New 40K Rules – Angels of Death REVIEW


Come see all the new rules for the Space Marines from detachments to formations, and even psychics, we got it all in our first look at the book!

The new book is finally here, and it may quite possibly put the 40k competitive scene on its side for a while until everyone adjusts.

Surfing terrain features, swapping places plus assaulting, and some general goodness of ignoring cover with squads for 1 warp charge all come to mind.

Don’t miss this book folks, its 128 pages of awesomeness if you’re a Marine player!


Angels of Death $33


This 128-page softback supplement for Codex: Space Marines is designed for any and all Space Marines armies! Included within:

– a guide to Strike Forces and Chapter organisation, including 4 Army List Entry datasheets and 14 Formations;
– background and organisation on White Scars, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard Chapters, as well as their typical Strike Forces;
– rules for the Terminator Captain, Cataphractii Terminators and Contemptor Dreadnought;
– Warlord Traits, Relics and Tactical Objectives;
– four complete psychic disciplines available to Space Marines Librarians.

Strike Forces of the Space Marines.



The finest warriors Mankind has ever known. Space Marines stride boldly across the galaxy, taking no prisoners, roaring benedictions to the Emperor as they cleanse planets and systems of alien filth. As the enemies of Humanity rise and gather, the Space Marines will be there to meet them with bolters primed and chainswords screaming. Each Space Marine is a genetically-engineered master of combat, sworn to perform his duty to the Emperor until victory… or death.

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So here comes the new rules, hot and fresh just for Space Marine players.

What do you think of the new re-print with new content sprinkles format?

The New Rules – Angels of Death FIRST LOOK



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  • Damistar

    For “fluff” players this is great, but I assume that the tournament crowd will find many things to dislike (or love) about it. Then of course it’s got nothing for Chaos Space Marines 🙂

    • Jacob

      The true victory over chaos for the Imperium is how upset they get over our updates 😀

      • Drpx

        Abaddon would be off Cadia and halfway to Terra by now if he got half of what SM did.

  • Malthrak

    Oh look, more insanely broken stuff to make this game even more of a mess.

  • WellSpokenMan

    Just when you start to think that GW is finally getting better, they buff one of the most competitive 40k armies (again).

    • ZeeLobby

      The only way they’ll really raise their game is by hiring back some real game designers.

      • Djbz

        I think they need to do a third edition (i.e burn it all down and start from scratch)
        And this time without the power roller-coaster (Which always dips on Chaos/dark Eldar and shoots up on “Vanilla” Marines)

        • ZeeLobby

          Eh. There was a short but very brief moment before 6th edition dropped when Dark Eldar could hold it’s own. Sadly 6th destroyed them as a playable army.

          But yeah, I agree. The problem is a from-scratch edition should require years of playtesting and tournament result feedback with result logging and rebalancing. It’d take a lot to convince me that GW does any of that right now. It would also be best if they updated all the armies at once, with those statistics in mind.

          I feel like if they were going to put that plan in motion, we got at least 5 years before they even attempt it, so it could be a rough while.

          • jazeroth

            zee the BA’s where the same. in 5th they where king. then 6th dropped and the assault phase was so hard to get into as everyone turned to long range shooting 🙁

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, as a DE/BA player, it was a double blow. I tried moving on to Tau, and while I can now win games, it’s just not the same. I miss my DE/CSM/Orks/BA, lol. All of which were brightly shining stars for one brief moment, then giant flaming turds the next :(.

          • jazeroth

            i have moved on to necrons. not the most hard hitting but they can withstand so much punishment

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, my good friend seems to have success jumping back and forth between his necrons and daemons. I keep holding out hope that GW will address one of my shelved armies and make them interesting again, but I’ll just play other things while I wait.

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            What? 6th Ed destroyed DE as a competitive army? What was the top competitive army in 6th Ed? Oh yes DE. What are you on? The codexes need far better internal balance then better external balance and allies need changing. But lets not pretend that DE weren’t competitive in 6th.

          • ZeeLobby

            LoL. You’re confusing the end of 5th with 6th. The end of 5th is when DE finally got updated. And they had that awesome book, with all those special characters that actually made them playable. Then 6th came and:

            S4 hits from exploding open topped vehicles instead of S3
            5+ FnP standard instead of 4+

            Thes things alone made DE a much weaker army. Sure Venom spam still danced around for the beginning of 6th, but DE armies quickly became Eldar armies with one or two DE units thrown in. Now they’re simply WWP delivery systems. Sure they were still OK heading into 6th, but 6th quickly saw them get completely curb stomped by SMs, Necrons, Tau, Eldar, etc. This was only compounded by them losing all the tools they needed to be competitive, and by 7th they were a withered husk of what they used to be.

