Behold the Glory of the Orruks – and a Question



GW Shows off the new Orruks in thier awesome 360s and an interesting question is raised about Age of Sigmar…

Orruks Review


I have to say, GW did a really bang-up job on the new Orruks.  The Maw-Krusha is really light years ahead of the weedy old Wyvern in every way.  The new Brutes have a brutal vicious feel to them, especially those weapons. The “MAD MAX” vibe certainly works better on 40K Orks where you can see the gears and mechanical contraption side of the Greenskins, but these AoS counterparts are looking like a very good halfway house between the “expected” generic fantasy Orcs of the Old World and the feel of Grimdark 40K Orks.


I love the scale of the models and would say that overall, I think this range is much stronger than the Fyreslayers for example.

Good job Nottingham!


Now Onto my question about Age of Sigmar…

So I can’t help but notice that GW dumped this entire release range in 1 week. This is a crazy release for a single week. We got:

  • Megaboss on Maw-krusha
  • Gore-Gruntas
  • Brutes
  • Megaboss
  • Weirdnob Shaman
  • Warchanter
  • Grand Alliance Destruction
  • Battletome Ironjawz

Note that is almost exactly the same amount of models and books that GW stretched out over 4 weeks for the Fyreslayers, and even more weeks for similar numbers of Khorne or Stormcast Eternals releases during the summer of Sigmar.

Something different is going on at Nottingham as we sit about 1 month out from the end of GW’s fiscal year at the end of May.  They have roughly 5 weeks to bring in the numbers and rally their annual numbers. Don’t forget about this:

GW 2015 Mid-Year Financials Are Out

~What do you think is going on with the Orruk’s “instant release”? 



  • Champildhir

    The Fireslayers releases were 3 weeks, not 4. But yes, the comparison still applies

  • Kaptain Badrukk

    Bigger question. Looking at these models it is implied that daemons can in fact be skinned for their bones. Does this mean they can be permanently killed now? Or is it just that the background level of magic in the Mortal Realms is enough to sustain daemon bones indefinitely.

    • nuggy

      The grey knights have loads of deamon skulls on the sprues so its not something new here really.
      Have always liked the idea of them not having that kind of “stable” form and just wither/burn away when killed rather then dropping dead to the ground like that. It kind of downgrades the whole idea of deamons seeking bodies to possess to remain in the “mortal world”.

      • Theik

        I always imagined that the Grey Knights are able to trap the demons to prevent them from returning to the Warp. Similar to how in voodoo, you can supposedly trap somebody’s soul in their shrunken head.

    • benn grimm

      I will attempt to answer in the style of a typical gw staffer response; roll a D6; on a 1-3 they can indeed be permanently killed now, or at least the skulls can; who knew? 4-6; its the magical magic! 😉

    • Stephen James Hand

      They are fake knock offs the Orruks got in a job lot from ‘Skulls ‘r’ Us’, which, judging from the AoS model range would be the Mortal Realms’ Walmart.

      • Kaptain Badrukk

        Do you think Skulltaker nips in there on his off days and just hopes Khorne won’t notice.

    • Drpx

      The Orks believe they can be so they are.

    • Kaptain Badrukk

      Lots of fun answers. Love the fact that so much is now unknown!

    • Dan Wilson

      Maybe its been bound and kept alive, just flayed, so he’s got a chittering blood letter skull on one shoulder and the dragon skull on the other shoulder is like “Oh please… please, someone make him be quiet, its difficult enough to sleep as it is….” in a big deep voice.

      • standardleft

        I love the thought of that.

        Plague bearer skulls used as time pieces as they continuously tally plagues.

    • Heinz Fiction

      You already put more thought into this than the developers of the game…

    • euansmith

      That is a great fluffy question, and it’s produced a couple of cool fluffy answers.

    • My assumption, especially in 40K, is that a daemon’s material body is largely “real” but is animated and empowered by the daemonic entity, so the animating force is banished when it’s killed but there are still remains left behind.

  • Christie Bryden

    maybe they noticed people are fed up of khorne and stormcasts and did this to appease people.

    • Aezeal

      Yeah… because they never intended to release orcs anymore… please keep the stupid coming

      • Christie Bryden

        I mean how many where released so close together. next time you make snarky comments make sure you check the actual meanings of the sentence.

  • reynor

    Their noses are different — just slightly — from Orks and Orcs

    • nuggy

      I think the latest ork warboss had a similar nose

    • dave long island

      Yeah you’re right. I’m not sure I like the new noses.

