AoS: 10 Big Changes from WFB to Grand Alliance: Order


The Free Peoples have arrived in Age of Sigmar.  Come see some BIG changes from what you knew in the Old World.


Alarielle, queen of the Sylvaneth is assisted by a Branchwraith known as The Lady of Vines.  Literally the Queen’s right hand, the Branchwraith was cut from Aarielle’s wrist and grown into her trusted Lieutenant.


Sigmar’s eternal city Azyrheim has areas where time flows slowly.  Here pockets exist of ancient peoples who come not from the 8 Realms, but an “Older Time” and speak with strange accents. These people’s origin is known only to Sigmar but they harbor a burning hatred for Chaos.


After throwing back the initial Chaos invasion of Azyr and ordering the gates shut, Sigmar’s rage fell upon all members of the Human, Aelfs, and Duardin who were still fighting amongst themselves and could not put aside the old ways to stand united against Chaos. These he destroyed and thus the descendents of all the free peoples now get along as best as they can.


The free peoples leaders assemble under the gaze of Sigmar in a body known as The Grand Conclave. Sigmar hand picks the 244 members who meet to guide and lead their peoples around a hammer shaped table, under the cold eyes of an enormous statue of Sigmar.


The Devoted of Sigmar are his fanatical human followers who worship him as a god. From pious zealots to crusading witchhunters, they scour the 8 realms for any taint of Chaos to eradicate.


The human practitioners of magic are known as the Collegiate Arcane.  Unlike the Aelfs, they use physical focii and exotic machines to harness their magical energies.


The Duardin and Human engineers have been assembled under the Ironweld Arsenal to provide Sigmar’s armies with machines of war, from Organ Guns, to Cannon, to Steamtanks and Gyrocopters.


The standing peoples of the Duardin are known as the Dispossessed, as they are a kingdom in exile.  They represent the last remnants of the Khazalid Empire driven out of their home realms and into Azyr.  They serve as masons and engineers for Sigmar’s celestial kingdom when not putting Chaos under their axes.

lothern skycutter

Swifthawk Agents are the eyes and ears of Sigmar’s armies.  These Aelfs use fast moving Chariots and Shadow Warriors to relay information and strike and fade from the enemy. They also cross the 8 realms in the skies themselves on magical skiffs pulled by giant eagles.


The Scourge Privateers form the navy of Sigmar. These privateers ply the waterways of the 8 Realms on vast Black Arks, raiding Sigmar’s foes, and capturing exotic animals to haul back to Azyr for training or for sale to the magical orders.



I bet all those “ancient people” with strange accents from Azyrheim walk around on square bases…  What do you think of all the Humans, Aelfs and Duardin getting along?

~ The World Is Changed!


  • bobrunnicles

    “I bet all those “ancient people” with strange accents from Azyrheim walk around on square bases… ”
    ROFLMAO – I love it 🙂

    • Jonathan B.

      I know mine do.

    • zeek203

      Cracked me up too. XD

  • rtheom

    Gotta admit, I really can’t stop being weirded out by the idea of there being “seas” in these realm areas. I just picture the water flowing off the edges of the land chunks and it just draining right away, not to mention none of them seem big enough to actually need boats.

    I guess I’ll never understand how actual ancient people could have thought the world was a flat disc…

    • Deacon Ix
    • Geko747

      One of the realms was so large they claimed int he book that even walking from one side to the other you would die before reaching it of old age. These realms are huge in comparison to the old world. Each is a world on its own

    • Sam Nolton

      Think of it like the “realms” in the Thor movies (and norse mythology in general), each realm is a planet or world, spherical just like Earth, and with its own topography and environments- but each of them is specifically formed around the element of the magic that formed it. Ghur the realm of beasts is a wild, untamed wilderness; Aqshy the realm of fire is a volcanic, tectonic hellscape, etc.

    • Allerka

      No one did. We figured out it was round in like 1500 BC using shadows and math, and everyone was cool with it. The whole flat-earth thing was made up by some troll in the 19th century claiming that’s what older people thought to make them seem stupid compared to “modern” brilliance.

