HOBBY TUTORIAL: Painting Orruks the GW Way



Learn to paint up the Orruks and the new Maw-krusha – the GW WAY with Emma! Break out your brushes and follow along.


I have to say that GW is really doing a good job with these painting tutorial videos. Its a great introduction for beginners and hits technical skills such as drybrushing, decals and masking as they go through them.  BRAVO GW!

~That was a really thorough one – great job GW!

  • Heinz Fiction

    Painting Orruks the GW Way – or: how not to do it.

    • Paul Wesley Pratt

      Painting is an art form, the end results are subjective to the artist and the viewer. If you don’t want your minis to look like disney characters, then, yes, this might not be the best way to go about it, but this is a great way for people new to the hobby to get easy, predictable, and consistent results across an entire army.

    • Kaptin J

      I agree, I was hoping for them to actually show how they achieve that new green skin that is prominent in their new models (a more yellowish green, Deathworld or Elysian perhaps? I don’t know they don’t show me)

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I think the model came out fantastic looking.

    • Frank Underwood

      I’m a lot more sold on the schemes now

      • Zack Seiders

        planned on making the wyvern either green with blue and red stripes or blue with green and red strips. This is good info since this WOULD be the first time I properly done scales (warhounds I made into flesh hounds only have few models with scales, so they do not really count towards anything significant)

        • Frank Underwood

          I’m not being pedantic – this isn’t a Wyvern – they’ll have their own model

          • Zack Seiders

            Sorry about that. Keep mistaking it for the older model. I do like the maw krusher better than the old wyvern any day of the week.

          • Frank Underwood

            I’m with you on the standard Wyvern.
            I hope it’s modeled on Skullmuncha – Azhag’s wyvern http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a10a0a007c2729d8bc5b66c7c0f783a03a9cb6b45ecd50483f7ed209587cb9f3.png

          • Zack Seiders

            Suprised that the standard wyvern is gone yet Azhag stayed,

          • Frank Underwood

            I never liked that Wyvern – if they were only going to keep one I’m glad they chose Azhag

        • Randy Randalman

          Emma did a great job on the beast!

  • Bran D

    Her talking out the side of her mouth is very distracting. Honestly, looks like she is doing it in purpose.

  • Timotheus

    Omg….what happened to Duncan?? :’O

    • Frank Underwood

      I think they take turns these days.
      I do miss his funny smirk at the end of every sentence he utters

      • Timotheus

        Yeah me too… :’)

  • euansmith

    I was disappointed that the demo wasn’t painting the Yellow ones. I was hoping to hear, “How to paint Yellow Armour… First start with a black undercoat.”

    Other than that, this was a nice tutorial as usual.

    • Frank Underwood

      The mawcrusha one has the yellow orruks

      • euansmith

        Does it start with a black undercoat? I don’t want to be disappointed 😉

        • Frank Underwood

          The yellow ork subassembly starts white, the mawcrusha black.

          • euansmith

            Curses 😀

          • Frank Underwood

            Sum Orkses, Mr Ironide, Sum Orkses jus wanna watch da World burn

  • Paul Wesley Pratt

    Its’ like the guy that normally does it transplanted his brain inside the body of a woman. Their inflections and mannerisms are identical.

    • Gunsheeplol

      Probably because management is telling them exactly what to do and say

  • Sputnikwriter

    I have to say that as a shaky handed neophyte I really do enjoy the fact that GW tutorial videos take the time to explain everything. Seriously.

    • Agreed. These tutorials are an excellent resource for new painters, and I wish more companies would do things like this in their own native styles.

  • JP

    Show of hands. Who thinks a wingless, riderless mawcrusha would be perfect for a Squiggoth conversion?

  • Randy Randalman

    It’s nice to see the armor in detail. It definitely isn’t smooth power armor, as a few ‘gitz claimed in their whining posts the last few days. Definitely looks banged out by hand with a hammer; or another Orruk’s head!

    • Heh, probably the latter.

      But still, the overall silhouette these things present IS similar to terminators.

  • I really don’t get how GW can be so good at these paint and assembly guides… and so bad at literally every other aspect of communicating with their customers.

    • alleus

      They’re getting better. Just their, and Forgeworlds as well, Facebook pages have improved this a lot. The fact that they initiated an FAQ (that will hopefully be done soon) is great progress. Sure, they are still miles behind what most of us want, but you gotta give them credit where credit is due. They really are improving.

      • I know, and it’s odd to see it after putting up with so many years of them just not caring.

        The last time GW actually bothered communicating with their customers on any meaningful level was… what? Paul Sawyer or thereabouts?

        It’s becoming increasingly clear that Rountree (or “Kev”, as he apparently likes to be called) actually has at least a fair idea of how to run a successful company in this industry, so hopefully they’ll continue to improve, but GW is such a lurching, lumbering behemoth that even getting them up to passing-grade standards compared to the rest of the industry is going to be a decade-long process.