TrollBloods: ROK 101


Mulg can’t be in every list right? Let’s take a look at the old ROK but with a new Rocking model!

What Is It?

ROK got a new rescuplt and it is trollbloodrific! The mini mountain king of the trollblood world got a new hairdo and today we want to revisit the old favorite. Rok is a character beast for trollbloods and has some unique abilities. He is a little investment heavy at 11 points but he can make things hit hard if he isn’t doing the hitting!


What Does He Do?

Rok is a little limited like other non Mulg troll heavies since he doesn’t have reach. But, he does have a spray to make up for it. So, you are not totally immune behind a wall. Rok sports a POW18 battleaxe and a big open fist as well! His spray is coldbase range 6″ with Crit Freeze. He has decent ARM18 so 20 by a Krielstone.  Some things he has that other typical troll heavies don’t is berserk. This isn’t living the dream like the Warpwolf Stalker since the lack of reach but, with a doomshaper controlling him he can Goad into better spots! The thing that makes him unique the most in the trollblood faction is his Animus. Primal is usually just a Gorax deal but RoK stole it and can make the already powerful trolls into truly frightening powerhouses. Even just an Axer with Primal is something to worry about. An Axer does have reach and a Primal’d Axer with Reach Thresher means all the infantry is crying!!!

How about a Primal Spamming, Alphaing, ARM20ing, oldschool Doomy2 list to play our new Rok model with!!!
Doomshaper 2
-Rok 11
-4 x Axer 4 x 6
-Earthborn 10
Dhulian Knot 3
Troll Whelps 2
Full Krielstone +Ua 5
Swamp Gobbers1


Doomy2 usually isn’t doing much with his Fury so handing out Primal shouldn’t be a big task since one of them is free with Attuned Spirit. Goading Primaling Threshing Axers are pretty scary and the Dhulian Knot puppeteering makes it even scarier. It’s no Runes of War but, this list can Alpha like a boss!


What do you think of the new Rok model BoLS? Will you be Primaling anything anytime soon? Please share in your comments below.

  • Daniel K

    And that’s why Warhammer/ 40k for me will always be > any other fantasy game minatures. Although this troll overhere looks ok by the means of detail it could easily be a toy for 6+yo. It reminds me of the direction blizzard took with its games. Cartoony, blocky, not too serious. Compare it to Khorne or Nurgle minis from WHFB/Aos.
    I know it may appeal to some people yet I’m not switching to Hordes even if GW increase their prices even more.

    • JN7

      Not enough skulls for you, then?

      • Daniel K

        It’s not all about skulls and blood. It’s about the design and setting. When I look at Minions or Trollbloods I see they would perfectly fit into World of Warcraft or a disney movie. When i look at khorne’s bloodreavers i feel disturbed and i think that’s the way how i should feel when looking at “hell’s”/ dark god army. That’s it.