    • I don’t think there different, look the same to me anyway.
      I do think it’s funny that a few of the pictures have them looking down their noses at us though.

  • Thomas Gardiner

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the new Wyvern thing. But am I alone in *loving* the old Wyvern model? Probably one of my favourite Fantasy models, it just oozed character.

    • benn grimm

      I ‘love the old, old wyvern, with Orc Shaman from the early 90’s, now that oozed character… tbh, I was kind of disappointed when they changed it. The new one is cool, but its no Wyvern.

      • Korvalus

        That’s cool, because it isn’t. Mawcrusha and wyverns are different species both present in the mortal realms so they have no reason to make them look alike. Good thing that they made them distinct enough for that.

        • benn grimm

          Is that right? Well now, thanks for pointing that out, imagine what might have happened if I’d gotten the two mixed up by mistake? I shudder to think…

          • Korvalus

            It’s okay, glad to help. A lot of people mistakingly thinks of AoS a “WFB 2.0” when it isn’t, and that AoS should have the same low&dark fantasy aestetics instead the high&mythological&extreme fantasy that it have. While is expected that compraisons will rise, try to compare both is pointless, mainly because of the mentioned genre shift. The usage of WFB models and WFB being discontinued for the sake of AoS doesn’t help.

            Of couse there is something worth pointing out, and I’ve got it thanks to you. While the mawcrusha isn’t a wyvern, there is a lot of things in common with the latter, like the “obviously-not-a-dragon” stardrake. It is that they look like “reaimaginations” of them in a form that would fit better in the armies which are aligned with. Make them a separate species to have both the new and the former fit and here you have it. Basically “no, except yes”, with the difference that they’re not a renovation, but a different take in the subject.

    • Kaptain Badrukk

      Skullmuncha yes. Old wyvern, not so much.

  • Aeoleon J

    I’m not sure about the back – arses

    • Dan Wilson

      Not a fan of them in general, about the only thing I do like is the bulkiness of them. The lower jaws with their “beardiness” just look off… For the vast majority my Greenskinz will be just that, Greenskinz rather than Ironjaws, so I’ll be sticking with the classic boar boyz, although I’ll be picking up a few Brutes, a Warchanter, a Shamen and the MawKrusha to add some heavy hitting to the flavour. The Gore Gruntas will not be there though =S

  • Pointed Stick

    probably to do with this

    “In 24 hours time, we’ll be announcing the most exciting news for Warhammer Age of Sigmar since its launch. Gaming in the Mortal Realms will never be the same again.

    Check back tomorrow to find out more, you will not be disappointed.”

    • standardleft

      Oh God what are they going to do…

      • Tothe

        They’re gonna pull a Microsoft, skip the number 9, and announce “Warhammer Fantasy Battles 10th Edition” in response to the lackluster reception to AoS.

        • Pointed Stick

          actually I can confirm that Sigmar has triumphed. the Age of Sigmar is over, and the Age of Colin has begun.

          • standardleft

            All hail Colin. Godbeast.

    • Slaanesh Devotee

      Where’s that from?

      • Pointed Stick

        GW themselves, was posted this morning

        • Slaanesh Devotee

          Hm, yes. I see on Facebook.

          ‘Big News™’ that can’t wait for the next White Dwarf.. How curious~

  • I thought all the old gods were dead… Unless your a green skin?
    In which case they same as it ever was? Same as it ever was!!!!

    • euansmith

      AoS? This Must Be The Place where, Once In A Life Time, Slippery People are Burning Down The House of WHFB. Maybe these Psycho Killers are taking us On A Road To Nowhere and their fluff has decided to Stop Making Sense.

      • Ira Clements

        Not sure if clever or a sign of to much Talking Heads.

        • You take that back right now!

          • Ira Clements

            True Story.

    • Tothe

      Gork and Mork iz cunnin’ an’ brutal so they was able to fight throo da end times! WAAAAAGH!!!

    • Hedwerx

      Gork an’ Mork iz nevva gonna die! Not if der’s Greenskins still kikkin!

  • eldarconvert .

    World of warcraft isn’t growing on me

  • standardleft

    Seeing the 360s on the site. I enjoy how orky the armour design is.

    Its all focused on plating on the front, with barely any back protection.

    Plaguebearer skulls as well!

  • Sebastien Bazinet

    That Shaman/Weirdboy looks really good!

  • dave long island

    So what is the question?

  • Not only do I like these more than any fantasy Orcs they’ve released since Grimgor, but I’m glad to see they seem to have abandoned that horrible green-and-pink skin tone they were footering around with too.