BoLS Unboxing: Terra Tiles Coasts & Rivers


Terra Tiles is back with a new set – Come see the Coasts And Rivers pack!

Hey BoLS Readers – I’m happy to show off the next expansion from RAINN studios for Terra Tiles – it’s the Coast & Rivers Pack:

We’ve talked about Terra Tiles before and were really impressed. This Pack is no different. It’s the same design with great new art and a different theme. That said, there is absolutely no reason you could mix-and-match from The Misty Moorlands pack! In fact, here at BoLS we we were messing around and created a table with a river from the Misty Moorlands last time – and then we took some tiles from this set and matched up the water and BOOM – it’s a whole new water table! Because of the simple to setup modular nature of these tiles, it’s almost impossible to create a bad looking table.

This pack also included some new 3D cut-outs for trees and other features. This was a nice touch! But going back to the tiles, you could use these for just about any type of tabletop adventure or game you’re playing. If you’re playing a grand scale wargame, a small scale skirmish or an RPG with miniatures these tiles are PERFECT for all those things. Clean-up is as easy as stacking them back up and putting them back in the box. They’ll fit on a shelf next to other boardgames just fine. So go check them out!

via RAINN Studios

Terra Tiles Coasts & Rivers


TerraTiles is a modular, tabletop terrain system that transforms your table into a dramatic and exciting gaming environment. The Coasts and Rivers boxed set features 66 double-sided tiles that features beautiful river banks, elegant coastal tiles, and dirt paths. It integrates seamlessly with The Misty Moorlands.

  • Large 9 inch tiles make setting up a map quick and easy.

  • Hundreds of gamers gave us feedback on the development of this set, making it the terrain that you want.

  • The tiles fit together in any orientation, giving you maximum versatility in your setups.

  • TerraTiles is compatible with any game, genre, or scale.

  • Easy to Store and Transport – TerraTiles takes up no more room on your shelf than a regular board game.



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