AOS Breaking: Silver Tower Minis!


Silver Tower-spread

Get in here and see all the gorgeous new miniatures that will be arriving in the new Silver Tower Box set from GW.


Warhammer Quest Silver Tower-title

Images via Gianluca Klavier  (Facebook)

The big news is look at the shot of 6 heroes.  There are 2 new elf looking heroes in there. The first Age of Sigmar themed Elves we’ve seen!


Awesome Tzeentchian familiars.


Tzaangors, Kairic Acolytes, and a sneaky Skaven!

The 6 Heroes, look at the two elves on the lower left.


What We KNOW about the new box set:

Heroes sighted:

  • Stormcast Eternal
  • Human Barbarian
  • Priest of Sigmar
  • Dwarf Warrior
  • Elf 1
  • Elf 2

Silver Tower Roundup

What do you think about those minis?!


  • Tyris

    Ooh, a Liberator-Prime with his shield in the other hand. Finally, converters everywhere can make a Stormcast with twin shields!

    • dave long island

      Glue a shield to his head and he can be the Batman villain ‘Shieldface’!

    • Dennis Finan Jr

      Hahahsh I actually like them for there shields

  • Djbz

    I see a Slaanesh mark on a shield.

    (Holds breath in anticipation)

    • Chris. K Cook

      You see a shield?

      • Djbz

        Darn it, no my bad that’s Tzneetch.


  • The two page box contents spread shows pink and blue horrors, some flaming creatures and I think a large model of some kind (fighting the priest). Tzeentch minis finally!!!

  • Insert_nickname_here

    Models look good so far, lots of good stuff to work with – and also a Griff Hound! Happy days.

  • Orodruin

    Those Tzaangors are insaaaane!

    • Mikey_V

      Ikr! Tzeentch themed beastmen! 🙂

    • Coltcabunny

      How can you tell? The image is such potato quality you can’t see any proper details, most notably the faces.

      • James Mcclennan

        The big clue is in the name. The silver tower. Tzneetch

  • luke snell

    so it looks like the Tzaangors are the purported ‘birdmen’ then? pretty sweet looking model; can’t wait to get a better look at these!

  • Alexander Slizewski

    Very sexy, makes me want to make love to thus board game over a cold winter fire while sipping a fine chocolate milk shake

    • Alpharius

      Milk shakes are by definition cold, drinking them on a cold day and also by a fire, seems counterintuitive. Is this how you wile your ladies? Are they all ham beasts? 😛

      • Alexander Slizewski

        I’m a balanced man; when I feel a cold sensation on my lips, I require a heat source to replenish my soul. When it comes to women, sadly I’m already taken (sorry M’ladies). But when I was single I would do what any refined gentleman would: make her want more. I would ignore her, but also gently tap her booty. When I danced, I pretended she wasn’t there. Like fish to a lure, it was irresistible.

        But my heart was stolen by a Scottish warrior queen, who’s a teacher. And then she found out I’m a boring I.P student. So we just started going out.

    • dave long island

      lol… 🙂

    • Satyan Patel

      Everything he said except the milkshake. I’m lactose intolerant so water will do. Thank you.

  • dcgamers

    Oh yes there is so much 80’s leeking out of this game!!! Instant Buy!

    • Tlhswallow RGN

      So this game involves a typically Welsh vegetable? OR are you saying that one or more of the characters are Welsh?
      Because I’m afraid that it’s Elf, not W-elf-sh.

      • euansmith

        To be honest, I think that most of the current names in AoS are derived by Google translating back and forth between Welsh and Finnish.

        • Shawn

          LOL. Half the fun of BoLS is reading the commentary. Where’s your evicence Euan? This should be real good!

          • euansmith

            Darn, it doesn’t work after all, though I did find out the Dwarf is “corrach” in Welsh and “kääpiö” in Finnish.; while Stormcast Eternal would be something like “Dymestlbwrw Tragwyddol”, so maybe we are lucky GW didn’t use this technique.

            “My Dymestlbwrw Tragwyddol Arglwydd Amddiffynnydd charges your

            Blin Llechog Harglwydd… Sorry, it’s no good, I’m running out of phlegm… let’s go and play something else.”