    • Simon

      But what about the glittering waters of the shimmer tarn?!?!?!

      good grief.

  • Zingbaby

    Gawds so BOLS bloat-adverts crash my browser with EVERY viewing now… fun.

  • Theik

    And the biggest change:
    Good lore and good game system were replaced by something written by a 12 year old.


    • Statham

      More like ‘pretty standard lore with some standout elements but otherwise a pretty average fantasy setting was replaced’.

    • Camoron

      mic drop

  • Oggthrok

    So, Sigmar killed those who didn’t get in line, and now appoints the leaders of those people with no input from the people these “leaders” represent, then has them meet in a room with a giant statue of himself glowering at them the whole time.
    And these are the “free people.”

    • zemlod

      Wait till he creates a good dozen of children from his gene-seed, then proceeds to scatter them all over the universe, only to be almost-slain by Mordred, sorry Horus, later . . .

      • standardleft

        Its not as if the space marines were ‘inspired’ by Paradise Lost or anything…

      • Secundum

        Eh, he just skipped straight to the Sphess Mehrens.

    • Jonathan B.

      Freedom is always an illusion. Otherwise, you have Chaos.

    • Richard Campbell

      Sounds like ‘Murica to me

    • Cylux

      To be fair most of those not getting in line were actually followers of chaos.

      • Oggthrok

        Is that how it actually reads in the book? I was going by what Larry posted here:

        “After throwing back the initial Chaos invasion of Azyr and ordering the gates shut, Sigmar’s rage fell upon all members of the Human, Aelfs, and Duardin who were still fighting amongst themselves and could not put aside the old ways to stand united against Chaos. These he destroyed and thus the descendents of all the free peoples now get along as best as they can.”

        That sounds less like Chaos worshipers in their midst, and more like Sigmar murdered civilians who’s crime was distrusting the other races, then keeps the rest in line with a gun to their head.

        Which is fine for grim-dark, shades of black, no-good-guys 40k, but this seems unusually cruel for Sigmar. Then again, maybe its portrayed differently in the book.

        • Cylux

          After the gates were closed to the rest of the realms Azyrheim erupted into full on civil war, instigated by chaos infiltrators who had snuck in beforehand. After these were rooted out any who could not put aside their differences and were intent on carrying on with the civil war were also put down.

  • allhailthemachine

    So everyone now serves sigmar now?! I liked it when my elves had their own leaders.


      there is as much discord and mistrust amongst all the factions as ever- more so in a few cases. some of the races are pretty much just tolerating having each others company because of the greater good of trying to push back chaos, from what ive read.

  • Simon Chatterley

    The biggest change for me was it introduced a new and admittedly not well written fluff and world but with with a simple and effective game attached that me and all my fantasy gaming buddies really enjoyed.

    Kings of War it’s called and I have loved it.

    • zeno666

      Thats great for you and your buds! 🙂

  • Mud_Duck

    Is it the “The Lady of Wines” or “Vines”? Because the satyrs and centaurs need someone/thing too drink with. And heck if she has all the wine……

    • Cylux

      She’s dead now anyway. A Lord of Plagues chopped her up before getting his head smashed in by Ghal Maraz and he has since been reforged into a stormcast.

      • standardleft

        shhh spoilers!!!

  • Simon

    So…the elves are now split up into three groups?

    1. Flying Aelves
    2. Seafaring Aelves
    3. Wood Aelves

  • Dave

    I still feel like this is some sort of stop gap while all the lines are reworked. “Normal” mortals just seem out of place in this world(s). Why do you need flying machines when your warriors have wings, or cannons when they can shoot magical fire or bolts. These “free peoples” will be written out of the game in a year or two.


      im pretty sure they wont- in fact, i have very reliable information the free peoples and common folk form the basis of the big summer organised play campaign, now the stormcast have cleared the way for them to leave azyrhiem and try and populate the mortal realms.

  • Kenneth Portner

    Will never get used to Dark Elves being anything but sadistic killers….

    • standardleft

      They did always kill and torture with some sort of law and order, compared to beastmen or skaven who are a bit more ramshackle killers.