Imperial Knights Renegade: The GW Teaser


Come see the latest teaser from GW on this week’s newest big boxed game:

This one flew under the radar this weekend, but take a look at the intro video for Renegade. Boy does this one take me back to the glory days of Battletech ( or Robot Jox)

Loyalist or renegade, where does your allegiance lie?

Will you take command of a Renegade Knight and bring death and destruction to the Imperium, or will you uphold the honour of the knightly houses and slay the traitor? Or die in the attempt…


Imperial Knights: Renegade $195

Giant war machines duel in the 41st millennium!

Dominating the battlefield with their size and firepower, Imperial Knights are towering bipedal weapons platforms that hold no quarter in eliminating their targets – but like anything else, they are vulnerable to the dark clutches of Chaos. The Freeblade Knight once known as the Living Litany is an unfortunate example; nobody knows what truly happened to this once-valiant hero, only that it has renamed itself Litany of Destruction, and has been leaving a brutal trail of devastation in its wake. The Imperial Knight Ever-Stalwart has made planetfall on Tellerax Prime with one goal in mind – hunt down his fallen brother and restore the honour of the knightly houses, or die trying!


The screaming whirr of chainblades and the shriek of missile launchers herald the meeting of two gigantic engines of war on the battlefields of Tellerax Prime. When such powerful machines face off, only one will walk away – put yourself at the controls of an Imperial or Renegade Knight and march to glory with this boxed game! Inside, you’ll find two Imperial Knight miniatures (one Warden and one Paladin), with a transfer sheet to detail them as Imperial and Renegade Knights, a Sanctum Imperialis scenery piece for your Knights to engage in fierce combat over, and an eight-page booklet containing rules and missions for the game, and rules for deploying the Renegade Knight in games of Warhammer 40,000!

~The big question, not IF, but HOW MANY are you picking up?

Here you go – enjoy!


    Oh no! A flying fist! I’ll save you – oops, my bad

    • euansmith

      That was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Tenpoletudor

    i remember this film being better when i was 8

  • euansmith

    I know that GW are trying to get the most out of their existing molds; but this just seems like the wrong models at the wrong scale. The old Adeptus Titanicus “epic scale” models plugged together straight of the sprue.

    Though I guess that this works as a cheap way to buy Imperial Knights at pretty much half price, plus some free terrain. This is $195 for two Knights plus rather than $140 per Knight plus $33 for a Sanctum Impirialis. Can this price be correct? If it is such a bargain, I might be temped.

    • Tyris

      Do you suppose if it sells well enough they’ll do a House Devine upgrade sprue?

      • Muninwing

        if this sells well it’s because they have figured out how to sell knight to people, not necessarily because pople lke Devine or the game itself…

        • Tyris

          well, yeah, but that wasn’t the question.

    • Muninwing

      it’s really just a way to sell knights. as if enough people weren’t fielding knight armies. now, if it included a plastic version of a FW chassis…

      i chalk this up with Calth… a way to justify a game but actually to sell more models to peple who expand their armies…

      • euansmith

        The other Renegade deal on offer looks to be Starbucks’ pricing at its best

        “We want $948 off you, and are willing to give you our biggest cup of coffee EVERwith sprinkles!!!

        Six Knights @ $140, plus three Sanctum Imperialis @ $33, plus a Realm of Battle: Sector Imperials @ $363; so $1302 “worth” of stuff for “only” $948.

        I’m almost tempted…

        • Lewismauler

          It’s slightly better than that because every one keeps forgetting this box has a knight warden and paladin. So 3 of the knights are 157 and 3 are 140. So another 51.

          • euansmith

            My mistake, I thought that the knights were a combo-kit. Thanks for that. It really is like buying six knights and getting the terrain and battle board for “free”.

            It does look like some one at GW has realised that potentially selling more stuff at a reduced profit margin is better than maybe selling less stuff for a higher margin 😉

        • Lewismauler

          This deal including tax saves you 438 off the previous retail price of buying everything separately

    • Lewismauler

      The price is correct, they’ve been up for pre order since Saturday on gw sight. It’s 140+157+33=330-195=140. You’re getting the knight paladin/errant for free. And the transfer sheets, rules, dice, etc. are also free. It’s a great deal.

      • euansmith

        This, and Betrayal At Calth, are such a welcome change from the usual One-Click Bundles. I hope that these products pay off and GW does more of this sort of thing.

        Can you use knights in 30k?

        • EnTyme

          The Mechanicum use Knights, and there is also to Questoris Knights faction. That’s the direction I’m thinking of going since a lot of people in my FLGS want me to start 30k, but I don’t want another marine army.

  • Mr_Pickles

    i’d be tempted to pick up a knight, but Orks can’t loot the thing, and use it in games.

    • euansmith

      I think that these work out cheaper than two Morkanauts.

      • Mr_Pickles

        pop some shootas/big shootas on the power fist, toss a flamer between the legs, and keep the rockets up top. You could also have Orks climbing on it to show “Transport Capacity”. and bamf, a Gorkanought appears.

        • euansmith

          The would need a Soupa Gakklin’ Gun that fires D66 shots.

    • Kim Sellstedt

      Actually they can.

      The renegade knight counts as CSM when you talk allies and Orks and VSM are allies of convenience so you could take a renegade knight as an allied detachment.

      Those twin gattlings will give your ork army much needed dakka with 24 shots of AP3 Str 6 each round.

      Just make it orky and say they looted it.