Imperial Knights Renegade: Boxed Game REVIEW


Start your plasma reactors: Today’s first look unboxing of the new Imperial Knight Renegade box set has something for every 40K player!

The new Knight game is here, and along with it another great “bundle deal” from Games workshop. Inside you get one Knight Warden and one Paladin plus a set of the ruins to use for the game as well.

Over all you save about 40% off normal MSRP with this bundle, and you get a new datasheet for the Renegade Knight and as their detachment rules as well!

If you’ve been on the fence about picking up some Knight models, it may too hard to resist this deal for sure!

Imperial Knights: Renegade $195


Rock’em sock’em mech warriors are here!

knight lamitaned

Laminate these cards for re-use!

Inside, you’ll find two Imperial Knight miniatures (one Warden and one Paladin), with a transfer sheet to detail them as Imperial and Renegade Knights, a Basilica Administratum scenery piece for your Knights to engage in fierce combat over, and an eight-page booklet containing rules and missions for the game, and rules for deploying the Renegade Knight in games of Warhammer 40,000!

The game plays pretty cool too, but I think they may need to make a quickstart guide too because its a several game learning curve on how it works I feel like. Also if you lose your “head” location you may want to make a house rule that the 2 action limit goes into effect on the next turn as the wording is a little confusing on that.

Another great offering from Games Workshop for sure. I can’t wait to see what games they bring to the table when their Specialist department is fully operational!

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Imperial Knights Renegade Game Box Set Review 

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  • JN7

    So it’s finally fulfilled its promise and become Battletech.

    • ZeeLobby

      It’s interesting you say that. You can definitely see in GW’s recent game design, both in major systems and board games, that they’re stealing heavily from their competitors. Formations, detachments, damage boxes, flat rolls, theme forces, etc. They don’t have game designers anymore, it’s more like game copiers that are versed in copy-write.

      • nurglitch

        It’s all stuff GW has done in earlier games like Adeptus Titanicus.

    • Shawn

      I think that to make a game out of two models and a bit of terrain, they had to do something different. If you used the regular 40k rules, the game would last only a couple of turns. Six hull points would dissapear quickly and those pesky CCW D weapons would end the game rather quickly. You might get a bit distraught after putting those models together to lose the game in just a couple of turns.

    • georgelabour

      By battletech you mean ‘heroic scale’ Adeptus Titanicus right?

  • Commissar Molotov

    …The renegade knight has Imperial iconography?

    Must be Alpha Legion!

    • dinodoc

      They both are.

  • Thomas Gardiner

    If you get this from an online retailer, the discount is nuts. I basically paid for a Knight Crusader and got another Knight, a building and a miniatures game for free.

    • Scott Guise (Shrew8541)

      Me too

  • krisbrowne42

    MY Renegade didn’t end up with Imperial iconography… dug a bunch of gargoyles and chaos stars from the bitz box. Not full-on conversion but a comfortable in-between.

  • Dave Scammell

    I wouldn’t say it needed a quickstart sheet personally, the rules are only two pages worth and a large portion of that is taken up by an example of how to play. It’s a simple game and fun enough, but it’s very very clearly just designed to sell Knights. I’m hoping we’ll see some WD expansions for some other units like the Stormsurge (which already has rules) and Wraithknights.

    • Primee133

      Maybe even a page for the Stompa, though he’s somewhat significantly bigger.

      • georgelabour

        I’d also like to see a forgeworld supplement for their knights.

        Perhaps then the MAgaeros would be as scary as its fluff makes it out to be.

  • Julio Lenin Roman Martinez

    I was about to buy the Kytan for my KD but with this offering… I may as well get this box and convert one of these knights. Does somebody know if the giant axe that comes with the new bloodthirster would be long enough to be carried by a knight?

  • finbikkifin

    When they said they were going to bring back Specialist Games and rerelease some of the old stuff, I vaguely hoped they might go even older and bring back something like Adeptus Titanicus – Epic, but focused on the titans rather than the rest of the forces.

    Didn’t think they’d do it in 28mm though.

    • memitchell

      This ain’t Specialist Games. Specialist Games does not exist (yet?). SG is/will be devoted to supporting and expanding game systems continuously (or, it was). Not one off boardgames or tabletop games. This one obviously has expansion possibilities. But, as yet, no dedicated SG division to do that. Not everything that is not 40K or AOS is Specialist Games.

    • Aezeal

      4i don’t think gw is going back to small scale

  • georgelabour

    read the rules and picked up a set for the household.

    Personally I feel it could have used a bit more focus on maneuvering and positioning over ‘they always end up facing each other and can move freely’.

    But then it would have just been a 40k scaled version of battletech and I already have rules for that.

    So I’ll give it a 3/5 as it’s a fun game for killing a half hour while waiting for other games to wrap up or when you don’t have time for even a 500 point 40k game.

    or you can play it during the deployment phase of an ork and or astra militarum army. By the time you’re done your opponent should be about done setting up.

  • Ben_S

    I know it’s a great deal if you want a couple of Knights, but I was kinda hoping the game would be good. I’d be tempted to pick up a set, sell the Knights and maybe scenery (hopefully getting my money back), then use the rules with converted epic-scale Knights.

    • Satyan Patel

      That’s way too much trouble. Wait 2 weeks and the rules and all the packaged items will be on eBay for roughly 12 US dollars with shipping. I went to eBay to buy spare tiles for my Deathwatch boxed set, and Calth tiles and it was dirt cheap. Came with all the dice, cards etc.. A real value if you want to proxy or expand in my case.

      • Ben_S

        Fair point but I’ve rarely seen those sets go for less than £10, sometimes more. Probably this would be less (no boards or anything) so I’ll see how it goes. But I suspect that buying the set and selling the Knights could produce a small profit, making the rules less than free (if you’re prepared to put in the effort).

    • georgelabour

      Honestly the game isn’t bad. It lacks a certain depth that games like Heavy Gear: Arena or Battletech have but it does a fine job of being entertaining and still having elements of strategy.

      Especially once the knights begin blasting chunks from each other and you have to work around your slowly diminishing capabilities.

      I wouldn’t say it’ll ever become a weekly thing but as a for fun kind of diversion It has its merits.