AoS Batrep: Aelfs vs Chaos

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The endless war continues in this Age of Sigmar battle report.

The Basement Collective’s Kevin and his Aelfs take on Irvin and his Chaos Warriors. Let’s see who leaves the battlefield with a victory…

As always, let them know if you see any rules errors over on their YouTube channel. And check them out on Facebook.


Alright AOS fanatics – what do you think of the tactics in this batrep?

  • Stormandreas

    I saw Sylvaneth in the title…. there are no sylvaneth in the guys army at all! (sylvaneth are the tree people of Alarielle)

    • euansmith

      The Sylvaneth sound like a brand of mentholated cigarettes to me.

    • That’s my fault… writing isn’t my usual beat and I’m not as up on Sigmar as I should be. I’ll be sure to triple check next time. Apologies, and I’ve updated the title.