          • Mud_Duck

            I think that my tongue has just killed itself by hanging trying to product those ‘words’…..

          • Shawn

            Sounds good, lol. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Xodis

    Looks awesome, now lets hear more about the actual gameplay and figure out if this is a game with amazing mini’s, or a box of amazing minis that have some paper to throw away.

    • Xodis

      Also hope these heroes have a name and come with some Rules for AoS as well.

      • Mikey_V

        They’d be crazy not to have AoS rules lol. It’ll probably be in the white dwarf or the app right away upon release.

      • ZeeLobby

        They’ll guaranteed be playable in AoS. It’s more whether the game will have any substance.

        • minowaman

          You mean AoS? It doesn’t. 😄

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. Touche.

    • Aezeal

      I’m (again now my kids are 5-7) playing hero quest. I’m sure this gameplay must be better. (Never played advice. Hq or whq). I’ll be bing this. The elves fo r my we army. The tzeentsh will double to go buddy with the starter bloodhound I got for my kids

  • ZeeLobby

    Waiting on rules, but probably a buy for me.

  • Christie Bryden

    looks good, any word on price?

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    I super dig the Priest of Sigmar. I want to use him as a D&D mini.

  • Alpharius

    Completely uninterested in anything AoS, but hopefully those Tzaangors (laziest stupidest name ever) come out in a separate box.

    • Andrew

      I’m pretty sure Tzaangors have been a thing since the first beastmen book. In the background at least.

      • Cylux

        They were, new model for an old concept.

      • Older than that. If you read the original Realms of Chaos books from the 80’s they mention beastmen aligned to particular gods, and the Tzaangor are mentioned there

  • surfpenguin

    I’m impressed by the hero models, especially the Sigmarite priest.

  • Samuraidino

    Another boardgame with a tonne of gorgeous models?

    Yup Im down for that.

  • cudgel

    A mini painted black ? ! Bravo GW !

    • kobalt60

      he’s not black, he’s brown. Like Salamanders, before they became literally black. Which i always thought was more racist than just painting all the space marines white, or pink

      • cudgel

        Lol you well know that black is oft used to refer to people that are actually brown (Very few people actually being Black).
        As to the Salamanders point I am not sure what you are saying; its racist that previously brown characters became literally black ? That sounds more pointlessly busy then racist….

        • Gavin Henning

          Think everyone is reading far too much into the whole salamanders skin colour. It has more to do with fluff than anything else like the Raven Guard being Albino

  • Dave Scammell

    I think the most important news of all this is that we’re going to all have the opportunity to have an adorable and tiny, baby gryph-hound all to call our own :3

  • georgelabour

    That tzeentch sorceror looks very familiar for some reason.

    Was it a previous release, or did we see a preview of it some months back when the initial tzeentch rumors began floating around?

    • Xodis

      It looks very similar to the Tzeentch Sorcerer that was released alongside the Everchosen.

    • Cylux

      It’s a Gaunt Summoner.

      • georgelabour

        AHAH! I knew I wasn’t psychic and receiving insane visions of future model releases!

        Thank you.

  • Pietro

    Dunno if you noticed, but the French description Of The “heroes” apparently lists the “human barbarian” as a Chaos lord

    • georgelabour

      In the last edition of Warhammer Quest you could play a Chaos Warrior…alongside a witch hunter, a troll slayer, and a priest of Sigmar.

      Fun times.

  • Dan Wilson

    Those two aelf models look gorgeous. Definitely picking this up and might be the think that finally jazzes up some interest in my friends. Whilst they wouldn’t be up for a game of sigmar, this, in its boardgame format with DND style will be much more likely to get them on board. Looking forward to it.

  • BloodAngel

    Really nice minis. What I would like to know, is whether or not AOS is making any money for GW now. Was Fantasy not making enough? or was it a money sink? And is AOS doing what they hoped (although I doubt it with as much competition as there is, plus the sheer number of fantasy players who refuse to switch).

    • Cergorach

      You’ll never get those answers from a dependable source, only rumors and insinuation. That kind of information is a trade secret that should never leave the office…

      The speculation was that WFB wasn’t profitable (enough) and that was why GW went with a different model. Also the old WFB races were mostly very generic in form, thus easily copied by third parties without much consequences. Thus the drastic change in visual styles and the destruction of some races…

      Recent rumor says that WFB was profitable.

