Infinity Seminar – Upcoming Unit Designs



Corvus Belli showed off a lot of upcoming unit designs in development for Infinity at Adepticon 2016.  Take a look:

Images via Corvus Belli and InfinityWarcors:


Check out all the new designs:


BanditsDossier BlackFriarsDossier CelestialGuardDossier DruzeGirlDossier ImperialCraneDossier ImperialPheasantDossier KanrenDossier TikBalangDossier VoroninDossier

~Have at it Infinity fans!


  • Thatroubleshootah

    Infinity is the shniz shnazzler. Check out my army:

  • Shian Arcselia

    BoLS covering Infinity?! This is awesome.

    • Xodis

      I think they post maybe 1 a week or so. They seem to be increasing in frequency a little better than before.

  • euansmith

    I’ve finally dipped my toe in to the Infinity pool and have gone for Nomads. I did this because Infinity is a cyber punk setting and Nomads are apparently the hackiest of the factions. The other reason is that Nomads get Fast Pandas, and I just wanted those models; Robo-pandas, how cool is that!

    • Damistar

      You’ll like the killer koalas too, little robo-bear bombs. The fast pandas extend your hacking range.

    • Malevengion

      Killer Koalas are fun too (they hug the target and detonate). I think the Nomad ones say “I wuv you!” first, LOL

      • euansmith

        Cooler and cooler

  • Neal Schwartz

    with these new artworks, and that fact that they’re a new starter set, definitely starting a yu jing imperial service army. Those agents are fantastic.

  • tau4eva

    The tables at Adepticon were so much fun to play on. Love me some Infinity.