Geekery: That Time Arya Stark Worked at an FLGS


Your FLGS is already full of dragons… but does it have Arya Stark behind the counter?

Maisie Williams takes over the counter at Aero Hobbies for an afternoon, and convinces fans to do some acting in exchange for GoT merch…. keep an eye out for a pair of Drop Pods! (Note: language is a little salty.)

Make sure you have your DVR set and/or your calendar cleared – Game of Thrones Season 6 premiers tomorrow night at 9pm!


What scene would you have picked?

  • benn grimm

    Only 29 hours to go till season 6….)

  • Andrew Thomas

    Tie between the Battle of the Blackwater and the scene where we figure out that Ramsey Bolton is not someone you want to be held by.

  • Will. F

    omg a girl at a Flgs. And the neckbeards rejoiced.

  • petrow84

    “Well, maybe Arya Stark IS a guy!”
    Loved the look on her face at 2:12 🙂