      My personal PoV: There are a lot of WFB customers that don’t play or play sporadically. Of the WFB/40k playerbase there is a huge turnaround in players, I’ve heard rumors that every three years a large portion of the playerbase is ‘replaced’ by new players. That means that three years after AoS release most of the customer base will be buying AoS minis… I’m not one of those people, been a fan of WFB/40k for the last ~30 years or so, so most of those issues don’t apply to me…

      I don’t recognize WFB 8th from WFB 3rd, it’s quite a different game after thirty years. AoS is also quite different, but on a far shorter time scale. For those of us that also like the old style of games, I still have all my WFB/40k books and editions, I can also play 9th Age, KoW, AoS, etc.

      But the Silver Tower looks awesome, even if the game turns out to be ‘less fun’, I want it for the minis.

      • BloodAngel

        That’s good insight. If the majority of the player base turns every 36 months, and the longterm fans were a tiny minority of overall sales. It makes sense for them to try to “modernize” and aim for a new market. I sold off my Fantasy armies when I found that i hadn’t played it in years as well as FOB being canned. I wish I had held on to at least my Empire army. Now there is a local group playing 7th Ed. I could have jumped in on that.

        • Mike Siegmund

          From what I seen its not so much of most players are replaced every 3 years it’s they stop buying. looking at the two stores I play at now and a 3ed I use to play at.

          you have your younger players 14-22 in age these are the high turnover players

          Then you have the old dogs who been playing non stop for years many have two or more army’s and other than rules don’t buy much now (they are unseen by GW do to not buying stuff)

          Last you have the on and off again players who once were in the first group left and now came back they to GW look as true new players as they buy a lot to replace old army’s or update them. Given time they may join the second group or deside the game is to much time/money

    • According to the most reliable GW info source (75Hastings69 on Warseer), Warhammer was canned because it wasn’t profitable enough. He’s also said that AoS has been a complete bust which sells much worse than WHFB did, even during its lowest period.

  • Karru

    Excellent looking box thus far, waiting for this one greatly! All of the characters look great, although I personally don’t like the elves that much, too much “thin” details. Hoping to see some better images of these soon!

  • Michael Bradbury

    Holy hell! A non-Caucasian paint job! Welcome to the 21st century GW! Hopefully we’ll see more of this in the future (and more female minis as well).

    • Mr.Gold

      obviously never seen properly painted salamander chapter SM’s…

      • Westdraygon

        If it was properly painted it wouldn’t have any black guys in it.

        Salamanders aren’t a chapter of black guys, their geneseed gives them charcoal black skin and red eyes.

        • Countdiscount

          Which was always lame.

          Remember when Dark Angels use to be Native American themed with skin to match? At some point they turned white like nearly all (White Scars) other SM.

          Just make Salamanders ethnically black and step into the 21st century GW.

          • Westdraygon

            You know you can just paint your own marines black right?

          • Countdiscount

            And I do,… to which I have people like yourself comment “well, you know there skin is actually pitch black as a result of their Gene Seed along with red eyes”. See the problem there? It doesn’t matter what I do, as long as GW doesn’t have ethnic marines it’s considered a deviation from the cannon of the fantasy world they created.

        • kobalt60

          before they were black, they were brown. And before that they were white, so properly painted is a matter of perspective. Mine were brown and white because Codex Armageddon said so, and all the asinine retconning wont change that.

        • Shadowlord

          Well I know a couple of hicks who see black people like that…

    • Cylux

      I take it you missed the Khorne Bloodbound paint-jobs from back when AoS launched then?

    • Anthony Shannon

      Which only makes sense in AOS, not in WHFB. The Empire was Not!Germany and Brettonia was Not!France, in medieval times.
      Now if Sigmar managed to save some humans in general rather than specifically his worshippers, it makes sense that he could have grabbed a few tribes from ‘The South Lands’ (Not!Africa) who could have started worshipping their new god, abandoning whatever spirits/chaos powers they had previously venerated.
      He is also dressed in Empire Style armour, but sleeveless? Presumably the Empire survivors passed on knowledge of metallurgy to Sigmar’s new faithful.

