Kickstarter: BlackRain – Dark Cyberpunk Future UPDATE

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Shockwork Studio is looking to fund their upcoming 35mm sci-fi skirmish game.

Update: Unfortunately, Shockwork Studio just announced that they will be cancelling this campaign later today. They hope to return to Kickstarter once the game is further along in development and they have more to show potential backers.

After 4 years of development, the folks at Shockwork Studio are ready to show off their 35mm cyberpunk skirmish game BlackRain: AlphaStrain. Set in the aftermath of WWIII, mankind is on the brink of destruction. The Earth has been permanently scarred by the worst war in human history, and the promise of life in space is now unobtainable due to wreckage orbiting the planet. Worse still is the BlackRain, a swarm of nanomachines that have gone rogue and are currently sweeping across the globe. The game itself is designed to be played with around 8-15 models and focused on scenarios, with a variety of special rules and event cards that can be used to customize your missions. There will also be rules for a full campaign mode. If you want to skim through the current alpha rules then you can find them here.

A basic starter box will set you back $50, plus shipping. There are only two factions thus far, the North American Union and the United Asia Alliance. Each starter consists of a hero model, five basic infantry, and any stretch goals related to that faction. For $100 you can get both starters, plus stretch goals, a digital version of the rulebook, quick start rules, tokens, stat cards, and templates. A third faction, the Zadruga, will be unlocked as potential add-ons if the right stretch goals are hit.

The models look great so far, in my opinion. I especially like the NAU Bushmaster mechs, and the Zadruga look to be quite the aesthetic departure from the other two factions with their deer skull headgear and genetically-engineered mutant hunting companions. As with most skirmish games with pretty models I know I’ll probably cave and check the game out sometime later on down the road.

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Is anyone here interested in this campaign?

  • Valeli

    I feel like a see a new kickstarter for something like this every week.

    Now… I have nothing against creativity and trying to make up your own games and miniatures. If people think they have what it takes and go through the effort, more power to them.

    I’m curious though – what happens to these? Do (m)any actually succeed? Because so far I really have yet to see any of them end up anywhere even remotely mainstream.

    Are they succeeding somewhere out of my notice? Or is this sort of independent games developing just sort of a Quixotic quest with an even lower long term success rate than something like trying opening a new restaurant?

    Anyways, I do like seeing what stuff people are thinking up for their games, so thanks for posting about these kickstarters B.O.L.S.