40K Beginner Batrep: Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons


Ash from Guerrilla Miniature Games is back with a quick and dirty 1000 pt battle report just perfect for 40K newcomers!


David has just finished up his Getting Started box of Daemons of Nurgle, along with a Great Unclean One and is taking on my Space Wolves in this 1000pt Maelstrom game of Contact Lost!

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Give it up for Ash – it’s always great to see starter armies having fun on the tabletop.

~ Armchair Generals, you may begin…

  • Parthis

    Ash from Guerrilla Miniature Games is back with… a video that was originally posted on the 30th of March.

    If this article manages to push people towards an excellent Youtuber and his channel then great, but let’s not pretend it’s new content eh?

  • Parthis

    Could you please stop mindlessly deleting comments?

    It’s perfectly valid to highlight that this video is two months old and is not new content.

    • LordRao

      If that’s true, I doubt that was mindlessly, mate. Sad, but probably deliberate. 🙂

    • Coltcabunny

      Can’t have you going pointing out facts can we?

      • Parthis

        Hey, look, my comment was deleted again.

        Stay classy, BoLS.

  • Parthis

    Old vid be old.

  • Parthis
    • It’s been read – and the mod team actually falls under their good practice standards. Comments about how a person doesn’t like podcasts or videos doesn’t further meaningful discussion about tabletop gaming, so they’re considered to be off topic and are removed.

      Also, while you’re here: take the time to read our terms of service – it’s available at the bottom of every page on BoLS, as it has been for nearly 10 years.

      • Parthis

        With respect, you delete comments without discussion or respect for the poster, you make no attempt to moderate, simply to remove. Their guidelines are clear; moderation is discourse, stealth deletion is censorship… and this site has a nasty habit of deleting comments.

        And for what it’s worth, my point is valid; this video is old, reposting it as new content is shoddy.

        • Again: your point doesn’t further discussion about tabletop gaming – as such it was deemed to be off topic and was removed per our terms of service. If you don’t agree with those terms you are free to not comment here.

  • luke snell

    not to be a negative nelly, but still trying to figure out how this bat rep is possibly useful to new 40K players when it is edited at autobahn speed with very little explained. huh.