Geekery: Game of Thrones – The Final Season 6 Teaser Is Here


Game of Thrones Season 6 is 2 weeks away, and HBO just released a new trailer with a bunch of easter eggs…


If you don’t like teasers, or easter eggs pointed out – then stop now





There is a eulogy for Jon Snow.

Not exactly a promising sign for team “he’s alive” – but HBO wouldn’t spoil this plot point in a trailer.


Jaime and Cercei are out for blood.

…and the High Sparrow seems to be on the menu. The walk of shame finale last season made a confrontation inevitable, so the only surprise is to see exactly how it plays out.


Daenerys is shadowed by Dragons.

We saw Dany stumbling forward in the last video, but now we see a dragon’s shadow pass overhead. Jorah is still on the trail, though – and still turning into a stone man.


Winter is coming.

…and the Dead come with it.  Davos brings everyone’s attention to the fact that the entire show’s real confilct is about to get very real.  The Night King gets a lot of shots, so the White Walkers’ invasion can’t be far off.



Arya and Sansa are back!

It looks like House Stark is on the rebound this season –  Arya is getting a second chance from the House of Black and White, and Sansa is seen looking like badass wearing a House Stark crest. She looks none too pleased.


Tyrion meets a dragon (or two) up close.

Hopefully he doesn’t get turned to cinders.


 “That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.” ~Tyrion Lannister


Have any predictions for this season?  

P.S. FFG has something (or 8 somethings) they think you may be interested in…

FFG Game of Thrones Product Page

  • benn grimm

    I predict pure unadulterated awesomeness. And winter; winter is definitely on its way…)

    • ChubToad

      And nudes, don´t forget nudes.

      • benn grimm

        And lots of brutal death…can’t forget the brutal death…;)

        • James Tompsett

          And geldings. Gotta have a eunuch or two.

    • petrow84

      I predict: Stabby-stabby-stabby, sexy-sexy-sexy, stabby-stabby-stabby. Beautiful, beautifuuuuul language. Which gives way to even more stabby-stabby-stabby.

  • euansmith

    I was speaking to Barack on the red phone and he told me this series is great and that he was cheering when Robert Baratheon’s true heir, ascends to the Iron Throne as Samwell, the first of his name.

  • Defenestratus

    I’m so torn as to whether or not to watch this season before the book comes out. I don’t want the show ruining the books but on the other hand, I don’t want some of my a-hole friends ruining both the show AND the books when they blab to me about it.

    Plus my wife will force me to watch it with her. *GROAN*

    • The only thing that’s sure is the backbone of the story – how it gets from where it is to the end is going to be different in each medium. Maybe think of the show as an alternate timeline… ?

    • petrow84

      The show already steered far away from the books, AFAIK, George said that there are about 15 characters, who has been killed in the show, but still alive in the books. I would be amazed, if even the backbone of the story would be the same. So yeah, go ahead and watch the show, it’s unlikely you’ll miss anything important in the books.

  • jbaidacoff

    Do my predictions count if I’ve actually read the books’ but I haven’t watched any of the series (too damn expensive).

    • This season has outpaced the books – so it’s anyone’s guess.

  • Sparti67

    My understanding is the king of winter will pull off his mask and it will be Donald Trump. It makes sense.