NEW Orruks, Astartes Rules & Chaos Formations OH MY!


What a busy tabletop gaming weekend we’ve had. Come catch up before you start in on your week!

40K: NEW Crimson Slaughter Formations!

The Crimson Slaughter are back with an all new updated book – come see what the Khornate warband’s formations are packing!

GW: New Releases 4-9-2016 “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop knocked out a BIG pile of Warhammer 40,000 products this week.  Don’t miss out.

40K: MUST SEE: Space Marine New Units, Formations & Rules

There are new rules, units, and more for the Astartes book that came out of the blue.  There’s a LOT in this one folks.

Spartan Games: HALO Ground Command

HALO ground combat is coming to a tabletop near you wargamers.  Take a look.

GW BREAKING: New Orruks & “Wyvern” Spotted!

Last but certainly not least, GW put up some images of this week’s upcoming Orruks and Maw-Krusha for Age of Sigmar.


~Happy Monday everyone!


  • Mike X

    So when is the Space Marines supplement due out? This Saturday or next Saturday? I can’t find a solid date anywhere.

    • SYSTem050

      Presumably this Saturday as it’s the 30th anniversary of the space marine.

    • Ian Plumpton

      Angels of Death is this Saturday. Preordered mine over the weekend.

  • Dan Wilson

    An article made out of links to three other articles…

    • Hedwerx

      Oh my!

  • James Mcclennan

    Quick question. Is anyone on here going to be attending any GW sessions, Q&As or or events where you can meet the rules, games designers. If you are could you do us all a favour and ask them why they keep dicking over CSM and Orks. do they just all have hardons for marines, eldar and Tau? obviously in a polite way. Then let us all know.

    • Zingbaby

      I’m sure they do it just to mess with you.

    • CPENinja

      Fun fact: the Chaos Gods are real and Tzeentch is in charge of product development.

    • Djbz

      Don’t forget Dark Eldar.
      White Scars have rules that suit the Dark Eldar more than the current Dark Eldar rules do…

      • Thomas Gardiner

        Yeah we’re in bad way over in Commoragh.

        Chaos, Orks, Dark Eldar and, of course, the Sisters. 4 fantastic armies with buckets of character, left in the dust for years.

    • An_Enemy

      It’s not that someone has a crush on these armies. It’s that GW got scared and fell back into their occasional, “only the armies that were the latest and greatest sellers get releases because anything else will break us” mentality. Probably has more to do with shoring up AoS sales projections not being met.

      Long story short…CSM sell regardless of whether they’re good or not. Dark Eldar, Orks(sort of…they keep getting stuff its just not what they want), Sisters, Tyranids…I honestly think GW saw how badly they sold when they got 7th ed books and didn’t make the obvious connection that they didn’t write good books and put out good models. (because nothing is their fault)

      Instead, obviously, it’s because no one plays those armies. They all disappeared. So no reason to fix them or make new models.

      Wait…scratch all that. Most of their customers are collectors right?

    • eehaze

      My thoughts: GW isn’t concerned with balance, just that each army is playable and maintains a unique “feel.” It just so happens that the play-style of Tau and Eldar is more conducive to winning games than Orks or CSM.

      So you shouldn’t see the CSM supplement updates as GW’s attempt to “balance” CSM, but rather as a way to boost sales on under-performing model kits (namely Possessed and Dark Apostles).

    • Spacefrisian

      Should ask them if they have been bullied by girls in the past and if that is the reason for a lack of Sororitas hardback codex.

  • Erber

    Another BoLS non-article…

  • Snord

    “Orruks”? That’s just sad…

    • Eldanesh

      Actually that should be Orruks®