Infinity: Combined ONYX Contact Force Set

onyx contact force

Corvus Belli pulled the covers off the latest 300pt boxed set for Infinity:



Here’s what Corvus Belli has to say:

Onyx Contact Force 300 points Army Pack

The Onyx Contact Force is the spearhead tasked with engaging in contact and preparing the annexation of new races and civilizations in the name of the Ur Hegemony and its leader, the EI. It is a compact and light force, formed by elite units capable of establishing a beachhead, gather information and harass the enemy, setting up the arrival of the main attack force.




The 300 Points Army Pack offers all the necessary miniatures to deploy an ITS ready army list. It is a compilation set that picks up a series of pre-existing products, now bundled together with an in-game purpose at a reduced cost.

The intention of the Onyx 300 Points Army Pack is to facilitate the entry point to this Sectorial Army. This is a product created thinking in new players, to either Infinity because it offers a list ready to play, or to newcomers to the Combined Army, because it provides the perfect foundation to start collecting an army, for only 89,95€.

However it is also a product conceived for veteran players. This pack allows them to start a new army, or to grow your own your existing Combined Army, because it contains freshly released products.

This pack also contains a booklet with an ITS legal army list so it is ready to field once the miniatures have been assembled, this is the most pure concept of ready-to-play, and to subdue the Human Sphere in the name of the EI!






  • georgelabour

    Someday…someday I will get into this game and build a mostly dog soldier/antipode list.

    It will suck but it will be to metal, and fluffy, to care.

    • Gentle_Ben

      You can have three antipodes and two dog soldiers per list tops I’m afraid. You can fill out on loup garous. They’re just dudes but at least their name is French for werewolf. 😀

      • WellSpokenMan

        If you take Equipe Mirage-5, you get Duroc, who doesn’t count against the limit. You can then take a Devil Dog Team to get an extra Antipode, so add in a a Dog Warrior, you get 3 Werewolves and 4 Dire Wolves. With Col Voronin you have 8 furries on the table. This also leaves you with 119 points to spend on other terrifying things like Spetsnaz, Heavy Flame Thrower Infiltrating Grunts, or Highland Greys.

    • WellSpokenMan

      Dog Warriors & Devil Dogs do not suck. Your opponent is forced to deal with them, and with a few lucky rolls they can shred their army. I’ve never used Antipodes, but their stat line is solid and they are cheap as chips. The beauty of Infinity is that you can make this kind of list work, as long as you follow a few basic list building rules.

      • georgelabour

        Well I know they don’t suck stat wise.

        I’m more referring to how Infinity’s orders system would work against me in regards to getting them to where they need to go. Especially if I tried to do USAriadna instead of going for a space Scotsman list with William Wallace.

        Granted I’ve yet to actually play a game so obviously my grasp of the system is limited to a semi-thorough read of the rules but from what I understand is that I’ll be incredibly short on orders. So it may be a slow moving force , and easy to disrupt if I’m not careful with my Lieutenant.

        Plus I’ll also have to play very smart with terrain (and smoke) to avoid being picked off outside of melee combat.

        I’ll also have to accept the fact that my fluff bunny list will be butchered by more balanced forces unless my opponent makes some huge mistakes.

        But then I play 40k so I’ve already been doing that for a couple of decades.

        • WellSpokenMan

          Ariadna has cheap, useful orders available from a number of troops. Something that Onyx, for example, struggles with. Also, the Devil Dogs are Extremely Impetuous, meaning they get a free move towards the nearest enemy every turn. This can be a negative, but with a movement of 6-4 and Super-Jump, they will be in your opponents face very quickly. Even if you take the max number of puppies that I listed below in vanilla Ariadna, you still have plenty of points to spend on some basic infantry that will provide the orders to run the list. Voronin provides an extra order (Strategos) as well. As for terrain, well, everybody in Infinity has to be very smart with terrain and smoke (from one side or the other). In the end it will likely come down to player skill. Less experienced players will probably have a very hard time against a list like this. I doubt you’d be butchered regularly due to the list itself. You may find the learning curve a bit steep with the Impetuous troops, but once you get it sorted, you should be able to bait/force your opponents into making those mistakes. And that, imho, is when the game really shines.

        • That doesn’t happen with Infinity, bruh. Fluffy bunny lists work – just not in 40k.

    • Won’t suck. It will be metal and fluffy, though.

  • Gentle_Ben

    I guess there’s no bonus mini in this pack like the last two? I’d really been hoping it would be the Nexus Operator. He’s pretty crucial to Onyx since he’s their cheapest LT and fills a few other roles for less points than other options.

    • Didn’t notice that, you’re right. On the flip side, it’s a full 300 points this time, so that’s a good thing.

  • DeadlyYellow

    I love how the box is designed to look like a package for “gamer” computer hardware.

  • Krizzab

    nice motherboard…. ow wait.

  • Andrew O’Brien

    As someone just getting into Infinity, I find it difficult to figure out what models I want in an army. I have the ice storm starter set, but like the look of the CA. Would this provide a pretty good 300 point list? I know it’s more about how you play than what you play, but I’m curious about if I buy this, will I still be picking up some missing models or will this cover it?

    • An_Enemy

      Onyx is a full ITS tournament ready list composed of 300 points of models. Buy this and everything else you should want to purchase is up to you as long as it’s part of the onyx sectorial.

    • Certs

      It’s simply a discount bundle of 3 box sets that’ll quickly get you to 300pts, which is “ITS ready” but not necessarily a good list.
      The options provided are still good to have, but you’ll definitely want to pick up more – though that’s kinda the point, right? 😉
      Little bit of a problem is that there’s still a fair part of the sectorial waiting for minis or resculpts (possible that the Shasvastii units don’t get touched until their big makeover in the next expansion).

    • This weekend, this list was used by the guy who won a local tournament I ran. So yes, the lists good 😉

      • Heinz Fiction

        Or that guy is…

  • Shawn

    Now that’s kind of how I picture the dark eldar.

  • SacTownBrian

    Who’s the combined army? I like Pan Oceania and Ariadna but for the life of members got no clue who this army is. Not the best commercial for someone thinking about getting in…

    • An_Enemy

      Combined are like the Covenant from Halo except less crazy and possibly more evil.

    • They’re the theoretical villains of the setting. They’re called the combined army b/c it is composed of different galactic empires under the banner of the EI, who “conquered” them.

      I say theoretical because there are races/people/individuals who have willingly joined the EI and paint a more positive picture of what being a member of the EI means.

      • SacTownBrian

        Thank you for the explanation. Love these models and now I can assume this is a more recent faction addition to Infinity. One more question; are these metal models?

        • Heinz Fiction

          Yes. All Infinity models are metal models (so far)

  • Richard Mitchell

    Where did the money in my wallet go?

  • Morgrim

    I’ve thought of getting into Infinity but had no idea where to start. The Combined models have always looked the best to me, so this is tempting.