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Come explore the background for Mantic Games’ Deadzone – it’s Outbreak time!

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The Rebs


Some dare to resist the monolithic rule of the Council of Seven. Throughout GCPS space, dissidents scheme and wait until they will throw off their master’s metaphorical shackles. These individuals often live hidden lives, working behind the scenes to bring the downfall of local government. All too often, they are driven into the open and forced to flee. Forming eclectic resistance cells, these rebels fight a guerilla war against the GCPS and the Council of Seven. There are many with reason to join the Rebs. Some are fighting for vengeance, whilst others may be idealists trying to liberate others. Some, merely just need an excuse to fight. Whatever the case, the movement needs all of the help it can get. Constantly under supplied and outgunned, they are underdogs throughout, surviving through grit and guile.


Each cell is wildly different from the next as the Rebs can count many different disillusioned races among their ranks. From the feral Yndij, to the noble Sphyr, to the reptilian Teratons right down to the basic humans, each and every race can find a purpose within their organisation. Deadzones provide the perfect opportunities to loot supplies or equipment as well as being the last place the GCPS would check for resistance members. As a result of the risks of entering a Deadzone, not to mention the dangers within them, only the best can survive Containment Protocol for long. Those who emerge from these trials are some of the most valuable warriors the movement can count on.

The Marauders


When the GCPS first encountered the savage people of Gora, they thought they would be easily pacified. What was meant to be a short-lived extermination campaign turned into a prolonged guerilla war. The Gorans were tough, resourceful and seemingly without fear. After high losses on the GCPS’ side, it was suggested that rather than trying to wipe out these primitives, the Council should put them to better use. The Gorans were recruited and trained as shock troops for Corporation forces. They took to this role with a brutal efficiency, learning the methods of GCPS warfare thoroughly. Some may say that they learned these lessons too well, as it wasn’t long until they rebelled.

Marauder-Troop-BoosterIn the wake of what was called the ‘Mandrake Uprising’, the Council ordered the immediate liquification of all auxiliary units. The Gorans were to be completely eradicated. Whilst many of them were killed, many more escaped into the deeper reaches of space, using their new combat knowledge and equipment to survive. Thus, the Marauder civilisation was born; space borne raiders and mercenaries who will fight for or against anyone they find. Possessed of intelligence and tactical acumen that belies their appearance, as well as simple, but effective weapons and technology, such as the powerful Ripper Suits or the rugged Guntrack, they will fight the battles no one else would dare to – for a price. Corporations still make use of Marauder auxiliaries, as money is a universal language to some. Additionally, Marauders have one advantage that the Council is very interested in: they are immune to the Plague.

The Plague


On the edge of GCPS space, lies the Death Arc. A series of uninhabited worlds, these have, uniquely, been declared off limits by the Council of Seven. Scouting probes sent into the region suggested that each and every world had suffered civil unrest, followed by civil war and chaos. The races involved were long dead now, but the factors all pointed to one reason for their demise: contagion. A virus that could spread from planet to planet, driving the populace insane and causing them to tear themselves apart. As humanity slowly began to settle here, riots were reported on previously peaceful worlds. Rumours of barbarians hunting down the populace alongside packs larger creatures. Video feeds confirmed that this was no mere alien assault, but that people were being turned into these beings, then attacking in the hopes of infecting others. The Council panicked, Containment Protocol was established on the affected worlds. It failed.


A contaminated world is a terrifying. The crumbling buildings are stalked by raiding 3rd Generation vectors, who look all too human. Packs of Plague Hounds and 2nd Generation vectors chase horrified civilians down blood stained streets, whilst the malevolent intelligence of the hulking 1st Generation vector directs his charges with startling cunning. Enforcers and Asterians are swift to deploy in response to an ou but these aren’t the rescuers that the the assailed people were hoping for; their only goal is to stop the contagion by any means necessary, including the elimination of witnesses and those potentially infected. Although the mutations most victims experience mean that they cannot operate technology, the smaller plague are not only able to use weapons and vehicles, but they retain the relevant memories to do so. This makes the 3rd Generation vectors very dangerous, as they have the potential ability to take the Plague off-world and begin infecting other planets. The Plague is set to surge across the stars and destroy all in a tide of violence and horror.

The Veer-myn


Since their recent discovery, the Veer-myn have managed to swiftly infest every corner of the GCPS, along with outlying worlds. Their strong constitutions and keen survival instinct make them difficult to eradicate. There is evidence of Veer-myn surviving full atmospheric evacuations on starships, or Enforcer strikes. They aren’t particularly dangerous, mainly staying dormant and multiplying in the shadows. Supplies go missing, mechanical failures occur, but they mostly avoid humans. Until they’re ready.


As if driven by some great command, hordes of Night Crawlers and Night Stalkers burst from pipes and maintenance tunnels. In their wake come great beasts; products of twisted Veer-myn science. Chemical weapons spew corrosive liquids over enemy troops, or fire high-energy lasers, powerful enough to penetrate the toughest armour. All manner of mechanical contraptions are unleashed upon the foe, from the drills carried by Nightmares, to the Rumbler weapons platforms. The leaders of the swarm tower over the masses, monsters in their own right, driving their charges forwards through innate control. The worse of these are the unnatural psychic groups known as Tangles, who sear images of horror into other’s minds. As worlds and ships fall silent, the Council musters their defenses…

The Veer-myn are coming.


For more info on Deadzone check out Mantic’s site. There is a whole lot to catch-up on to get prepped for Deadzone 2.0 coming to stores soon!


Okay…That Plague Aberration is pretty cool.

  • Marky Thirteen
    • LordRao

      Okay, if you say so. The minis look very similar to me, other than the pose.

      • Marky Thirteen

        The Aberration is still a concept.
        The 1A was in the old starter box, and was available seperately on the website

        • Morat

          That picture certainly is a concept render, the Aberration figure is done and out for release son, there’s a painted one in the Deadzone rulebook, no pictures “in the wild” yet though.

          • Marky Thirteen

            I haven’t seen the new Deadzone book yet….
            Best get round to pre-ordering it, then

  • Jared Swenson

    I love this game.

  • PrimoFederalist

    Seems like a great company, but seeing this just really makes me wish GW would codify the Hrud “Space Skaven”.

    • Marky Thirteen

      Mantic are definitely a company worth looking into….
      But, surely Hrud aren’t Skaven per-se?
      Not according to Xenology, anyways….