Outside the Box 04-01-16


Hello again to a new edition of Outside the Box – This week with news about Infinty, Kings of War, Dark Age, Perry Miniatures, Age of Tyrants and many more!

Human Sphere N3 can now be pre-ordered, including the limited edition Druze HAcker:
12928276_1075191635875076_2109375355026055834_n12472802_1075191685875071_2100842612402103432_n12931175_1075191735875066_4529259755037139918_n –> More Infinity News

Mantic Games
Mantic Games offers new Forces of Nature bundles for Kings of War:
salamanders-orcs naiads-e1459265899227–> More Mantic Games News

Warlord Games
New French Hussars are available:
WGN-FR-08-French-Hussars-b-600x499 ^And the Algoryn get a Mag Mortar:

Algoryn-Mag-Mortar-Preview2-600x355–> More Warlord Games News

Ninja Division
New previews for Relic Knights:
relic-knights-corsairs-jenner-color relic-knights-corsairs-rustbucket-color–> More Ninja Division News

GCT Studios
Wave 28 for Bushido can now be pre-ordered:
mokoti_komuso_monk_promo–> More GCT Studios News

Dark Age Games
New miniatures for Dark age are available:
SinEater DeathKnight–> More Dark Age Games News

Dream Pod 9
Dream Pod 9 published new pictures of their plastic miniatures:
Northern and Southern First Test Pop Plastic Models Web New CEF First Test Pop Plastic Models Flails MHT-95 F6-16 F2-21 F2-19 and F2-25 Web–> More Dream Pod 9 News

Perry Miniatures
New pictures of the Second Anglo–Afghan War range:
12919615_853007028154738_1613644480133328867_n 12512385_853007071488067_4358590394247152898_n12523867_853007011488073_4250434616385988319_n
–> More Perry Miniatures News

Raging Heroes
Raging Heroes added new sets to their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy range:
Snipers-01_1024x1024 JetGirls-01_1024x1024–> More Raging Heroes News

Rubicon Models
New pictures of the soon to be released Sd Kfz 250 neu:
12931241_1696192497300778_7967030611886918928_n10398999_1696192530634108_7757996126897402375_n–> More Rubicon Models

Myriad Miniatures These are the first 6mm accessories sprues for Age of Tyrants:
b7a1dbf16a02e91162be008fc6b7afe9_original 8e88000b7a7406f7ffc4b815173db20c_original–> More Myriad Miniatures News

And Antediluvian Miniatures presents their upcoming Dungeon Explorer Kickstarter:

12767923_10156626395080055_482662145_o 12900048_10156744643805055_40864007_n–> More Antediluvian Miniatures News

And some new crowdfunding campaigns:
Ramshackle Games – Post-Apocalyptic Dwarf Bikers
Macrocosm – Balls!
Mike Bravo Miniatures- Winter of `79 Miniatures

Always remember, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

I hope your weekend will be half as awesome as mine!
  • effinger2

    I wish Rubicon could produce vehicles at an even faster pace! I love them. I want everything yesterday! I’ll take the 250/1’s today though… 5 for starters. The Matilda I can wait until tomorrow though. 🙂

    • effinger2

      And then 222’s on Sunday.

    • Local Ork

      If the grid is in centimeters, that are some really impressive details.
      (8cm = around 3.25 inch. What scale is it, 1:100?)

      • Manwiththedogs

        28mm so 1:56. Compatible with Boltaction

        • Local Ork

          Huh, I thought the original was longer than 5 meters (suspected 8 meters, actually). Still lovely model for ~8 centimeters.

          sidenote: driver seat look PAINFULLY small.

          • Manwiththedogs

            Ha, not much room in these suckers :).
            This is the small halftrack used for things like recon. You’re possibly thinking of the 251 series which would be closer to 8m. The 250s are 4.56m in length.
            Seriously nice model, want a couple of these for an Aufklärung force.

        • effinger2

          Yes. 1/56 is compatible with BA. All the Warlord tanks are 1/56 so if you like theirs Rubicon will fit in.

          • Manwiththedogs

            Will have to grab a couple of these me thinks, they look great.

  • Spacefrisian

    New Tau models, only need to swap spears for guns..

  • nurglitch

    The Pod noted some shortcomings in their test pops, but looking at them has gotten me excited to get my plastic boxes!

  • Damon Sherman

    Kind of surprised Dark age is popular enough to still be going.

    • Benderisgreat

      Their minus are nice, and work for lots of other systems, like D&D, Dark Heresy, and so on.

  • Mud_Duck

    Those Relic Knight models are kinda, just meh. And why are they tagging the one with MS 13? They are aware that is an actual gang, and not one of the fuzzy, dancing and singing ones, right?

  • zeno666

    Looks good DP9. Now get someone awsome to paint those miniatures up.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    the Mantic lizardmen look quite poor, but I’m strangely drawn to the fishmen. They look like something from a 70s TV puppet show in a good way.

    • cudgel

      I do wish they would get a better painter though, they look like I painted them and I am terrible….

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation


  • Jonathan B.

    Anyone notice that the miniatures shown for the Antidiluvian Miniatures Kickstarter are older versions of the characters from the 80’s era cartoon “Dungeons & Dragons”? From left to right in the Antediluvian picture we have: Bobby the Barbarian, Hank the Ranger, Sheila the Thief, Presto the Magician, Dana the Acrobat, and Eric the Cavalier.

    • dinodoc

      It makes me a little sad. I kinda thought they made it home.

      • Stan

        Maybe they did and said hell with it and went back.

      • Luis Otero

        They did make it home, dinodoc. The Antidiluvian minis are from the second D&D animated series ………… “the college years”

        • William Bellamy

          With the official dvd box set they included an Audio version of a final episode with a number of the original cast.

          Spoiler alert…..

          They get the chance to go home, or they can stay doing good. The show ends while they are still pondering.