FFG: Wrath of the Crusaders Ships!

whk12_preview2 Black Templar

The Black Templars have arrived in Warhammer 40,000: Conquest.  Here’s the latest:

All you LCG fans get ready for the purest of the pure.  The Black Templars are back!



via Fantasy Flight Games 

Wrath of the Crusaders, the fifth War Pack in the Planetfall cycle for Warhammer 40,000: Conquest!

The Astra Militarum fights desperately to hold Sacaellum against an onslaught of xenos and Warp-born monstrosities. In the midst of this worldwide battle, a detachment of the Black Templars arrives. The Black Templars have not come to save this planet. Rather, they are intent on recovering the holy relics of St. Camila – relics infinitely more valuable than the planet and the lives of all who live there. 

Like the other War Packs of the Planetfall cycle, Wrath of the Crusaders offers new play styles and gives planet type symbols significance beyond achieving victory. When you fight on the planets that suit your faction’s goals, you’ll quickly discover that your armies become much more effective. This War Pack also offers a new Space Marines warlord and his eight-card signature squad, along with fifty-one cards for other factions (three copies each of seventeen distinct cards).”

Wrath of the Crusaders $14.95


ancient-crozius-arcanum chaplain-mavros faith-and-hatred reclusiam-templars the-emperors-champion vow-of-honor

Just as you would expect, the Black Templars are ferocious in combat, only get better once they have been damaged, and are all about saving the relics.  This one should be fun.

~ Wrath of the Crusaders is on store shelves NOW.

  • Frank Underwood

    People hate the amount of stuff marines are getting to the detriment of other races and I can totally understand why.
    Having said that, can we have a Black Templar codex again?

    • chaotichris

      Or at least a supplement with Black Templar specific detachment, formations and relics.

    • Deez

      This. So much this.

    • Brusilov

      I’d vote for you if we could get the same treatment as all the other armies from Codex Space Marines have.

  • Dumbcow1

    I would kill for some Templar love. I go so excited for Angels, only to find I got a warlord table I already had from a WD. Although I’ve noticed more Templar things here and there, perhaps some love is coming down the chute?