40K: New Marine Psychic Powers in Practice Games


Hey everyone, Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to discuss some of the new Space marine psychic powers from the Angels of Death supplement.

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Wow, there are some really crazy psychic powers in the new book! I have to say, I do love the new book for all the variety and cool builds it offers the Space Marine player, but on reading the new psychic powers, I was scratching my head a bit. They read pretty gnarly on the power scale. However, we wanted to play test them before drawing too harsh of a judgement, so we slapped a nasty Deathstar on the table, picked some of the craziest powers and had at it.

My opponent, Frankie, piloted the Deathstar. I, Reecius, piloted a Necron list that used the Retribution Phalanx to recycle units and hopefully continue to throw up screens to contain the cray cray Deathstar.

Before I continue, I do want to state some caveats. For one, this was our first go of it! So, we were learning as we played. Second, I goofed a bit with my Crons. I didn’t put my Overlord on the table that recycled the Scarabs and Warriors for fear we would get caught in assault turn 1. So, I reserved him and that was not a wise move. My plan was to keep recycling in the throw away units to use as meat shields, or in this case, robot shields, but that didn’t pan out. Oh well, lesson learned! Had it worked, I may have been able to slow Frankie down a bit.

Oh GW, why do you hate your customers so much?

Game One Begins

So, on to the point! Frankie’s Wolfstar proceeded to use Electrodisplacement to move his Wolfstar from center board, to the very corner of the board I had bubble wrapped myself into by piggy-backing off of a unit that jumped out of a Drop Pod, and then assaulted me….turn 1, from roughly 40″ from his starting point. I literally placed myself as far away from his as I possibly could, haha. However, my bubble wrap tactic worked, and he ate some Scarabs, nothing more.

Next turn, he peels a few Libbys off to drive into key positions on the table to act as mobile teleport locations for Electrodisplacement. He then eats the second tasty layer of my bubble wrap. My reserves come on on the other side of the table from his Deathstar (these are tried and true anti-Deathstar tactics, by the by) thinking they’d be safe to go after objectives for a few turns while he munched on my bait units and then re-positioned himself. Ha! Boy was I wrong. Being a table length away from your opponent don’t mean nuthin now, playa!

The Next turn, he splits his star into two mini stars, and one Teleports over to replace a Libby (I tried to kill both, but lacked the firepower) and then assaulted my reserves, killing them, again from more than half the table away. The other half of his star killed the last of my bait units in my corner of the board. Next turn, he conga lines the two stars back together into one, joins the stray Libby to the very tippy tip of it, and then teleports–literally–models strung out all the way from one corner of the board to the opposite corner of the board where my Tomb blades had come in to try and score an objective, and assaulted them, lol. He crossed the table diagonally to assault me! Comedy gold.

Last turn, I had some Scarabs trying to kill a lone Thunderwolf, but his Deathstar then teleported across the table again (this time only about 30″ away, haha) directly in to combat and essentially wiped me. Oh, and the Thunderwolf he replaced? Went right back onto an objective his Libby had been on, haha. As his Deathstar had reroll saves most of the game, I didn’t do any damage of note to him. It was pretty bonkers. He assaulted 3 of the 4 corners of the table in 4 turns, wiping out multiple units a turn.

Oh, and meanwhile buildings and terrain pieces were flying all over the table due to Shifting Worldscape, hahaha, just because.

too much fun

Lessons Learned

It was a rough day, to put it lightly. However, it was also my first outing against these new powers and as such, it is always the toughest experience. I am sure with time and experience you could learn to mitigate some of it. That said, these powers are pretty gnarly. What have you all experienced with them? My gut reaction is that these are way too disruptive for tournament play. I could see them being a hoot in a casual game where the idea of a building full of dudes flies across the table being funny, or teleporting one unit out of combat onto an objective and being replaced with a powerful melee unit sounding fun. In organized play though, these powers may create an unenjoyable play experience to the point where we may want to ask ourselves if we want to use them, or modify them, etc. Moving your Bastion forward, full of guys, who then assault out of it, what fun!!! Right?

It’s still early days, so we want to play test it more, but the first outing with it was brutal. The next ITC vote is not until June, so we have time to feel it out a bit, but my instincts are telling me folks are not going to be overly receptive to some of these powers. Have you all played them yet? Do you think they are all hype, or really crappy for organized play? If you haven’t, you should and let us know how it went for you.

