Geekery: First Look at the New Star Trek TV Series


Trek is returning to televisions everywhere after a 12 year hiatus.

What we know right now: the show runner is Bryan Fuller, who worked on DS9 and Voyager. Production starts this fall in Toronto. It will premier in January of 2017, and will be released an episode a week exclusively on CBS’ All Access streaming service – which will set you back $5.99 a month. And now we have a teaser – that debuted at CBS’ 2016 Upfront press event – that is promising a new experience…

… but it’s not saying too much else. Still no idea where it is on the timeline, if it’s going to be in the post re-boot universe, or who is cast. There are a lot of gaps to fill here. Educated guesses based on the marketing we’ve gotten so far: it’s ship based not station based, so expect new worlds and exploration. It takes some cues from Paramount’s reboots, TOS, and TNG – don’t expect it to feel like DS9, Enterprise, or Voyager. In terms of casting expect a bunch of new faces, but don’t be surprised to see some alumni. The inclusion of characters from older series is a Trek tradition at this point.

There’s some animosity between CBS and the fan base over the lawsuits they’ve filed to stop fan projects, and their attempt to claim the Klingon language. Combine this with the fact that it’s an exclusive on a pay to access service (that, from what I’ve seen, doesn’t offer a lot beyond the new show – at least HBO has good programming beyond GoT that makes the pay to access model feel worthwhile) and it’s going to be a tough sell to the core fandom. This makes casting and filling all of those gaps before January really important.


Are you going to tune in?

  • Desmond Burke

    I’ll bet there will be another Kickass way to watch it. I think it’s kind of cute major networks with pay service.

    • It’s their main selling point for All Access, along with a spin off of The Good Wife. They seem to be taking the HBO route. Maybe we’ll see it on the iTunes Store or Amazon as a season pass or pay per episode, but that’s about it. I don’t think they’ll license it to Netflix and Hulu, or do over air.

    • Paul James Harrison

      I’ll be getting off the KAT as well.

  • Davor Mackovic

    Isn’t that the Klingon moon Praxis? So the events take place after Star Trek VI:Undiscovered Country and before Next Generations.

    Damn, this would be the timeline of where The Sulu Years should have been. Oh I wanted to se that.

    • Jonathan B.

      What, on the starship Quesalupa?

      • Davor Mackovic

        I don’t get it. It would be have the Excelsior in The Sulu Years.

        • Jonathan B.

          George Takei did several commercials for Taco Bell last year promoting the Quesalupa, a pseudo-Tex-Mex taco like food.

  • Jonathan B.

    I’m not paying for CBS television. If they were to say do the CBS All Access, then the next day air it on regular TV, then I’d watch it a day later with commercials* and have no problem with it.

    *Not that the CBS All Access won’t have commercials on top of having to pay for it.

    • They’re talking about including ads for the base price, and offering an ad free version for an additional fee. That hasn’t been settled yet.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Wait until the season is over, pay 6 bucks, watch every episode, unsubscribe.

      • It seems like they want to have only an episode up a week, specifically to thwart binge-and-bail.
        Also, It looks like that service is exclusive to the US.

        How to get Pirated 101

  • Darth Bumbles

    The whole point of Trek, prior to Enterprise, is that each series is in the future of the previous one and deals with some of the evolving universe created by the previous series. Even Voyager which was set at roughly the same time as DS9 used plot elements that grew out of DS9.

    I’d much rather something set 20 years after the end of the Dominion War, dealing with the fallout from that, than something set in the monster maroon era. At least the inevitable Borg episode will make sense in the post-DS9 context.

    • euansmith

      I want to see Admiral Nog in action.

      • D. B.

        In which case he’s gonna need a new uniform, considering he’s only a Commander here. (Treky-picky, I know…)

        • Red_Five_Standing_By

          Also, leg… 😉

          • D. B.

            Evil, but a legitimate concern. Then again, he did well in “It’s Only a Paper Moon”, so I am confident he’s gonna be alright.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            I agree. Nog has the gumption to pull off a one leg future.

          • D. B.

            Star Trek’s bionics really are the envy of every AdMech coghead.

        • euansmith

          It is dress down Friday. 😉

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Demotion Monday!

