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Game of Thrones returns and I’m totally gonna talk about it…

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To start: Olly’s blow continues to be fatal and Jon Snow continues to be dead, despite all of the chatter on the rumor mill and hope created by the trailers. But we’re only in episode one… and it seems Davos and Melisandre are seeing things they aren’t sharing with the rest of us.

This was a very busy episode. On to the gazillion subplots and scene cuts!


Dany, now a prisoner of the Dothraki, has a bit of a “I could really use a dragon around now” problem… among other things. Khal Moro has decided to let her live as long as she finishes her days in the widow’s temple in Vaes Dothrak. Better than beheading… I guess..


Cersei gets good news of a visit that turns out to be not so good… Jaime arrives with the body of their daughter Myrcella. The second of their children is now dead, the witch’s prophecy proven good: “The witch told me I’d have three children and they’d all die. Everything she said came true, you couldn’t have stopped it.”


Arya is trying out being a blind beggar in Braavos. The Waif isn’t getting any nicer as time goes on… but if you’re going to be No One, you need to be able to fight blind.


[insert joke about eating babies here]

melisandre game of thrones

And the big reveal: just how old is Melisandre… and what has she seen? Watching this story unfold is going to be the most interesting part of this season.  The Red Priestess has been one of the most reliable providers of nudity and sexuality on the show.  What a twist the producers and the actress have given us with her turning out to be ancient scheming crone.

Episode Notable People Bodycount: 2

  • Satyan Patel

    She really shouldn’t have taken that necklace off. I would have gladly acknowledged she was old had she said it. I’m now mentally mortified.

    • Zingbaby

      I love cougars, keep the necklace off!

      • Satyan Patel

        She was already a cougar with the necklace on. Off…. Well that’s something that scars you mentally.

    • Coltcabunny

      She has it off in S4 ep7 when she’s talking to Selyse when she’s in the bath. Continuity error or deliberate?


      • Satyan Patel

        I see you’ve kept score really well. I’ve easily forgotten perhaps the fact that I wanted it erased from memory. Maybe the producers were providing more nudity for the subscribers that ask for more. Now they won’t.

      • They made it a point to focus on a bottle of who knows what when she put the necklace down… might have something to do with it… maybe?

        • Satyan Patel

          I was thinking the bottle would bring back John Snow. Or an all evil army to take down anyone in case she is in harm’s way.

          • She sprinkled something from a bottle into the tub in the scene without the necklace… but, it’s all guessing at this point.

  • pompeyladBFP

    You still would do…

  • pompeyladBFP


  • Firemind

    A pretty weak first ep, weakest so far imo

    • Ben

      What they did to the Dorne plot really really irks me… But I shouldn’t be surprised given that they cut out the “Mummer’s Dragon”, Sun’s Son, JonCon” plotlines… Dorne was there for some pretty (but crazy) women, and some “meh” fight scenes.. It was pretty criminal what they did to Dr. Bashir though.. what a waste of a talent.

      • MrSpacemonkeymojo

        Especially since the books were setting him up to be the Dornish Littlefinger, his end was disappointing… But I do agree this episode was bland.

    • Zingbaby

      I don’t think the writing is as good without the books behind them.

      Last season every fight scene had big dramatic pauses that made no sense, and the coming together of Dani and Tyrian had ‘made for Sci-fi’ dialog.

    • The bouncing around wasn’t a positive… splitting the party isn’t always the best idea.

  • I had to go watch Archer after that last scene just to get that image out of my head

  • Mathew G. Smith

    Personally I thought the Dothraki version of the Spanish Inquisition sketch was the highlight of the episode.

    • Syra

      Absolutely! I was cracking up so hard!