We have a bet going too, by the way, if you think you can come on our Twitch Channel (out store is located in downtown San Diego, CA) and beat Frankie with his Flying Deathstar, we’ll give you $100! That should be fun and provide some excellent testing and feedback.

Next week, we’ll be using the Phase Form power on a Super Heavy, allowing it to ignore LoS and Cover…lol! That’ll be a hoot, I’m sure.

Tune in to our Twitch Chanel at 5:30pm PST to see how it goes!

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  • captkaruthors

    These powers seem really dumb.

    • rtheom

      I’d hold off on judging them just yet. These initial games with new rules are always full of misinterpretations and misreadings that always make things ridiculously overpowered, so that could very well be the case here.

  • Dave Scammell

    Personally I tend to avoid Psychic powers as they’re just not reliable enough, but these sort of schenanigans do sound like they add in a whole wealth of fun and chaos. Some seem a bit OTT but I feel like that’s what psychic powers should be more about. A lot of psychic stuff for me has felt like something to supplement a weapon or wargear option (with some obvious exceptions) and ends up fulfilling the same role. These news ones, as evident by a bastion stomping around the board, are the more out-there things you’d expect from Future Wizards and feel like a bigger gamble with a bigger pay off, which again makes sense in the setting.
    It’ll all be abused to silliness by the competitive scene no doubt, but its nice to think GW aren’t afraid to add in some oddities and creativity here and there.

    • euansmith

      Maybe they could work in more of a cost:benefit factor; making certain powers more likely to trigger Perils of the Warp.

      • PinkyandtheBrain

        They do it is called Warp Charge cost. The higher the cost the greater the number of dice and the greater the chance of perils. Then Librarius comes along and says manifest on 2+ and all that goes in the bin…

    • Morollan

      What’s the big gamble in using these powers?

      • Koonitz

        Randomly rolling powers and not getting the one you want. When the average Marine psyker is ML2, you will only ever get 2 of the 6 powers available in the discipline you want. Not good odds to get the singular power on the chart you desire.

        Taking multiple psykers also runs the risk of getting duplicate powers which doesn’t help you with getting the power you want, though it does increase your odds at a significant increase in points investment. Fail to get the power you want and you’ve just burnt a LOT of points.

        • Morollan

          That’s no different to any other psychic discipline though. Dave Scammell referred to “a bigger gamble with a bigger pay off” for these powers, which is not the case. It’s the exact same gamble for a FAR bigger pay off and the ‘gamble’ can be offset to a large degree by taking the criminally undercosted Tigurius, both in terms of getting the power(s) you want and casting them.

          • Koonitz

            I was going to edit my post, but I’ll just tack it on here:

            Many people use a Librarius Conclave and Tigurius to help mitigate the randomness, but not all players have that option. Myself, for instance. I run Iron Hands. I’ve wanted Endurance on every Librarian I’ve fielded since the 7th Ed Marine codex came out, as it would give me a 3+ FNP on any unit I cast it on.

            I have not once gotten the power in any game with the 7th Ed codex. Not ONCE. However, I have significant empirical evidence on how TERRIBLE hemorrhage is as a power.

            That is why, despite absolutely loving the concept of Librarians (I’ve always been a wizard guy, myself, in D&D), I have a hard time convincing myself to field them.

          • euansmith

            If you run Iron Hands, you can take Mecha-Tigurius.

          • William Jameson

            Ah… remember those halcyon days when you actually got to choose your powers? That far-off time when you could actually plan what function a psyker would have in your army and work with it instead of trying to work with what you were given by random chance. I miss those days.

          • An_Enemy

            Those days powers were weaker. If that was around today you’d see invis and endurance in every game…you see it a lot now as it is thanks to Conclave.

          • William Jameson

            They may have been weaker but at least you could plan your army’s tactics to include what you wanted to actually use.

          • Drpx

            And then Powers of the C’tan for Necrons became random too. Which makes no sense because the C’tan aren’t psykers and it states that they make a conscience decision using a particular power.

            Meaning the Nightbringer shard willing decided to shoot a Str5 IGN Cover large blast at that charging Knight instead of his STR D attack. The shard’s enslaved so maybe it could be interpreted as a suicide wish, but still…

          • Secundum

            Yeah, psychic powers were MUCH better when it was just a flat LD test for a minor buff/shooting attack.
            (With the exception of Jaws of the World Wolf, ofc)

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            What is the bigger pay off compared to say invisibility?