          • Jonathan B.

            He stole the Enterprise to rescue Jake Sisko, then blew it up to keep it from falling into Cardassian hands, then rescued Earth by going back to the past and taking Donald Trump with him to the future. So, they demoted him. It would have been Captain instead of Commander, but the fact that he saved Earth was mitigated by the fact that Donald Trump is mucking up politics in the 24th century.

  • D. B.

    Cautiously excited. I’d really like to see some series-style story arcs done with the rebootiverse; the graphic novels have shown enormous potential.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    The show will be good. Still kind of wish we could have gotten Captain Worf’s show.

    • D. B.

      Star Trek: Worf Disapproves?

      I dunno if Worf is really Captain material TBH. Something almost always went wrong on the missions when he was in command. He’d have needed a very strong supporting crew.

      Personally, I’m more of a Sulu guy. Maybe even Captain Harriman, post “our essential equipment only arrives on Tuesday”-phase.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        I have no doubt this series will be about the Enterprise B. Probably booting Harriman and replacing him with someone more competent.

        Also, Worf was fine! His failures were all plot contrivances to justify the need for an episode. He would need a good group of supporting cast members. Then again, that is true of every trek series.

        • D. B.

          Someone did a pretty spectacular rendition of how an Excelsior-class vessel would look in the rebootiverse, and I have to say I’d really pay to see that in live action:

          That said – Harriman did just fine in the novels. The movie admittedly made him look as perceptive as a full-time methhead, but he was a competent commander in paperback.

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            Nice looking ship!

            The Reboot Universe will be contained to the movies, since CBS and Paramount split the rights to the franchise.

            The books aren’t “canon”, so who knows what interpretation CBS would go with if they used Harriman.

          • D. B.

            Not sure about the reboot universe bit. This trailer definitely looks like a rebooted go on TOS.

            Furthermore, this reminds me a bit of how “Star Trek: Phase II” was supposed to play out. A few motion pictures to whet your appetite, allowing the subsequent series to really take off.

          • Me

            Would be a good play if they were not doing the paid streaming service only thing. I pay WAY to much for cable as it is, I am NOT going to pay extra for this.

  • Drpx

    My guess is we get a prequel to the Abrahms movies staring Kirk’s Dad and a million scenes of foreshadowing/nostalgia bait.

    “Sure hope Vulcan never explodes. That’d be almost as bad as the Botany Bay turning up.”

    • Admiral Raptor

      Oh man, I can totally picture it now. 🙁 Please be wrong!

  • Anti-Gravity

    Can’t be much worse than Voyager’s first three seasons. Or its last 4. Or Enterprise’s whole 4 seasons.

    Actually it could – it may be a continuation of Abrams’ butchery.

    Not getting my hopes too high for this, they lost touch with Star Trek when DS9 ended imo. The writing never reached that level again.

    • Davor Mackovic

      Sadly non of the Star Treks took off until season 3.

      Thing is CBS is so impatient. The original season was canned. Never got a chance. TNG became good until season 3. Good thing CBS stuck with it. DS9 didn’t become good until we got season 3, an actual star ship. Then DS9 became good. Same for Voyager. Didn’t become good until season 3. And Enterprise didn’t become good until season 3, but it was too late, we were all burnt out from Star Trek.

      So I am sure this new Star Trek will not be that good. The first 2 seasons will be character development and see where the chemistry is and then concentrate on making season 3 good then. Thing is will CBS have the patience for it to flesh out?

      If rumours are true and each “season” will be a different cast and crew, it will fail. It will take at least 2 seasons for us to learn who the characters are and the chemistry to kick it.

      • Jonathan B.

        Actually, TNG was syndicated from day one, so CBS couldn’t cancel it (as it didn’t air on CBS). Same with DS9. Voyager was the first dedicated to a particular network (UPN).

      • bobrunnicles

        The original show hit the ground running in Seasons 1 & 2, it was Season 3 that the wheels came off. I do agree though that this is a complete opposite to every Trek show that came afterwards where they needed three seasons to really get going.

  • Admiral Raptor

    If it’s a continuation of the main timeline I think I’ll give it a try. If it follows the movie timeline I’ll pretend it doesn’t exist.