Wyrd: Malifaux 2E Rules Manual Available for FREE!

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Wyrd is giving away the Malifaux 2E rules for FREE via Drivethru RPG. Come see the details & score a copy!

via Wyrd Games

Malifaux Rules Cover1

Wyrd is happy to announce that you can now download a free copy of our Malifaux Second Edition rules on DriveThruRPG! With the changes to our organized play program and our expanding player base, we decided to make it easier than ever to pick up the game and start playing.

And, as a special treat, we have updated a single piece of art in the Rules Manual to be something up and coming from Ripples of Fate, due to be released later this year.

Whether you’ve been interested in Malifaux for a long time or are just finding out about it now, it is the perfect time to get the rules and find a game!

Pretty simple stuff here. Follow the Link. Get the Rules. Start playing Malifaux! This rule book is just RULES – no fluff or background. If you want that, you’ll have to get the full version. That said the rules are wholly in the PDF so if you would like an extra (digital) copy you can get it free. And free stuff is always nice!


Quick – what pages was the chapter on Nightmare Tentacles on?

  • Severius_Tolluck

    ok, good i can get a feel for it before i decide i want to try this game again. Haven’t played a game since shortly after they released friecorp

    • AMobiusRex

      It’s a decent game with a solid rules set. My group got into it about a year ago and now it’s the only game we play. It even dawned us yesterday that nobody bothers carrying a rulebook anymore as we know the rules are tight enough not to require constant referencing throughout a game.

      Anyway, after reading the rules, if you find yourself interested I suggest you check out your local henchman. A list of your local ones can be found here; http://www.wyrd-games.net/henchman

      They can teach you what you need to know and walk you throw some games to get in your head how the rules work.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Oh I know how they work, i meant to get a feel for 2e. I am sure it is not overly different enough to need that support. Thanks for the advice anyways.

        • If you know 1/1.5, you’ll be familiar with the basics, as those haven’t changed. Mostly they cleaned up and tightened the ruleset, ironing out a lot of the little bits of weirdness that plagued the earlier editions and generally streamlining the game. It’s a quite substantial improvement, I think.

          The move to plastic models and resculpting the entire range was also a huge improvement over the metal sculpts, which generally weren’t very characterful. Now, the minis actually match the world’s aesthetic quite well (though I’m personally not as much a fan of the more goth-y style the range has adopted. I preferred my Viks when they were Trigun cosplayers, not Mad Max extras).

          Nearly everything in Wave 2 is out now, and we’re due up for Wave 3 soonish, so it’s a good time to get back in.

          There’s also a new 2-player starter set that’s fantastic and cheap. It comes with 2 small crews from Guild and Neverborn, BUT all the models are also Mercenaries, so they’ll remain usable no matter what your factions are.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Yeah not a fan of the art change, I actually think there was a lot of character for my metal models! I also ran the vik’s quite a bit.

  • /me looks at Privateer
    /me looks at Corvus Belli
    /me looks at Steamforged
    /me looks at Wyrd

    …your move, GW.

    • zeno666

      Age of Space Marine the board game 😉