Menoth: Pyrrhus, Flameguard Hero


Menoth have a new character solo in town and he is a shining flame in the darkness. If you didn’t play Menoth before you might want to start!


Who is He?

This is a new Protectorate Temple Flameguard solo. He is a character solo that costs 3 points. Not only is he a melee badass, he also helps out Temple Flameguard as well as being a defensive beast.


What Does Pyrrhus Do?

Pyrrhus packs a punch. He has a Reach weapon master spear and something I have never seen before a weaponmaster shield. Weaponmastering for days and an extra attack with Rapid Strike! He also has beatback on the shield just because!!!
He is a leader among men. He is Fearless , Tough, and a Commander. Other Flameguard starting in his CMD 9 get pathfinder on the charge. He has great synergy with the Temple Flameguard not just because of the all the abilities he gives out but, also the one he receives while being base with another flameguard.
While base to base with a buddy flameguard this guy can’t be damaged. That is right!!! A POW22 Conquest could come ramping down the field and can’t hurt this guy if he doesn’t kill the flameguard base with him. That’s to say if they can even hit this guy with his DEF15 and Set Defense… Throw in some Unyielding and he is ARM17. A true beast.


Who Works Well With Pyrrhus?

Well Temple Flameguard are probably required if you are going to field him. Being immune to damage seems good. I would consider Rhupert toughin the Flameguard so you can make it truly frustrating. Harbringer is probably drooling over this guy. I think he takes place of the Seneschal in most lists especially if you were already taking Temple Flameguard. Outside of Harbringer martyring he can still be annoying with other casters. Kreoss or Severius can give the Temple Flameguard Defenders Ward making his damage immunity even harder to remove.


How Can Evil Vanquish This Mighty Hero?

Even though Pyrrhus is a weaponmaster he doesn’t crack armor outside a charge attack. Heavies don’t have much to fear from him. Also magic attacks can make him less annoying. Things like lady Aiyana or a Basilisk Drake spray will make him less daunting of a task. Keep your caster armored up or kill his buddy Temple Flameguard and his is manageable.


What do you think of this new Menoth badass BoLS? Have you seen the immunity from Conquest in action? Please share in the comments below.

  • petrow84

    Umm, yeah, he gets ridiculous with the UA, especially as his attacks get Menoth’s Howl, and under Iron Zeal, knocking down the supporting Flameguards is not an option.

    • A Hungry Donkey

      The UA’s abilities only affect its unit, so they won’t benefit Pyrrhus

  • Mr. Nailbrain

    Just a note to the author, since it’s not made clear in the article – he’s immune to non-magical damage while B2B with other Flameguard. Spells and attacks with magical weapons still work plenty fine.

    That being said, it’s still a really amazing ability against armies with limited magical weapons or nuke spells, and even then it can force a caster to spend precious focus/fury to kill him.

    • A Hungry Donkey

      The rule specifies that he is only immune to non-magical ranged and melee attacks, so he can also be damaged by continuous fire and corrosion

  • JN7

    Meh. I don’t see how he’s better than a paladin. He’s certainly not a better choice with Harby than the Senny. Really, in every list I tried to build with him, those points seemed to be more useful some place else. Model looks fantastic though.