Mynock Squadron Podcast XIII: Hoth Open Interviews

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Hoth Open Top 8

X-Wing Pilots, we wrap up our thoughts on the Hoth Open at Adepticon and bring you interviews from on the scene!

With Regionals season underway, Hoth Open results are well worth scrutinizing as actionable intelligence on the embryonic Wave 8 meta. After delivering our mandatory quota of boasting and internet drama, we dive into actual X-Wing content by discussing squads and play we encountered at the top levels of this groundbreaking tournament.

We then bring you impromptu interviews with prominent players that Ryan managed to blackmail into speaking with us. Under duress, they spill their secrets for your perusal.

Show Synopsis:

00:00:00 Intros, Drama, Beef, and Nonsense
00:17:00 Final Hoth Thoughts Roundtable
00:32:30 Hoth Open Interviews
01:16:00 Show Close/ final ramblings


Ryan Farmer
Dee (David?) Yun
Brad Miller

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  • Jacob

    As someone who doesn’t play but is always interested, what is the third faction (the brown icon)?

    • Thunderchild

      Scum and villainy

      • Jacob

        So its like bounty hunters?

        • Thunderchild

          Yeah. You can run boba fett, ig88 and friends but also pirates and black sun criminal syndicate.
          Of the three factions I play rebels and scum. There’s something fun about being the guy who’s doing it for the cash.

    • Ryan Farmer

      Scum is awesome because they have the craziest abilities. For example, they are the only faction with the “Illicit” upgrade slot which allows them to take things such as “Dead Man’s Switch” (cause damage to all ships at range 1 when you die) or a janky cloaking device that will fail you 1/8 of the times you use it.

      Super fun!