CMoN Announces Future of Dark Age & Wrath of Kings

Future of Dark Age

Coolminiornot has pulled the lid off their next few months of new releases for their premier miniature lines.

The first big Dark Age announcement is an upcoming two-player starter with forces for Dragyri Ice Caste and Forsaken Saint Isaac.


While they won’t be getting a new Forces book quite yet, the Kukulkani will be getting several new releases. Additionally they will be the first faction to receive a background PDF to help introduce fans to their back story.

Dragyri Shadow Caste

The next new Forces book will go to the Dragyri. In addition to new sculpts for the Ice and Air Caste, we’re also getting the new Shadow Caste sub-faction with these incredible new miniatures.

Dragyri Slaves

The Dragyri slaves are some of the first to be resculpted since they can be included with any of the sub-factions.

Wrath of Kings Rulebook

There was even more Wrath of Kings to show off.


Most of the new stuff was for Hadross. This is only one of several cool new fish pit fighters.

Horrible Thing

Then there’s this delightful little nightmare.


Pictures of these guys have been circling for awhile, but now we now they’ll be available around August/September.


Sharks with laser beams are so 2010. The new thing is giant wolves with steam powered bat wings.

This is only the tip of the iceberg people. There are a lot more pictures in the announcement article on Table Top Gaming News.

~What do you guys think of these new releases? Have any gaming groups in your neck of the woods picked up these two titles?

  • euansmith

    Oooh, some of those Wrath of Kings minis are looking very cool.

  • piglette

    Wrath of Kings has some great miniatures and a very cool rule system. I wish it got more attention.

    • Gentle_Ben

      Agreed. I have been trying really hard to find time to paint up the Teknes army I got through the kickstarter but I keep prioritizing stuff that’s more popular locally. Someday…

      • piglette

        Same here. I have a Teknes and a Hadross army about 25% painted but they keep getting bumped.

  • Talos2

    Dark age interests me greatly. Mierce are probably the best fantasy mini sculptors around and I hope it becomes as popular as the minis deserve

    • dinodoc

      They’d be better off if they could convince people to play Dark Age rather than use the minis for GW games.

      • Richard Mitchell

        It is a shame because the system is tight and the only tutorials are good.

    • Dave Grimes

      I think mierce make “DARKLANDS” not “DARK AGE”? Theyre fantastic tho. Anyone know how cmon wrath of kings/dark age minis scale with warhammer figs? Iv onky ever seen them online, not in person. The new mierce dark elf on dragon is cool too. Love the darklands fluff

    • Gentle_Ben

      Mierce Miniatures’ game is Darklands. It also has a gorgeous range of miniatures, a few of which I own. The minis in this article are for Dark Age by Coolminiornot. It’s technically a sci-fi game – a post apocalyptic setting on an alien planet. The Dark Age minis shown are for alien factions that have a fantasy feel to them. I can see how you could make the mistake.

  • benn grimm

    Nice! Loving the hermit crab and daemonic looking…thingy…very cool indeed..)

  • Richard Mitchell

    Dark Age 2 player set! Warmachine MK3! This is my year!

  • Certs

    Mm, super excited for more Hydross, and wouldn’t mind getting into Dark Age as well. Just don’t got anyone to play either of those games with at my LGS. 🙁