GW: New Imperial Knights: Renegade Pics Spotted


Imperial Knights: Renegade is hitting the shelves this week and one lucky gamer got a sneak peak inside!

Looks like the Captain is at it again and he’s got a good look at the rules inside the box of Imperial Knights: Renegade.

via Captain Citadel 4-21-2016

Renegade knight knight (2) knight renegade rules1 Kinght renegade rules 2 knight missions 3

The rules for the game are pretty straight forward from what we’ve seen. It seems like a fun “mini” game compared to 40K and has the option for a lot more granular damage and battles. It is slightly more complicated than just “I’m BS 4 and hit on +3” we see in regular 40K. The Game also has at least 3 missions we’ve seen so far. Their may be more but we don’t have visual confirmation past that. If you’re looking for getting two Knight kits at a steep discount this box is a really great deal – the game on the side is just icing on the cake.

 For more Pics and to join the Discussion check out the BoLS Lounge thread below:

Imperial Knights: Renegade Round-Up


Imperial Knights: Renegade $195

60010699006_ImperialKnightRenegadeENG01 60010699006_ImperialKnightRenegadeENG10 60010699006_ImperialKnightRenegadeENG09 60010699006_ImperialKnightRenegadeENG08

In stores April 23rd 2016!

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      Can confirm this. The site has always been bad on a mobile but now it’s unusable!!

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  • euansmith

    I wonder how it would work, playing Renegade as part of a standard 40k game; so you’d alternate between turns of each game? I think that turning Super Heavies in to a mini game and mobile terrain for 40k is a good idea.

    • georgelabour

      I imagine it’d play much like titan legions did with those massive cards for the Imperator and Mega Gargant.

      Incidentally while it made using one of them fun it also made the game bog down immensely if you deployed two or more per side. Which is why they ditched the card damage concepts for Epic, and the later versions of Epic.

  • thebouv

    I may have to pick up 1-2 boxes of this. The discount over normal Knight box is already a plus, but factor that in with a store discount and it gets even nicer.