Is a New 8th Edition 40k Really on The Horizon?


Is a New 8th Edition 40k Really on The Horizon, and just would could we expect from a new edition of Warhammer 40k anyways?


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Team Long War: From left to right: Kenny Boucher, Stephen Fore, Rob Baer, and Mike Haspil


Is a New 8th Edition 40k on The Horizon? – Long War Podcast Episode 52


  • Damien Coté

    Could you at least put “Podcast” in the title? It takes so long to load these sometimes and it’s such a piss off to find out it’s not an article

    • LeroyJenkinss

      I second that

      • usGrant7977

        Third. The motion is carried without objections.

        • Larry Hunkin

          I also can’t listen to podcasts in the day but can read. I hate opening these only to find it isn’t as advertised.

        • chip6793

          I fourth…. Darn, motions already carried….:-(

    • Scoundrel13

      I signed in just so I could up-vote this.

    • SYSTem050

      Gets my vote as well

    • Dave Scammell

      Every single week this is the overwhelming point that fills the comment section. And every single week they ignore it. There’s literally NOTHING on the homepage to indicate this is a podcast or vodcast or whatever it is (I’ve never listened because I’m too pissed off at being tricked every week). In fact there’s so little indication that it’s almost certainly 100% intentional.

      If you need to trick and lure people into stumbling into your forced branding of a podcast rather than giving them a reason to listen to it in the first place then you’re doing it wrong.

      It’s like if you tune into a tv show called ‘world’s deadliest sharks’ and it turns out to be a poetry reading. Just stop it.

  • Secundum

    Can you stop posting videos? At least put ‘video’ in the title so we know not to click on it.

    • IngenuityGap

      They will never do that as there is ad revenue to be generated from us clicking on these “articles.”

  • Its really difficult to type articles, I know. At least you’re good at patting yourselves on the shoulder, I guess.

  • dimdum

    Came for the pictureS, lefT fOr the Podcast

    • wibbling

      Why have you randomly capitalised certain letters?

      • Neal Laxman

        Subliminal messaging eh?

  • Jared Swenson

    Please put ‘podcast’ or ‘video’ in the title. You guys always manage to say so much about so little in so much time.

  • euansmith

    A personal grooming advert at the top of the show? What are they trying to say about us?

    • Dave Scammell

      One of the weirder cross-promotions I’ve seen…
      ‘Hey like wargaming? The you’ll LOVE shaving!’

      • euansmith

        A fine chin beard like this doesn’t groom itself.

    • David Leimbach

      For many just deodorant would be an upgrade. Is that too much to ask?

  • doughouseman

    I really don’t expect an 8th Edition until 2017 at the earliest. GW has a long list of already announced/teased stuff to get out in 2016.

    As to the new rules, expect some streamlining – and maybe a simple “get started” set of rules for all the new players they hope to attract with the mass market play.

  • Jim Worthington

    The sky is falling the sky is falling!!!! PHFFFT!

    • Severius_Tolluck

      That is the Rob Baer way it seems.

      • Jim Worthington

        I thought that was to post and then regurgitate the same BS article three times a week.

        • chip6793

          That too

        • Severius_Tolluck

          IT is, but that includes articles about how the sky is falling because slaneesh is gone, or new rules are coming!

  • Damien Coté

    Wow… they removed my comment requesting that they please put Podcast in the title because it takes so long for it to load sometimes and I can’t watch it. Without even telling me why or addressing the concern

    That feels like such a slap in the face and is so disrespectful to myself, and the 40 people that agreed.

    You cut me real deep right now… cut me real deep.

  • Secundum

    I love how I had a comment with 25 upvotes asking BOLS to stop posting videos, or at least put video in the title, and they removed it.

    I guess the truth hurts, eh BOLS?

    • Dave Scammell

      Not sure if it was the same one but one of them had 40 upvotes, and another had about 25 too.

  • Dave Scammell

    Hey Long War guys. Did you, did you read the dozen or so comments (with 20-40 upvotes on a bunch of them) asking you to put SOMETHING in the title to show that this was a podcast and not trick us into thinking it was an article before deleting them? Or did you just straight up delete them?
    Deleting the comments won’t delete the opinions, but it might start deleting your readers.

  • Dave Scammell

    Gentlemen authors of the Long War and/or BoLS, kindly stop deleting any comment that requests you put the words ‘podcast’ in the title to stop confusing/annoying your readers.
    It’s rude and is probably the least effective way of gaining any sort of support.

  • Agent OfBolas

    if I think about GW idea of Streamlining…. I have a vision of Age of Sigmar 40k …

    End of a world.

    • euansmith

      Key Words? Every squad gets some fluffy special rule?, The prospect could be worse.

  • Secundum

    So, I made a comment (with 25 upvotes) asking BOLS to stop posting videos or at least put video in the title. They removed that, so I made another commenting on it, which they also removed.

    The lengths they will go to to try and remove all negative comments towards them are hilarious.
    Either that or it’s just some tin-pot trigger-happy mod.

  • Secundum

    Looks like the trigger-happy comment police are still going round removing any comments that criticise their videos. They must be compensating for something.