Forge World: New Tau Barracuda Spotted


Forge World unveils the new Tau Barracuda AX-5-2 just in time for Warhammer Fest – Come check out this updated Tau Flyer!

via Forge World

Right at the last minute, another fantastic model has swooped in! Making a perfect landing just in time for Warhammer Fest is the brand new Tau Barracua AX-5-2, check it out…

Tau Barracua AX-5-2

Not only has the design of the Barracuda been updated, take a look at all of the new weapon options that come in the kit…

Tau Barracuda AX-5-2 2

The new Barracuda will be available first at Warhammer Fest. If want to get hold of this awesome new model before anyone else, then make sure you’re at the event this weekend! Tickets are available on the door, and you can find more information HERE.


And just for comparison sake here is the previous version of the Tau Barracuda:



There isn’t a TON of differences but wings and drone placement are different. The engines also got some fin upgrades. The missile racks also got an overhaul. Couple those changes with all the new weapon options and I think we have a winner!


What’s your take? Like the new Barracuda AX-5-2 or do you prefer the old one?

  • Badgerboy1977

    love that re-design, quite liked the old one but this is really superb as far as I’m concerned.

  • Ross Allan

    It’s got a dirtier look to it, which I like. Suggests the Tau are having to forego their aesthetic niceties due to the reality of picking fights with the Imperium.

    • Shawn

      Might try a small force of tau, once they stop looking like Gundam Wing, or Robotech-y.

      • georgelabour

        Then you should have been trying them since the late 90s.

        Or at least familiarized yourself with both Gundam and Macross Aesthetics before making such a judgement.

        • Shawn

          Umm, how do you know I haven’t? And giant Japanime robots, regardless of story-line, Macross or otherwise, will still look like giant Japanime robots. When Tau stop looking like giant Japanime robots, then I might try making a small force of them.

          • georgelabour

            I know you haven’t because a transforming F-14 tom cast a Meltran power suit, and a Zaku have little in common with the stylings of Tau equipment, or personnel.

            unless you consider every bipedal robot with guns to be ‘to asian to get approval’. In which case I suppose you’d also consider Pacific rim to contain far to many valkryie rip offs to meet your personal standards.

            Heck by the standards you seem to work with a Star Wars AT-AT is a to asian for you to like.

          • harry goddard


          • Shawn


          • Shawn

            Close George. I don’t like the asthetic, at least as I see it on the Tau. I just don’t like the asthetic on a 40k faction. And its not “too Asian,” but too japanime, big difference. I haven’t seen Pacific Rim. The movie didn’t seem compelling enough to go see.

          • georgelabour

            The point of contention was not that you did not like them because you found them odd looking.

            The point of contention was you did not like them (and thus avoided the army) due to their resemblance of mecha from the gundam and macross franchises. Which is something only someone utterly (purposely?) ignorant of the relevant materials would try and claim.

          • Shawn

            Well, let me try and elaborate, a bit then. While there are japanime shows that I like, and I like the look and feel of the them, It doesn’t feel “right” or capture my attention as the other factions 40k. To me, the Tau’s look feels contrived and out of place in 40k. especially compared to the other factions. I know they’re suppose to be different than the others and highly advanced as a species, but I think they could have looked cooler with their own look and style, instead of a borrowed one from Robotech or Gundam. And that is a bit of a turn off me to collecting them or playing Tau. On the other hand, now that I think about it, there’s probably a lot of conversion value using standard models based on Japanimae shows.

    • King Renegado

      All the better. Elysians prefer boarding action anyway. Wonder how the greater good would fare against the enhanced D-99 troopers?

  • david

    Looks impressive and mean looking. Pity it wasn’t plastic it would make a nice kit.
    This version even has some Eldar influence almost like the original Epic Phoenix.

  • GreekSauce

    Here’s what I think its packing-

    Wings =

    Wing turrets have what appear to be:

    2x Auto-targeting Burst Cannon – 18″ 5/5/Assault 4Auto-targeting: Weapons with this special rule ignore any cover saves

    I would think they would be the standard weapons or can be swapped for

    Cyclic Ion Rakers (because of their size – I wouldn’t think they were CIBs. Also CIBs are infantry grade weapons, this is a larger vehicles and these wing turrets look bigger.)
    (overchrg) 24″ 8/4/Heavy 1, Large Blast, Gets Hot
    (std) 24″ 7/4/Assault 6

    4 Seeker Missiles 72″ 8/3/Heavy 1, One Use Only

    Nose Gun –

    I bet the standard weapon is a modified Heavy Burst Cannon. Something like – 36″ 6/4/Heavy 8, Rending – I feel like FW would modify the HBC to remove the gets hot rule for a weapon with that many shots.

    Can be swapped for

    Rail Gun Railgun (solid) 72″ 10/1/Heavy 1
    maybe has (submunition) 72″ 6/4/Heavy 1, Large Blast
    (Again, I would doubt they’d put a HRR on a vehicle since it doesn’t appear to be doubled barreled like the HRR,

    OR swapped for

    Ion Cannon (ovrchrg) 60″ 8/3/Heavy 1, Gets Hot, Large Blast
    Ion Cannon (std) 60″ 7/3/Heavy 3

    Still unanswered =
    – Each wing looks like it has a missile pod with 5 missiles.
    – There appears to be a rear facing turret
    – Based on the new flyer rules what kind of flyer will this be. Fighter or Ground attack
    – Armor values and HP etc….

    The chain gun in the front screams A10

    • happy_inquisitor

      The existing rules for the ‘cuda tell us a lot about this.

      Standard weapon load at the moment is:
      Ion Cannon
      Twin-Linked Missile Pod
      Two turret mounted Burst Cannon
      Up to 4 optional seeker missiles

      So what we have as new options are:
      Ion weapons on the turrets instead of burst cannon. By the size comparison with the burst cannon I would think they are probably Cyclic Ion Blasters – S7 AP4 Heavy 3 or S8 AP4 Blast Gets Hot

      For the main weapon we seem to be able to go with a Heavy Burst Cannon or Railgun. I think FW might just go for the basic HBC profile with no nova charge and hence no rending. 8 S6 shots is still pretty decent.

      The overall model seems a little larger than the old one. It is hard to tell by how much but maybe FW will reflect this by increasing the rather measly 2HP to a more normal 3HP for a flyer.

      Strangely enough despite the A10 similarity I think if anything is going to be a Tau Fighter this will be the one.

  • Witch Beatrice

    New barracuda has a sponson turret between the rear engines? I see a drone saucer head on top and on the underside it looks like the way a devilfish nose turret looks like.

    • pokemastercube .

      it is a pivoting engine, like on the razorshark’s wing drone ports

  • Tirelion

    Too bad it’s unplayable until there is a FW update for flyers.

  • shee is bautiful and I want her in my life <3

  • tau4eva


  • greg coltman

    Looks like a nice evolution on the earlier kit. But it’s resin so I can’t be chewed with the extra expense and extra hassle compared to a plastic one. Shame :/

  • harry goddard

    I hope it has 3hp now