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Corvus Belli does a quick breakdown for the new rules for Fireteams in N3 for Infinity!

Infinity’s Fireteams are a divisive mechanic in the game. They basically function like a unit in a game full of skirmisher. Moving together with only 1 order and providing buffs to the Fireteam leader during the active turn. Some people love the flexibility this provides with their order pool. Some people hate “super efficiency” of Fireteams and view it as too powerful. However, they aren’t going anywhere and a few new rules are being added in an effort to change things up.

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Fireteams: Strength through unity

An Article by Juan Lois “HellLois”

Infinity Fireteam Nomads

One of the more prominent and interesting changes is the appearance of the rule Coherency. This rule allow us to manage the behavior of the various troops that act together in one Order, determines the function of the Zone of Control. Now everything is clearer when establishing who belongs to the Fireteam and who doesn’t, and also allows to figure out when the integrity of the group must be checked, in addition it allows to know when the Coherency is broken and which troops stop forming part of the Fireteam.


Within the Fireteams, we have Fireteam: Core, name that the basic Fireteam, the one already known by veteran players, receives. You may only have one Fireteam: Core active in your list, and it allows to group together 2 to 5 members, receiving different bonuses depending on the amount of members of said group.

With three members, we will receive +1 to Burst for our Team Leader in Active Turn and for every member of the team in Reactive.

With four members, every member of the Fireteam receives Sixth Sense Level 2.

With five members, the Fireteam gains a very interesting and powerful Modifier of +3 to the BS for any BS Attack Rolls performed by the Team Leader in Active Turn and for all the members of the Fireteam in Reactive Turn. And as an important change from the previous edition, with this number of members, a +3 Modifier to WIP for Discover rolls is also applied.

Also, in this new edition of Human Sphere every Fireteam is represented, including the ones present on the book Campaign: Paradiso.

A change of great importance, one that applies to all kinds of Fireteams is that now, with Human Sphere N3, the minimum required number of members to avoid the loss of a Fireteam is two.

Infinity Fireteam PanO

This change allows us to introduce another new feature of this edition: the Fireteam: Duo.  This new kind of Fireteam doesn’t provide bonus, but allows to move two troops with one Order, and there is no limit of Fireteam: Duos active on the table that you can have. It is time to see those couples of Heavy Infantry giving headaches to the enemy!

Infinity Fireteam Haaqislam

Fireteam: Haris, you will be able to for a group from 2 to 3 troops. A very interesting option to support or increase the firepower of your Fireteam: Core, although you will only be able to have one active Fireteam: Haris on the table at any given time.

Infinity Fireteam Tohaa

Fireteam: Triad, combat unit formed by three members, exclusive to the Tohaa army. However, it allows us to have multiple active Fireteams in our list and combine different troops within them. This Fireteam rule is very versatile, this kind of Fireteam multiplies the potential combinations exponentially.

Infinity Fireteam ALEPH

Fireteam: Enomotarchos, exclusive to the Steel Phalanx, with this rule we can form teams of up to four members without the restriction of just one active Fireteam. One per Hero! If the personalities of the Phalanx are badasses on their own, imagine them escorted by up to three more troops. Unstoppable!

This is a really great read from the folks over at infinitythegame – which is where you can read the full article. If you’re looking to gain some insight on how to use the new Fireteams or what to expect when facing them definitely give it a read.

These are some interesting changes to the Fireteam mechanic within Infinity. Fireteams can be very deadly in the right hands. They can also allow your cheap troops to become big threats or allow you form a “swiss army knife” unit that can do it all – or Voltron and clean house!


Fireteams, ASSEMBLE!

  • WellSpokenMan

    Between this and the changes to hacking, it will be interesting to see how the game changes.

  • euansmith

    Those core markers look really cool,

  • V10_Rob

    I just hope that link teams and other multiple-model movement/actions don’t become too ubiquitous. My main love of infinity is that you’re dealing with a tiny squad of unique individuals, not massed generic units.