  • lantern G

    that gaunt summoner is epic!
    Gonna have to buy this quickly before I ‘CHANGE’ my mind.

    …. sorry

  • thwalmsley

    Do my eyes deceive me, or is that a black warrior priest? Surely GW is not stepping into the 21st century, are they?

    • Yep both the mini and the artwork. Also at least one female hero

      • euansmith

        At least two, as the Golden Armour belongs to Stormmina McStromyface.

  • neverness

    I bet this will so outsell AOS. LOL! It looks like a lot of fun!

  • Horus84cmd

    Wow. Studio is seriously knocking it out the park with the kits recently. Even though they are fuzzy pic (never understand why with auto focusing camera these days..), the models look brilliant along with the paint jobs!

  • euansmith

    Cool beans! These boxed games are getting some super sweet minis. Even a cute little griff.

  • BloodAngel

    This looks interesting. Does anyone know about the gameplay? It looks like it may be sort of a “Warhammer Quest” type of game.

    • kobalt60

      i’m definitely getting a warhammer quest vibe from the mini’s, the interchangeable game tiles, and the name of the game

  • Gunther Clone C

    Well, crap…I need this now just for the Skaven model. It looks so damn awesome. Any ideas if they’ll come with warscrolls/rules for standard play like the Deathwatch minis did?

  • Markus Takanen
  • Westdraygon


    Yes!!! I so badly want new AOS elf models and… well this isn’t much but by god it’s a start.

  • darkconsecrator

    Those acolytes should be easy to convert to hold pistols and chaos models will be looking cool in a 40k game. The heroes i dont care much for, maybe i can use them in d&d or something

    • Mike Siegmund

      The worry is scale AOS seems to be at a big scale then 40k

  • Ira Clements

    Well the whole new aesthetic for humans, elves and dwarves is so over the top “out there” honestly I don’t get it. I like the more relatable medieval design in my fantasy. This stuff has just gone to a place that I think they are desiging to make a clear distinction in design. They are not bad but not my cup of tea. More extreme fairy tale/fantasy than ever. Pretty much no chance of GW ever selling me a fantasy mini ever again. Again I am not saying any of it looks bad. Its just to far off the beating path of traditional fantasy for me. Waaaaay off.

  • Not bad, still not convince on the new asthetics though, glad the human’s arn’t all painted the traditional White skinned, about time GW’s staff painted some ethnic skin tones on their humans…..

  • Seb

    I like the Gryphound.

    The Tzeentchian models are very welcome and I love the nod to the Moonface familiar. A bit underwhelmed that the tiles appear to be grid overlays of, undeniably well rendered art, but not classically tiled.

    Also, judging by base size, some of these heroes are massive. There is some clever design work going on, but definitely into a style that just doesn’t suit my tastes for warhammer characters.

    Very impressive release, but stylisitcally it’s kind of like the JJ Abrams glossy remake ‘Trek, same subject but different. Fun on it’s own, but they had to change everything to make a single movie survive scrutiny to work.

    There’s going to be some astounding paint jobs online soon 😀

  • Personally, I want better pics of that Skaven – I’ve been considering converting my guys over to round bases, so any new info I can get would help me decide!

    • JP

      You don’t have to. AOS rules don’t care what shape base your models have.

  • SWISSchris

    I admit I was a bit sceptical when I saw the obligatory Sigmarine included in this kit instead of a classic barbarian, rogue, dwarf, mage set up but these minis look GOOD to me! I guess mr golden armour is pretty much like a questing knight in this sort of small party RPG-lite context?

  • Dave

    Finally some love for Tzeentch! I’ve been seeing so many nurgle and khorne releases I was afraid they were going to put it in the story that tzeentch got captured just like slaanesh too. Hopefully this will lead to the release of a Lord of Change model

  • TheCrimsonFist

    This looks amazing… I have been keeping an eye on AOS and haven’t brought any products yet but I doubt I can resist this one. I hope this expands on the lore of the AOS setting as well, I am particularly interested in what’s happening with the “Aelfs”…