    • Pyrrhus of Epirus

      whats not reliable about a librarius conclave with tiggy in it that essentially can pick his spells in any tree because of his re-rolls and is casting on 2+. the psychic phase has changed for the imperium of man to become insanely reliable.

      I wont be playing any games vs people using the terrain shifting spell or the electrodisplacement.

      • Chris Pearson

        no different to using formations to give yourself extra rules. the difference is that to use this power you actually have to have a librarian powerful enough to do it, then roll for the power.. then u generate enough warp charges.. then you actually have to make the roll for it.. where as things like elder D weapons can just blow the damn thing up.. formations give rules making all upgrades free..

        • Gilissen Kim

          Hehehehe, cool, so you gotta tell me then: which formation out there has even the slightest possibility to gain invisibility, shrouded, boosting invul save, rerollable saves, moving across the entire table and still charging,… Let’s give an example: I used the 16-suit Tau Buffmander unit against 13-man Seer Council deathstar. They had invul, shrouded, reroll saves, reroll to hit, reroll to wounds… I had a deathstar unit that could spam 60 Plasma shots with 15 suits (Str 6 AP2) at rapid fire range WITH reroll to hit and ignore cover at BS 4 with marker lights boosting snapshots. Still i only did 14 wounds in total, still letting 2 Farseers and 2 Warlocks survive… MY UNIT COSTED 300 POINTS MORE, NOT COUNTING MY MARKERDRONES, STILL THEY WIPED MY UNIT!

      • happy_inquisitor

        Tiggy plus two Lvl2 librarians is pretty reliable at getting one good power, you will get it most games. Getting all 3 of the best new powers like Frankie got in that game? Nah, that will happen like once a year to those of normal luck like me.

  • euansmith

    When the Librarian pulls of the switcheroo, I understand that you replace the Liberian with a mini from the teleporting unit and then arrange the rest of the unit in base contact with the first mini, like a deep striking unit.

    What happens if the Librarian is surrounded by enemy figures?

    Does the teleporting unit lose any member that cannot be placed?

    If so, maybe fast moving units that can reverse-bubble wrap Librarians in a possible counter to this?

    But frankly, this does sound like total nonsense.

    • scotchjon

      They have to deploy within 6 inches and follow the rules for coherency, so have far more freedom than deep strikers. While your reverse bubble wrap idea is plausible, the flaw in your plan is the marine player dropping a pod in with the libby, right in front of your lines, and then immediately swapping him for the brutal assault unit for a turn 1 assault. You wouldn’t have chance to wrap the librarian. Maybe for subsequent turns, but if he has enough psychic dice and the right powers he could pick up the lib from within your bubble trap with the power that DOESN’T let you assault after, and put him outside your wrapper, with plenty of space… THEN so the swap/assault trick…

    • Drpx

      I killed a chunk of a guy’s daemons during back in the summoning days by surrounding his Prince with scarabs, so it can work. Also, blocking Monolith portals was a big strategy at the time too.

  • Zyekian

    This seems absurd to me. It’s feels like these powers were specifically written to give the finger to competitive play. Or even semi-competitive play.

    • Haighus

      Or anyone who doesn’t use C:Space Marines…

    • PinkyandtheBrain

      Why does it give the finger to competitive play? It is 1 really strong power but that is ultimately still not as good as Invisibility. And some cool powers that hurt deathstars (null zone in particular) and allow you to do interesting things (shoving terrain around). Not saying they are bad but not stronger than is already there.

      • Huntard

        Invisibility allows you to mitigate 1-2 turns of shooting through a blessing that can be removed (via Culexus Assassin). Fulmination power number 6 mitigates your opponent from ever having a shooting phase outside of overwatch and can not be disrupted by your opponent.

        • PinkyandtheBrain

          Why doesn’t he ever get a shooting phase? What are you talking about? Yes he can assault turn 1. Feed him bubble wrap. Laugh as you wipe his visible deathstar star in your shooting phase. Or plonk a Culexus in front of your corner castle and stop him from even teleporting. Or have WWP Scytheguard and again laugh at the guy that didn’t bring Invis…

    • Drpx

      That finger’s been in the air for years. GW hates being asked to balance for tournaments, but they recognize that there’s enough people who’ll impulse-buy broken rules/models so they can finally overthrow the reigning meta at their store.

