HOBBY: Top 5 Airbrush Hacks for Painting Green



Welcome to the AirBrush Dome! We’re about to unleash 5 Airbrush hacks for painting green upon the masses; I hope you’re ready.

These are the new Jade Palace Bases that we’re going to be working towards.  And here’s what we’re working:



I’m not going to draw this out to the end, I’m going to start with the Top 5 right off the bag.

Tip 1: Get your primer game on lock with “The Army Painter” Angel Green Army Painter

Tip 2: Get these paints: Iosan Green, Necrotite Green, Flash Gitz Yellow



Tip 3: Rock the finest weapon known to man, the Iwata Eclipse is Long War Approved; Robby B and I both have carried this brush through the battle against grey plastic.

Tip 4: Get good and always add in AirBrush Flow Improver by Vallejo

Tip 5: Make the Gangsta Gumbo.

  • Step 1. Add in a few drops of flow improver.
  • Step 2. Pour the paint directly into the pot.
  • Step 3. Stir with a brush you have designated just for this
  • Step 4. Back Flow, which is the picture you see below.


If you’re new to the airbrush game, I can’t stress enough how important the Airbrush maintenance video is and it’s companion video the airbush cheat codes video.

Okay, now to get this base done right.

Step 1. Paint the base with Angel Green

Step 2. Add some Glow; that Iosan green on theArmy Painter Angel green blends perfectly, no in between colors, it blends for you. I followed the lines, no taping, I went really organic.



Pro-Tip: Go hard on the edge and then ease up into the black. That’s how you get that sweet glow effect. We’re doing mainly air on the double action flow and just adding a bit of paint.

Step 3. Now we’re going in with the Necrotite; don’t bother cleaning out that basin to much. We’re going to be doing pretty much what we just did but going even more sublte on the insides and harder on the edges to get that pop. P3 aren’t airbrush paints but they’re not over the top thick, they breakdown really easily because of their pigment count.

052016-Kenny-Green-036 052016-Kenny-Green-038



Step 4: Now we’re going with the Flash Gitz and doing those edges. If it’s not popping enough after the first pass just hit it again.



Step 5: The next level is to go in with your brush and adding in those fine details.

Top 5 Airbrush Hacks for Painting Green


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  • OldHat

    “Hacks” aka “Treating your airbrush like crap”.

    • John Robert Hurley

      Please be specific. I honestly what to know the issue.

      • ZeeLobby

        just ignore him. As long as you clean your brush thoroughly after each session (I’d definitely recommend a sonic bath) then you can do pretty much anything. He just does a full cleaning less because he uses it literally every day, but as long as you’re not letting paint dry inside it for several days, you’re fine.

        • OldHat

          Ignore me? Lol. Been airbrushing 5 years now. An ultrasonic IS the key, but cleaning between colors, touring the needl tip as little as possible and whatnot, are important. Plus, I juse hate the whole “hack” garbage and all the “yo dawgs”.

          • David

            considering he makes a living airbrusing and his work is really good, I think it is safe to say he knows what he is doing. Plus his video on airbrush maintenance is solid

          • John Robert Hurley

            I hate the lingo too and refuse to watch his videos because it hurts my ears.

          • zeno666

            This I can agree with

          • ZeeLobby

            I’ll admit, the language is pretty silly. I’ve been airbrushing 10+ years though, and a lot of people baby their airbrushes way too much. Some basic precautions are all you really need, and soaking works fine. It’s really just the leaving it for weeks on end without cleaning that’s bad. You def don’t need to clean between colors tho, if you’re working in the same color scale, and touching the tip is fine if you don’t damage/touch the needle. The eclipse, and most airbrushes, have heads that prevent you from damaging the needle by just touching the end.

          • zeno666

            Well said!
            I’ve been using an airbrush for some years, and some people got into it the same time as me. And they’re using gloves and treat the airbrush like it was their first born!

          • Steven Hyche

            Ive painted for 20 years and do it for a living at a bodyshop on cars and i say ignore you

          • OldHat

            Because car airbrushes are the same as finely tuned precision airbrushes for mini painting. Dude, I would never treat my $400 H&S like he treats this poor Iwata. I respect my tools.

    • ZeeLobby

      lol, huh? It’s not like he slammed it needle first repeatedly. I slam through projects with my airbrush, and i always clean it (as im sure he does) and it’s still going strong.

    • Chardun

      I guess you didn’t watch the Airbrush Maintenance video he also linked in the article.

      • OldHat

        Nope. I don’t feed them clicks anymore. I saw one where he “hacked” and it boiled down to lazy upkeep. Maybe I am just more delicate with my multi-hundred dollar precision engineered tools.

        • ZeeLobby

          Eh. It’s probably because you paint for yourself, while he does mostly commission work. When painting becomes your job, you see the airbrush as more of your every day tool then prized possession. You treat it more like a wrench than a rare flower. In the end it’s neither right or wrong as long as you take care of it, but it can be shocking when you see it for the first time (it was for me when I first saw people doing it).

          • OldHat

            Nope. I do commissions too and I just treat my tools well. Might be an ingrained respect from my traditional painting days, when I didn’t want to jack up my $50 1″ brush or waste my insanely expensive oils. *shrug*

          • ZeeLobby

            Ah. I can understand that. I definitely baby my nice sable brushes. Theyre also a lot easier to render completely useless with poor care. My friend left one bristle down in a water cup overnight and I almost strangled him. Lol.

          • OldHat

            Almost? You are a better person than I am. 😀

          • Steven Hyche

            I have a 900 dollar sata…. You are just wasting time and shouldnt talk down to his videos just because you wish to waste time. You can even mess up and let a catalyzed product dry up and still clean it with enough work. The main thing is to give it one good clean at the end of the day.

          • OldHat

            Yea, just keep going. Clearly, you know everything. How dare I have an opinion.

  • rednekkboss

    I love my Eclipse. If you take care of it they’ll last forever.

  • He didn’t nearly use the word ‘Bro’ enough, but I can overlook that fact because they actually typed out an article and included WIP photos!? Dear God, I have to click another ad it seems. #clicks4realarticles

  • Jared McWilliams

    Nice to see an article and not just a video, but also like how you added the video bits in as well…thanks!

  • Ola

    How come most of you just whine about how the airbrush is being treated and not focusing on the result?
    The result looks really good (yes everything is subjective) and it is a fast way of getting there worth an airbrush.
    Good job daaaawg and keep them videos./articles coming .
    They hate us coz the aint’us 😆