Age of Sigmar: A Closer Look At The Maw Krusha


Love it or Hate it, the Maw Krusha is on the way – come see the latest pics for this new Greenskin War Monster!

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Maw Krusha2 Maw Krusha1 Maw Krusha 3 Maw Krusha 4 Maw Krusha Pricing

Maw Krusha – $110

It certainly looks like this model has a couple of different headswaps and weapon swaps as well. It has that savage, scrap-metal looks that only an Orc/Ork/Orruk can pull off. And is it just me, or does the Maw Krusha also have a bit of a grin as well? It’s like he just finished one meal and is eyeing the next already. Something about this model just says “I’m a Maw Krusha and I like to party.” Wild, dangerous, reckless and fun.

It shares a lot of similarities to the Orc/Ork/Orruk design as well. The underbite with a toothy grin, the stout/compact look, the oversized upper arms & body, and of course the “random” armor plates.  I think this is going to be a great addition to the Orruk line of models and a definite center-piece model for an army.


For even more pics and to join the discussion check out the lounge thread below:

Orruks Round-Up Thread

The Maw Krusha will set loose April 30th – will you be ready?

  • Horus84cmd

    Really enjoying the aesthetic of the first AOS specific Orruks’. They look a lot more primal and fierce. The Maw-Krusha (I guess essentially a replacement for a Wyvern) and looks impressively dominating and aggressive with a ‘guard dog’ style stance.

    Me Likey!

    • Andersp90 .

      I don’t think the wyvern is going anywhere.

      • So we DO have Wyverns…Then what the HELL is a Maw-krusha?!

        • Horus84cmd

          I am not so sure we will have Wyverns long term. Currently both the Orc Warboss on Wyvern and Azagh The Slaughterer models are not available to order. Since, they are the only Wyvern models GW have and neither are plastic. As without a doubt GW are inching towards all plastic ranges, I personally don’t see them coming back in stock. I suppose Azagh may get redone a-la Archaon?

          • Andersp90 .

            Hopefully, the wyvern will get redone in plastic. But only time will tell. – although, the “new” design is alredy done, thx to total war.

          • Chris. K Cook

            Doubtit. Azagh was long dead before the End Times.

          • True but they have the footprint shown…So we could get some kind of new Wyvern Rider…

          • nurglitch

            I thought the Maw-Krusha and the Wyvern were a dual-kit.

    • Gotta agree, this model looks intense! On par with Archaon and what I was hoping the Stormcasts would get.

      Love the thick, beefy aesthetic. Very Orc overall.

  • Nuno Castilho

    The beast itself I like – the orc on top is hideous…

    • ZeeLobby

      Haha, when in doubt, slap an Orrukaguk on it!

    • Jooster

      I wonder who had the genius idea of painting their red bits green. The quality of the models themselves aren’t great, but with the green gums and tongues they look outright awful.

      • Cylux

        Fluff wise they’ve even given them green blood, so I’m not sure they even have red bits nowadays.

  • The first picture looks like he on top a great big cabbage. Fine looking models, for the most part, just a little too much like Space Orks for a fantasy game.

  • Firemind

    The head on the darker version takes all of the charisma away tbh. The first head revealed looks kinda goofy and happy-go-lucky, much more fitting

    • ZeeLobby

      Totally agree.

    • zeek203

      I love how the white on the white one looks almost like warpaint rather than the colour of its skin.

      • standardleft

        I think if you painted war paint on it for a savage orc force, it would look amazing!

  • nurglitch

    So it has wings… Is it a Wyvern that just got too fat to fly or something?

  • Adrien Fowl

    It is one of the best AoS models I have seen so far. I was afraid to see what the new orruk models would look like but I must admit I really like the feral and primitive appearance they have.

    I am getting more and more excited about Age Of Sigmar as new models are being released.

    • ZeeLobby

      Def like the dragon. A little torn on the Space Orks. I would have preferred full-blown feral. These are like feral orks that use welding torches.

      • zeek203

        We still have the savage orcs, these are the new black orcs I guess.

        • Tyris

          Yeah, Black Orcs also have the Ironjawz keyword

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah, I guess I expected more savage looking. And maybe less metal. Maybe more like stone, and bark, etc. Destruction was supposed to be all about like the wilds, woods, mountains, etc. And these guys look like they climbed out of mount doom.

          • standardleft

            Yeah, maybe they will give the ogres the more feral look.

  • ZeeLobby

    Ugh, I don’t care about about a shot of each arm and leg of the rider, what’s the rear end of this thing look like? Where’s the side profile shot? 🙁

  • Frank Underwood

    Love it all. Missing one thing:
    Hey Kromlech.
    Make me some scaled up Black Orc facemasks.

  • Dave Scammell

    I’ve got to say, the Orcs/Orruks are probably one of the most suited to AoS’ new over-the-top-style. Everyone else it comes off a little corny, but Orcs it feels a bit more ‘yeah, they probably would slap a metric ton of metal to their bodies, paint it yellow and hop onto a gigantic spikey mass of teeth and fist all for the lols’

  • Simply just meh…

  • rtheom

    Does the Orruk on top have back boobs?

  • Chris. K Cook

    Fat Wyvern is fat.

  • edendil

    I approve of this model. Although I am not sure about the yellow armour.

  • Oh man…..I can’t wait for these to be available!

  • LordCastellan Vas

    Haha nice. I love how it looks like he just ate somebody’s standard bearer and is now hungry for something else.I wonder if there is a roaring variant for the head, just for variety. I want to build this guy just as a random monster for scenarios and stuff. Reminds me of pac man frogs I had when I was a kid.