  • Defenestratus

    I’m usually all about the “Fun Mode” but these seem to be quite silly honestly. Just the presence of these powers is going to ramp up the “power gaming” aspect of the hobby. Playing space marines with at least a librarian? Well Ok then, I’ll be taking TWO wraithknights then.

    I think that electrodisplacement power wouldn’t be so bonkers if you couldn’t assault after you relocated. It just makes a mockery out of any fast moving unit if you can get literally anywhere on the board instantly.

    • Zyekian

      And would still be extremely good with just being able to shoot and take objectives with it.

    • Deacon Ix

      Considering that every other power that moved a unit has a caveat that the unit can’t then assault – this one seems well, overpowered is putting it mildly.

      • Sebastien Bazinet

        Yeah I mean you summon a bunch of of daemons from the Warp and they have to wait a turn to assault yet a bunch of mortal guys teleporting through said Warp can assault, why? I think it’s a cool power idea it’s just another instance of rules and fluff giving each other the finger

        • Drpx

          Ah, the glorious days of turbo-boosting a summoning icon on a bike. It was an assault vehicle with a 20+ bloodletter capacity.

          • Sebastien Bazinet

            Wait what?

          • Huntard

            3rd ed ‘Demon Bomb’ lists. Back when Chaos reigned supreme but everything was supposedly better than it is now.

    • Shawn

      Well, for me that would mititgate all that Tau and Eldar shooting shennigans without having to use drop pods. And what stopped you from using a wraith knight before? I’m just wondering if it was for local friendly games. Also, I think the teleporting should be like gate of inifinity where it’s like deep striking. i.e. no assault after teleporting.

      • Defenestratus

        What kept me from using a WK? The fact that I couldn’t find a person willing to play a game against me while using one. Even players using SM and Necrons wouldn’t go against one.

        • Drpx

          If you weren’t using any outright broken lists with it (or they were using them in their armies) then that sounds pretty wimpy.

        • Shawn

          I’m in agreement with Drpx. Wraithknights can be nuts good, but shouldn’t be excluded all the time. Sounds like your friends don’t know how to handle/deal with them. One of them wont wreck or break most games IMHO, you can always work around them, just like with an imperial knight. Too bad you’re not in my neck of the woods. I’d let you field one in a regular game. Do my best to win no doubt, but I wouldn’t deny you the use of the big toys, so long as I can field one or two of mine 😉

    • Randy Randalman

      You can only swap with a unit that is up to 24″ from the psyker casting the spell. So it isn’t “anywhere on the board.”

      And given that Warp Spiders still exist in the format, this is hardly OP by comparison.

      • Huntard

        Warp Spiders are one unit, albeit an extremely strong one. This power can be used in conjunction with any unit that can be joined by an independent character, that and drop pods exist and can deep strike turn one, allowing multiple vectors for the 24″ port. It’s more versatile and is actually MORE ‘active’ movement, though RAW Warp Spiders can potentially move more it’s reactive based on your opponents actions, allowing for it to be outmanuvered.

      • Niraco

        Lets say you have a unit, assault, one that have scout then move 12. And your unit has a 30 inch foot print. and your librarians from the conclave are positioned smart inside the unit.
        Yap all table is yours.
        there are 2 major lists that can do that,

  • Badtucker

    bastions are treated as vehicles…. you cant assault from them. BOLS you have no idea what your on about.

    • Zyekian

      What about using a Skyshield? It’s terrain.

      • Badtucker

        skyshield is not a building…. therefore its not treated as a vehicle… your point is ?

    • Koonitz

      Buildings have a special rule allowing you to assault after disembarking from them. I forget what it is called, but it is a standard rule for all buildings.

      • Shawn

        Isn’t it if the wall gets breached or the building destroyed they do an emergency disembarkation?

        • Badtucker

          arrgh forgot about it : Models disembarking from a building can charge on the turn they do so, even on a turn the building was destroyed.

          • Shawn

            Good to know my memory still works, at least for some things, lol.

      • happy_inquisitor

        True but if you get out on the movement phase you are no longer in there in the psychic phase so moving the building does not help you much. You could get out of your bastion onto the battlements and add a whole bunch of vertical inches to the charge distance I suppose.

        The nastiest death-stars don’t fit into buildings anyway – that is just for infantry. You could try a Skyshield but its huge and there is really no guarantee that there will be any permissible place to put it from where you can charge anything worthwhile.

