AoS: Orruk Warscrolls Spotted

Orruks Battletome horz

The Orruks are here and they are bringing the PAIN – Come see the latest for the Greenskinz!

via Games Workshop

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Orruk Megaboss Megaboss on Maw-Krusha Orruk Brutes Orruk Gore-Gruntas Orruk Weirdnob Shaman Orruk Warchanter Orruk Ardboys Gorefist Ardfist

The look Green, Mean and ready to bring the BEEF. That Maw-Krusha is not something I want to tangle with…


~Have at it folks

  • AdeptusAstartes

    Those are good looking models, glad I sold my old Orcs, because they’d look crap next to these!

    • Agent OfBolas

      they are so ugly I think I will puke … I can’t stand that they look like in orkish power armour!

      I was thinking about assembling Ork army, but with this look I’m not going to touch them.

      • Manwiththedogs

        I was of the same opinion, then I saw the black armour version on the GW website. I think the garish yellow makes it look like power armour.
        Even the ‘ard boyz’ which I thought I liked more than the new stuff look terrible in this yellow and being able to compare them on equal terms I think the new stuff is way better.

        • Zack Seiders

          The yellow color IS a turn off. Change the color to something more vivid like blue or red or silver with red shoulders and you have something more pleasing to the eye.

  • Wow! Really excited for this and that Maw-Krusha is insane!

  • Dan Wilson

    Wow… The ardfist special rules are ridonkulous. As long as the warchanter is alive you can fully replace any wiped out units of ardboyz as if they were entering from the edge of the board.

    • AdeptusAstartes

      Surely you mean ridorrukulous, ah-haha, did you see what I did there ….

      • Adrien Fowl

        I love puns! Good one!

  • David Roberts

    so…….. more mantic style mini’s??

    • LordRao

      Er… wha?

  • Thunder

    Interesting to see the size difference between the Warchanter and the Black Orcs/Ardboys

  • Albino_42

    I’m confused… comparing the ard boyz rules to the black orc rules in the pdf, the ard boyz seem to be the same except they’re an inch slower than black orcs, and lose any benefits from being near orc heroes… could someone explain to me how AoS works? I confused.

    • standardleft

      You can chose to use either warscroll.

  • Westdraygon

    Man these look amazing.

    If I wasn’t a daemon player already I would start an army of these blokes.

  • standardleft

    I like the yellow colour scheme. I don’t get why everyone says its terrible?

    Sure its not the best, It could do with some more black and white plates, but its vibrant and orky.

    • Aezeal

      I don’t like it at all (the yellow) but I think most Aos models are awesome. The gore gruntas are an exception though. I like the weir c nobs spaced our look but I dislike the odd smoke or whatever coming from his staff

      • standardleft

        what is it about the yellow that you dont like?

        • Slite

          For me, the yellow doesn’t look proper orky. Its too bright and clean looking. It doesn’t give off enough of a brutal menacing look that the Orks need. The yellow just looks too “Made on purpose”, which I will try to define what I mean.

          I get that the Orks don’t want to die, so they wear armor. I always imagined them as wearing looted armor, instead of purpose built for them. The yellow looks very factory made instead of being found.

          • standardleft

            I can understand that.

            For me the new orc colours remind me of football hooligans and their teams colours.

            All the orcs just slap their teams colour on everything and anything, bending or hammering the armour into shape to fit their teams style.

            I’d like to think of Red orcs and Yellow orcs laying into each other, being just smart enough to hit ‘Da Big Red Uns’ or the ‘Sneaky Yello Gitz’.

  • wibbling

    The new models rather better capture the aggression and scale of Orc boyz. More like this!

  • 6Cobra

    Well, with that armor you can certainly use these models “double duty” as 40K ‘eavy armor boyz. Or Bloodbowl players.

    Or as Space Marines. 😉

  • Gunther Clone C

    Yay! Foot of Gork! X-D