Can the Eldar Survive Team Fenris & SANGUINIUS?


Come see the filthy Xenos scum that is Eldar match up against the Blood Angels in a 1500 fluffy game!

The latest Long War battle report is here, and we’re back with our Season two! Today’s games is knock down dragout fight between the normally scrawny Eldar and the Angels of Death themselves!

But all isn’t what it seems in this Eldar army, there something more sinister at work here….

7th Edition 40k Battle Report – Blood Angels VS Eldar 


Who takes Wave Serpents?


Wulfen & Blood Angels!


Fire Dragons? Just make cover saves!


Between a rock and a Dark Reaper place!

If you loved those in game shots, checkout all the exciting action in our newest battle report below!

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New Flyers – Does The Game Need MORE Rules? Long War Podcast Episode 49

  • euansmith

    Bigger photos, please; and, I know it is called “The Long War”, but does a battle report video really need to be over an hour long? How about some highlights?

    • ChubToad

      I Lol’d. “the Long War video” more like it.

  • manouel35

    these guys don’t know how to throw a dice >< !!!
    I hate to see someone playing like that