    • Deacon Ix

      Repel the Enemy – Models disembarking from a building can charge on the turn they do so, even on a turn the building was destroyed. BR p110.

  • doughouseman

    NEXT from GW – A fusion of 40K and Champions…

    Just think, every superpower ever dreamed up for any faction in the game. But – since it is Space Marines that GW loves, the best will be reserved for Space Marines.

    New Chapters – X-Men, Justice League, Suicide Squad, Super Friends, and of course the Avengers.

    • Randy Randalman

      Reserved for Space Marines? When Eldar are still in the format?

      Making Space Marines this good is just a start. And remember, he played the Necrons horribly in this scenario. I guarantee you the ‘Crons are good enough to combat this.

      I hope every army gets this treatment so we don’t see tournaments that are just Eldar vs. the world anymore.

  • Homeskillet

    Thanks for the early look at these. Great article, as usual.

  • sethmo

    The best way to deal with the librarian BS is to get spawn and/or khorne dogs into them asap. As soon as one gets bogged down it limits the others drastically.

    • Niraco

      spawns will die in one combat turn from superwolffriends deathstar. id rather put 30 fearless leaping hormagaunts. they have a chance to last into the second turn and i have a chance to pile in some more gaunts to keep the bastards bogged down. or feed them one msu at the time (but your list need to have the ability to move/deepstrike all around the table and manipulate reserves with enough firepower to kill splitting models).

  • Pascalnz

    could people… at last be afraid off assault again?? maybe there might be some more interesting lists that incorprate counter assault units??

    • quaade

      Truthfully there’s being afraid of assault and then there’s “I can literally do nothing to stop this thing hitting me where ever it wants in any turn.”

  • Sparti67

    Angels of Death Psychic powers were derived from careful study of the wonder twins and Skeletor.

  • Admiral Raptor

    It’s a good thing the 40k fluff is compelling because the game is hot garbage. What needs to happen is a full tear down of the rule set and a complete re-imagining.

  • Mr.Gold

    right, that does it, my Cluxeus Assassin is coming out against every marine player…

    • Frank O’Donnell

      He’ll just drop a unit beside it then switch them & assault him & kill him, as the power was used from over 12″ away you won’t stop it going off sadly.

      • happy_inquisitor


        Electrodisplacement is a blessing cast on the other unit. If the unit is within 12″ of the Culexus the effect auto-fails. Similarly if the Librarian is the one within charge range and trying to switch with an assault unit – although that is a bit more convoluted as the initial blessing can be manifested on 6’s (so if it passes you must also have perils) but then as soon as any part of the blessed unit is moved within 12″ the effect is cancelled.

        Any flying terrain will stop at the 12″ mark when the magic stops working – I am not sure I am really afraid of attempted 12″ charges on turn 1 or any other turn.

        The culexus continues to be a solid counter for psychic death stars.

        • Frank O’Donnell

          I’m wasn’t sure on the wording of the so please forgive me I thought he could do it the other way round, but it does mean that the Culexus is going to have to be at the front of your army & likely to die in the first round.

          He is buying you one turn but is that enough ?

          • happy_inquisitor

            I don’t know if it is enough but if someone is investing that many points into a turn 1 charge and then has to spend the first turn killing your assassin instead then I think you have come out of that exchange ahead.

            A typical death star would be charging you on turn 2 anyway so if you do not have the ability to deal with that nothing has changed – you were going to lose to a death star and you still do.

          • Niraco

            yes and no. for example, an Eldar player faced with a deathstar every 2 turns will turboboost on the other corner. But if that is not far enough, is game over (and shifting worldscape and electrodisplacement do that). Luckly that means less invisibility on the table meaning all people have not access to some other means to break deathstars that were not used in the old meta

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            Yeah buying you an extra turn particularly if you have bubble wrap and he’s plumbed for movement powers rather than invisibility and Eldar or Tau are gonna take him off the table. Likewise an invisistar will nail his deathstar. I just don’t see these getting too much use at the top tables.

  • benn grimm

    Sounds like with that one game, you’ve already done far more playtesting with the new psychic powers than gw bothered with. Just sounds like more stupid brokenness for the flagship faction. So nothing new really.

