos to the writer for having some balls to just lay down some hard truth! “40k has never been more broke and that’s the name of the game… Always has been. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.” boom! mic. drop* (this what we call a “closer” in the biz)

  • Mike mad cow

    Can we get an auto win physic power and just make it easier?