          • Djbz

            In addition to what Zee said;
            Fleet no longer allowing run + charge (change from 5th/6th edition)
            And I’m not sure if it was 6th or 7th that made it so you couldn’t disembark from a 12″ moving transport

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah, those too. The 12″ moving transport was 6th as well (I’m pretty sure). All of these are why Orks and DE are currently in the state they’re in.

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            You guys really are insane if you think 6th Ed was bad for the codex that dominated the 6th Ed tournament scene. Two words you need to look up before trying to laughably claim DE struggled in 6th, they are Beast Pack (aka Beaststar). Seriously guys.

          • ZeeLobby

            And then notice the Eldar Farseer required with fortune to make that work… It’s no longer a DE list, but an Eldar/DE list. And the surrounding units were mostly Eldar jetbikes and units in Eldar wave serpents. Sounds like “Dark Eldar” were really OP back then…

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            Actually when Josh Roberts created that list DE were the Primary Detachment with Eldar as the allies. Yes DE lost some stuff in 6th but the fact they got Eldar allies added huge amounts to them.

          • ZeeLobby

            Right, and as the edition progressed DE became more and more of a gimmick. I’m sorry, but I don’t consider the mandatory inclusion of another faction as an indicator that the main faction is strong. DE was playable, by themselves, at the end of 5th, AND could actually place highly in tournaments. In 6th they became a gimmick vehicle to really play Eldar.

            Sure originally the Primary detachment was DE, but ver soon after that, DE were taken as allies for the beast pack and archon (later the archon with WWP), and the majority of units were replaced with much better ones found in the 6th Eldar Codex (aka Wave Serpents).

            I would never call 6th edition a strong edition for DE. It was a strong edition for Eldar, who had any easily accessible 2++ re-rollable invuln save in the form of DE.

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            Yeah DE were rubbish in the edition that started the allies trend as the only way to win tournaments because they had to ally to win tournaments. Sure that makes perfect sense. Silly me.

          • ZeeLobby

            It’s all good. I’m glad I could help you out with that. I mean DE units were laughably bad in 6th edition. There were a few standouts, and they require Eldar. Honestly if you just dropped the Archon, 2++ and beast pack into Eldar, that’s really all you needed to pull off that combo. Heck, if the Archon could have taken a bike, you never would have seen the beast pack either. But yeah, having tried playing pure DE in 6th, it was laughably bad. I’m glad you can see that now :D.

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            Playing pure ANYTHING on the tournament scene was laughably bad. Beast Pack was strong than TauDar, stronger than Seer Council, stronger than Spyderstar, Stronger than O’Vesastar, Grav star and the ever fun GraVesastar. DE were the main part of the strongest list in 6th Ed.

          • ZeeLobby

            Well, i’m sorry, when I discuss the strength of an army, I consider the faction in a vacuum. Otherwise “Armies of the Imperium” are the strongest option out there. And DE were NOT a competitive codex at the start of 6th. One unit, and one HQ with wargear, when allied with one specific ally, with one specific psychic power, does not mean DE were a competitive army.

            And maybe beast pack went strong in your local meta all through 6th, but on the national scene it was quickly overshadowed with the release of Tau and Eldar codexes near the beginning of that edition. TauDar is, and was, the strongest competitive force in 6th, until maybe AdLance came along. The ONLY time DE/Eldar won was at the very beginning of the edition, and like I said, much of the DE in that force was replaced as soon as the new Eldar book came out.

          • PinkyandtheBrain

            Seriously? Josh Roberts didn’t invent Beast Pack until after Eldar and Tau were released. It absolutely dominated the tournament scene once he did it. It was THE build of 6th Ed. Until then it was mainly Tau based deathstars (farsight bomb, O’Vesastar and gravesastar).

          • Deacon Ix

            in 2nd you could move as far as you wanted and disembark (taking the equivalent of a dangerous terrain test) so with a Rhino with supercharged engines over 30″ was not unusual and you could then assault 😀

        • Drpx

          They won’t do that for “20%” of their customers…

  • Gabor Fazekas

    ok now nids, IG, Chaos and Darkeldar version pls :/

    • BodyMassage

      Might need a whole new codex for these guys instead of just an update…

      • Satyan Patel

        Let’s not forget Sisters of Battle. Way over due.

    • Satyan Patel

      Sisters of Battle, and definitely Dark Eldar.

  • Satyan Patel

    I don’t see a mention of Black Templars.

    • Gabor Fazekas

      well you wont, its SM after all, tho they lost most of their uniqueness i guess