Infinity: April Releases Revealed

Maghariba Guard 2

Corvus Belli drops the curtain on a TON of cool pictures for their April releases – Come see the latest Infinity Models!

via Corvus Belli, Facebook

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Maghariba Guard

Infinity Maghariba Guard 13062182_10153753585973842_984287553068516278_n

Yaogat Strike Infantry

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Imperial Service Yu Jing Sectorial Starter Pack

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Reverend Healers

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Kazak Spetsnazs

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Corvus Belli has a bunch more pics on their facebook page so go there to see the rest and be sure to tell them BoLS sent ya! Overall, I’m digging these new releases – That new Yu Jing Starter packs looks like a really cool way to jump in. But being a Nomad player, I’m really just going to pick up that Reverend Healer. Then again, that new Maghariba Guard model is pretty awesome. So many choices…


What’s your favorite from the new Infinity Releases? Anyone else pumped about the new N3 Human Sphere book!?

  • Talos2

    That big thing metal?

    • WellSpokenMan


    • An_Enemy

      Everything in the Infinity line is metal. Probably the best metals around. Usually sculpted with tabs and posts that make pinning a “good idea” rather than absolutely necessary.

      • GrenAcid

        Awesome work I agree, but It was my biggest con against Infinity. I like lore and mechanics, even played some with my little Nomad band but in the end the feeling my nomad arent diffrent in any way other than some paint drive me nuts.
        I like to customize and chane my models…with than metal you cant do it, to thin, to britle.
        Shame rly cuz its a good game.

        • WellSpokenMan

          That customization is really rare in skirmish games. GW is really the only company that does that and it’s the one thing (multipose plastics), that they still do better than anyone else.
          Customization isn’t impossible though. I turned a Haqqislam Fiday into a convincing Nomad Bandit by trimming some bits here and there, and arm swaps are usually pretty straightforward.

      • V10_Rob

        More like “redundant” in many cases.

        Mind you, it helps if you’re not a clod with your assembly, cleaning and gluing…

      • Talos2

        It’s good that pinning isn’t a must, but I really grew to hate metal, mainly due to pinning in fairness, but the chipping is a big issue too.

    • “Big” is relative. It’s only about Crisis Suit-sized.

  • WellSpokenMan

    Really nice stuff this month. Can’t speak for the others, but the Spetsnaz and Reverend Healer rules are as awesome as the models.

    • I can’t quite wrap my head around the Reverend Healers. I want to like them, but they’re just slow enough that they never seem to be where I need them to be, though I have that problem with MI in general, when my list isn’t composed mostly of MI (I don’t have this problem in USAriadna).

      • WellSpokenMan

        The Spetsnaz is the rockstar of the month rules wise. Ambush Camo and Marksman L2 with an HMG is pretty brutal. The Healer is solid, but she’ll shine in a link where she’ll have a 70% chance of bringing back a Moira or Custidier that is already really hard to kill. That redundancy is a big deal in a link team, since every active member provides such a boost. In Vanilla though, she probably isn’t worth her cost over a Tomcat Doc.

        • That I play CJC is probably why I don’t “get” the RHs and Moiras . I look at all the furries and religious nuts other assorted wackjobs and think… why can’t I just have more angry ex-cons with guns?

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Oh glorious Guard, I have the old one which I thought was big and pretty, but that, oh what a lovely day!

  • Badgerboy1977

    I’ve really tried but I just can’t get behind Infinity’s aesthetic, it really does just leave me cold.
    I keep checking these articles in the hope that something might grab me and fair play to those that do like them but it does nothing for me personally.

    Not to mention that everything appears to be in metal and I really don’t enjoy that as a material for minis, it’s just heavy and a PITA to work with particularly for the larger ones. Give me high quality plastics or resins any day of the week.

    • WellSpokenMan

      Different strokes for different folks. If you don’t like the aesthetic, the rest won’t matter in the end.

      • Badgerboy1977


      • cudgel

        What happened to gameplay over graphics ?

        I kid, I realize its a little different in this hobby.

    • In their defense, Infinity’s metals are probably the best in the industry. Better than GW’s ever were, and FAR better than Privateer’s.

      And… “larger” is a relative term. Yes, the Maghariba is the single biggest model in Infinity, but it’s still not even Dreadnaught-sized.

    • V10_Rob

      Emphasis on that ‘high quality’. I’d rather deal with metals than most resin plastics (ie. GW, Wyrd and new PP are fine).

  • Heinz Fiction

    “We produce the best miniatures in the world?” Who said that again?

    • To be fair to GW, they really do make the best big, intricate plastics on the market today, and they’ve done a lot more than anyone else to push that technology forward. Wyrd is catching up, but it’ll be a long time yet before they’re able to produce things on the same scale as, say, Nagash.

      As gorgeous as CB’s minis are, metal minis are dying out as a mainstream product and are instead being relegated to small companies and garage workshops… which, for the moment, does make them the right material for CB, but that will change eventually.

      • Mike X

        Don’t forget customizable. Most of the other companies offer mono-pose with zero options.

        • GW’s been doing less of that recently, though.

      • Heinz Fiction

        Bigger isn’t better concerning miniatures. Fun fact: I was about to buy Nagash until I realized how big he was…

  • cudgel

    While the new models fit the overall look and theme of the Yu Jing better I really liked the previous Pheasent and Crane rank models….