  • Chris Pearson

    I’m sorry.. disruptive to game play? overpowered? Shall we talk about Eldar lists? why is it that the last inter regional tournament in france out of the top ten finalist 8 of those were elder lists? Shall we talk about the damned formations that kill the game and make forging an army list a question of “what stupid f**king rules shall i give my self today?”.. The powers are not overpowered.. the “powerful” powers come at a cost.. Unlike pretty much anything available for every other army. No this article was written by a person who doesn’t play space marines and can’t deal with the fact that for the 1st time in ages the SM codex got something that was maybe just maybe as potentially effective of the crap that is in the other codexes..

    • PinkyandtheBrain

      Yeah these powers are good but against CF Tau who are all twin linked ignoring cover at your star not having invis makes your star go away in a turn assault bubble wrap turn 1 all you want. Reecius often likes his campaigns to get rid of rules he doesn’t like to favour his armies. I’m surprised he has just spouted a load of lies about how the rules are ambiguous like he did for Coordinated Firepower. But hey. Also it looks like he used a list that is poor against deathstars and tried to rely on mobility against super mobility.

      • Yeah this article has several things in it that make me more than a wee bit suspicious as to how it was played. Yes Electrodisplacement (or as I call it, “The Ol’ Swapperoo”) is powerful but there are limits and I’m not sure these limits were accurately portrayed in this article.

        I’m sure this is how it starts: rile everyone up about how “broken” something is, blatantly mention the ITC voting, and before you know it ITC rules will nerf the only really decent thing in AoD to crap so it won’t offend or endanger those precious, precious space elf armies. Frankly I’m disgusted with the whole ITC business when all it begins to feel like is an attempt to make it where certain armies/powers are allowed at the expense of others.

        I’m sorry Chaos marines suck right now. I’m sorry there are other armies that don’t match up in power levels. This has been a fact of the game since (at least) 4E when I started playing…but it’s not up to a group of players to “fix” with their cabal of elf-lovers.

        ITC: KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF THE NEW PSYCHIC POWERS. Yes, they’re powerful. Deal with it. That doesn’t mean change or nerf them…that means evolve or die.

        • Chris Pearson

          i agree.. instead of taking the time to b**ch about a new set of army rules or in ITC’s case.. outlaw them so nobody stands a chance against the 40k’s pretty boys.. how about opposing players take the time to work out a strategy for facing said new powers? surely this is a passive part of playing the game in the first place.. I’m thankful for all the reasonable minded people about even though we are apparently very few in number who try and deal with an opponents advantages through cunning wit and plans so cunning you can stick tails on them and call them weasels. When the Warlord rules we’re released my friends and I spent several long afternoons trying to come up with a viable strategy for beating the unbeatable war machine not complaining that it was unstoppable.. Am i impressed with the new psy powers? to be honest.. not really.. they don’t “break the game” some of them have potentiel to be very effective if really used correctly, i feel that the old disciplins are more useful.. oh and most of us have access to them..

        • Pyrrhus of Epirus

          you sound insane. whats the motive of ITC to keep “space elf” armies at the top? do any of those guys even play the army? is it a sales tactic?

          Some of the spells sounds ridiculous, its not some big conspiracy.

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            Yet when Tau got a rule a allows them to slap Eldar what happened? Oh yes an article full of lies to try to claim the rule couldn’t possibly work the way it clearly works. Trying to say it is ambiguous when it is not (it is complex which is not the same thing at all). Adding out right lies about coherency and monstrous Creatures to throw fuel on the fire. Now again we have something that allows marines a tool to compete with Eldar (though I’m still not convinced you’d roll for these over invis) what happens? Horrendously biased article saying they should be banned. If Khorne Daemonkin had got these powers Reecius would have no doubt been trying to change them to be more powerful like he did with BT summoning…

          • Pyrrhus of Epirus

            Marines won Adepticon. how is that not competing with eldar? Eldar might have placed many people in the top 16, lets not pretend space marines dont or cant beat them.

            If you dont like ITC rules, dont play them. and if your area only has tournaments using the rules, maybe the problem is you and not the ruleset seeing as most people like the rules especially when compared to the dumpster fire that is the default rulebook rules.

            BTW, eldar dont get nerfed? single jump warp spiders, no toe in cover GMC and gimped D all say hi.

    • An_Enemy

      I wish this was sarcasm. You realize SMs were in the top three codexes right? Before these powers.

