Frankie’s List Analysis: Dark Angels and Tau


Today we have two very different lists. One is fighting for the Emperor and the other represents the greater good. How good are they?


List One – Dark Angels

Angels of Death – 1850


Lions Blade Detachment:

Demi Battle Company x2, 10th company support

Company Master: Artificer armor, storm shield, auspex

Company Command Squad: gravgun x5, sacred standard, drop pod

Tac squad x5: melta/combi-melta, drop pod
Tac squad x5: melta/combi-melta, drop pod
Tac squad x5: melta/combi-melta, drop pod
Tac squad x5: melta/combi-melta, drop pod
Tac squad x5: razorback w/ TL assault cannon
Tac squad x5: razorback w/ TL assault cannon

Assault Squad x5: flamer x2, drop pod
Assault Squad x5: flamer x2, drop pod

Dev Squad x5: Lascannon x4, razorback w/ TL heavy flamer
Dev Squad x5: Lascannon x4, razorback w/ TL heavy flamer

Scouts x5

Oathsworn Detachment:
Knight Warden

The aim is to place the company master with the command squad to tank wounds, and have the chaplain/warlord hide in one of the two vacant dev squad razorbacks. With the sacred standard, the command squad gets relentless and that is as close as Dark Angels can get to gravcents. Meanwhile the Knight Warden there to add pressure and relieve focus off of the scoring units.


Frankie’s Advice

I really enjoy the Lion’s Blade Battle Company. It has just as many Marines as the Space Marine version, and is also able to shoot over-watch at full BS. I played against one of these lists at a GT and lost pretty badly, haha. I also really like the Knight add-on, it will give you some more punch and protect your deep striking Marines.

So things I would change would be switch the Heavy Flamers to Heavy Bolter’s on the Razorbacks. I would also switch the Lascannons to Missile Launchers. The Missile Launchers and Heavy Bolter’s will give you some anti infantry firepower and save you some points. With the extra points I would take a full ten man unit inside one of the pods. I would also recommend switching the Warden to a Paladin for the Sword and Battle Cannon. I really like the two Battle Cannon shots as opposed to the Gatling Cannon. However, that Gatling Cannon is very good and certainly not a bad choice!

This is a very good list and think you will do great, just watch out for kill points. Other than that, I honestly don’t have many suggestions as it is a solid list!


List Two – Tau Empire

FSE CAD: (1051pts)
Commander – Iridium, Command and Control Node, Onager Gauntlet, Neuro Web, Drone Controller, Stims, 2x    Flamers, 2x marker drones
2x Crisis Team (2) – 2x Plasma, Early Warning Override
StormSurge – Pulse Blastcannon, Air burst, Early Warning Override, Shield
Marker Drones (5)
2x Tetras (2)

Piranha Firestream: (228pts)
4x Piranha (1) – 2x seekers – blacksun filters

Riptide Wing: (570pts)
3x Riptide (1) – HBCannon, SMS, Early Warning Override , counter fire


Frankie’s Advice:

Alright so this list looks neat. The Riptide Wing and Piranha Firestream are amazing formations! And Farsight Enclave is my go to detachment now as well due to the cheap troops options in the form of Crisis Suits.

The changes I would make to this list would be to give the Stormsurge the Pulse Driver Cannon since he will be more likely to sit back in this list. I would get that upgrade by dropping Early Warning on the Crisis suits who will often be deep-striking in and not make as good of use of interceptor. Also keep in mind the Crisis Suits need Bonding Knives since they are Farsight Enclave. I would also drop the Command and Control Node off of the Commander and try to get Stim on the Riptides. Stimulant Injectors have saved my butt in more games than I can count. It is worth every point even if you only make one FnP save on each Riptide. You might not have the points to add Stim to all of them but if you can find it I would recommend it.

Overall I think this is a well balanced list. You have a lot of firepower with the Seeker Missiles, Storm Surge, and Riptide Wing. Plus the Piranha Formation will be great for grabbing those last turn objectives. Good luck with the list and hope it does well for you!


What did you guys think about these two lists? Do you think the Tau list has what it will take to win a tournament? What do you think will be the greatest weakness of the Dark Angel list? Hope you all enjoyed.

  • Bradley Macduff

    power game, power game, power game do u do nothing else BoLS

  • Andrew Thomas

    Too bad the Piranha Firestream is getting nerfed hard by this recent set of errata.

    • SprinkKnoT

      What nerfed it? The jinking passenger thing?

      • Andrew Thomas

        The not being able to enter and leave play in the same turn thing, meaning that infinite Drones is next to impossible to pull off.

        • SprinkKnoT

          Ah ok, must have missed that one. Doesnt really change anything for me since I use the formation like they intended and only go off if they get damaged or have nothing else to do.

    • Nocturus

      ITC had already made this call.

  • Solrac

    You should find some points to give the Company Master the Eye of the Unseen. At 40pts it is expensive but well worth it giving the Grav unit Preferred Enemy.
    I understand putting a lot of points into this unit may seem like a bad idea as it will get focused on straight away however you really want to maximise their firepower as much as possible.

  • Dan Wilson

    3 riptides doesn’t sound like a “well balanced list”…

    • Djbz

      3 is nothing.
      In my last game against Tau My opponent had 4 of them.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    Having a couple of heavy flamers in a list is always a good idea for dealing with hordes, medium infantry in cover etc. Heavy bolters are good in the right list but this list doesnt need them.

    I’ve been having fun lately with a IA13 Leman Russ Conquerer (fast, not heavy, non ordnance main gun) with three heavy flamers. It can rush 24″ in the first turn with some Nurgle bikers or spawn hiding behind it, the next turn move 6 or 12 and unleash fiery hell. It costs 120 or so, i call it the Nerf Herder.

  • Stormandreas

    With that tau list, you can’t take the Command and Control node, Neuroweb System jammer OR the Onager Guantlet in Farsight Enclaves. Bit of an oversight there.

    • Yes you can, in the second edition of the farsight enclaves suppliment this is acually allowed, its like the one and only change from the mont’ka book and the previous edition, this also does mean you can build a commander with iridium armour and fusion blades, quite a fun combination:)