Wyrd: Into the Bayou! Preview


Wyrd shows off a new Pursuit from Into the Bayou! Come see the latest for Through the Breach.

via Wyrd Games

Into the Bayou Teaser

Today’s Monday Preview is a look at a new Pursuit from the upcoming Into the Bayou! This Pursuit is known as the Bokor and gives players access to all sorts of Bayou magic.

Into the Bayou is an upcoming expansion book for Through the Breach that covers the vast Bayou, as well as the many creatures that call it home. Notably, players will be able to create Gremlin characters and finally learn just who has the biggest hat of them all.

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It’s an interesting concept for sure. It’s got elements of Bayou Voodoo and that creepy yet cartoony style that Malifaux/Through the Breach is known for. This Gremlin character is a Bokor, or Vodou sorcerer for hire. It makes sense given the context of the book and the setting. Can’t wait to see more from Into the Bayou!


Anyone else thinking of Gumbo?

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