    • UnLachy

      I play Chaos Space Marines 🙂

  • happy_inquisitor

    The thing is that in this game Frankie had the single best power from each of 3 disciplines, unless he was running 6+ librarians that is just freaky lucky. When the dice gods are that kind to a player then its hardly surprising they walk it. Psychic powers have been this way since 6th dropped; that one game when you get exactly the ones you want and never roll those 1’s to fail to use them or 6’s to perils is an easy game.

    Whether or not any of the new powers are really as good as full-strength Invisibility is debatable, what they are is good enough to make you think about changing up your list design to have better defense. Whether that be masses of bubble-wrap or a Culexus or simply enough deny dice to make the use of them uncertain and hence risky. Whichever way you take it you do need to think about defending against something that has obvious potential to crush the unprepared or unwary. I know Reece was trying the bubble-wrap strategy but if you mess up your deployment that badly then its hard to know if it ever had a chance to work when played right.

    • PinkyandtheBrain

      Also Necrons don’t really have the damage output to rely on bubble wrap. They need tarpits to deal with Deathstars (like Decurion Harvests) but he threw his wrap away and tried to out manoeuvre the deathstar. It’s almost like he deliberately took the most powerful looking terrible match up for the list, then played away it’s few advantages and tried to use tactics that normally work against a less manoeuvrable star to show how broken the powers are whilst giving them full choice on powers…

      It is almost as if Reecius knew not many if his audience understand the competitive meta and then deliberately set up the scenario to prove what he wanted…

      Reecius is well known for doing this to stop the armies he doesn’t collect from using their most powerful rules. He’s done it before he’ll do it again. What him completely change his tune if the power rules effect an army he does collect.

      • happy_inquisitor

        I’m not going to delve into motivation.

        What is clear is that if your opponent has incredible luck and you play like a chump then you are going to get stomped. I am not sure how much we can reasonably conclude from that. I do think that they are going to put this into an ITC vote and the recent track record for those should not inspire anyone with confidence.

  • Drpx

    Space Marines whacking Necrons via teleportation. Imhotek: “I liked it better when only we could do that.”

  • Huntard

    Fulmination and Geokinesis provide two of the most fundamentally breaking things ever done in Warhammer 40,000 and they do so by messing with movement in ways that have extremely low investment for return and almost no risk.

    The most important skill-test and most important phase of the game is movement, past that it’s pretty standard threat assessment for the other phases. This applies to nearly any miniatures game and the unprecedented mobility allowed by these powers really screws things up at the most basic level of design and mechanics. As a tournament organizer and staff-member at an LGS I’m tempted to out of hand disallow the disciplines, like this is early Dystopian Wars levels of bad balance and design and it shows with even cursory playtesting.

  • Joshua Nathaniel Bergeson

    These are some of the most broken powers ever conceived. Even my friend who plays Astartes thinks they are the dumbest thing JeeDubz has ever added to the game.

  • markdawg

    Anyone that would defend powers like this is a game where one guy get to move shoot and Assault before the other guy gets to move a model is off his rocker! End of story bottom line that’s all there is too it.

  • David Wallis

    Come on guys, their is always a counter. If he’s power playing, so can you. I bet an exalted flamer turret list could do it in. Or anything with sky fire at the librarian. Yes it does seem op, but fluff players won’t use it. If they do, have your standby list ready 😉

  • Adam Wright

    Just my two cents, but Reecius’s opponent took a Wolfstar (literally one of the most powerful deathstars possible for Marines to take) and combined it with the three MOST POWERFUL new psychic powers. I seriously doubt those were randomly rolled. More than likely they picked the best powers possible instead of randomly rolling in order to test their limits of them in game. I find it highly unlikely that in any normal 40k game that such a perfect combo of units and psychic powers would be seen.

  • Shiwan8

    I think this is perfect for organized play. It’s not that this is more crazy than what’s there already. It just helps the already crazy shiz to be even more crazy. In all honesty if these are banned or changed because they are broken then a lot of other broken things have to go.

    Besides all that really changed was that marines are now the key to victory in stead of eldar. Why is this worse than any previous autowin army situation? Because moving terrain is not cool but a unit that is invincible, fast and hyper killy is just fine? Come on….

  • Vladislav Skuzl

    nah, there powers not so OP as invisibility and 2++ with rerolls. so it doesn’t really matters. I tested Mech Convoc against it and it’s not really scary.