BoLS Overview: N3 Infinity Human Sphere Books

Infinity N3 Human Sphere Horz

The N3 Infinity Human Sphere has returned with rules updates and consolidate sectorial army lists – come take a look inside the covers!

Hey BoLS Readers, I had been waiting for a long time to get my hands on these books. The reason being is ever since N3 came out, I could only play a shadow of my original Nomad Forces. I started the game with the Wildcats many moons ago and when the swap from Infinity v2 to v3 happened I only had their website to go fall back on. Sure they had stats and gameplay information – but for me digital on a website is different than having a cold hard-copy in my hands. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that regard.


So if you’re like me (a player that wasn’t focusing on a ‘standard’ list but had built one from the older sectorials from v2) then you should be PUMPED about this new book. Even if you’re not, there are some minor rules tweaks and a few BIG ones for Fireteams as well. We talked about the Fireteam changes earlier but I’ll do a quick recap.

Five Types of Fireteams:

  • Core – this is the one you’re probably most familiar with. It hasn’t really changed
  • Duo – a Fireteam that consists of two models. They don’t get a combat bonus but they do get to move together for only 1 order.
  • Haris – a Fireteam of 2-3 models. Limited to 1 but they can add some support or firepower in different ways.
  • Triad – 3 member Fireteam exclusive to Tohaa. Very versatile and you can have multiple active Fireteams in your list.
  • Enomatarchos – Exclusive to the Steel Phalanx, this Fireteam can have up to 4 members without the restriction of just on active Fireteam


Along with these new Fireteams this book also has all the updated and consolidate rules for every faction and their respective sectorial army lists. Oh and I don’t want to forget the updated rules, skills, gear, civilian rules, new game states and missions. And that’s JUST in the Rulebook.

Infinity Human Sphere N3

The guide book has over 290 pages of full color art, stories and fun facts about the Infinity Universe. It covers every faction and sheds light on an overwhelming number of units in the game. This is a book you’re going to want for your collection just based on how much cool stuff is in there. If you were looking for a “coffee table” book to leave out so your friends could get hooked – the Guide book is where it’s at!

Overall, these books are a welcome addition to the game and I’m glad they are coming to mass market soon – if they aren’t out already. Pre-Orders ended April 27th so if they aren’t shipping now, they will be very soon – I hope yours is in the mail!


Infinity N3 – Human Sphere



Infinity – Sci-fi Skirmish games with an awesome miniatures with a campaign system and organized play – what’s not to like?!

  • Very nice to see this finally coming out. Fireteams are awesome, but their rules were a bit convoluted.

    • Only a bit, compared to some of the dialectical weirdness N2 suffered from, and most of that was down to the ungainly translation. If they keep up with the standard they set with the N3 core books, I’m not worried at all.

      Guess I better finish up that Alguaciles link I’ve been putting off…

  • We start a league this week just because of the release of Human Sphere. Players around here are incredibly excited for it. 😉

    • Castor Myron

      Isn’t everyone excited? =P

  • Certs

    On one hand, hesitant about yet more complicated rules and minutiae. On the other, playing with a wiki is already mandatory anyways.
    So, I’m looking forward to adding more to my Tohaa and Nomads, though sadface that they aren’t getting RE-esque Bio Organic Weapons or Heavy Remotes respectively.

  • V10_Rob

    “The most important thing to me… is the new army lists”

    Seriously? Troop profiles have been free online forever. Never seen anyone open their rulebooks to look up this info, it’s auto-generated by the army builder apps.

    Like the core rulebook, a lot of expensive real estate is taken up by these stat sheets. Less so than the core, by the looks of how compact they are, and yes I get WHY they’d want to include some basic common units for introduction purposes, but still this is not the reason you’re dropping $60-80 on the book.

    • Certs

      Well, with rules and army lists both being free and, just as important, up-to-date online. Main reasons to buy usually seem to usually be either for the fluff and/or just to further “support” CB.
      “…with a campaign system” in red at the bottom of the article made me laugh. The one that even its writer admits is pretty bad? (*fingers crossed he’s allowed to replace it in N3CP*)