Mantic: Deadzone 2nd Edition Battle Report

Deadzone Spread

Mantic Games shows off the new edition of Deadzone in a Battle Report direct from the studio!

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To show case the new Deadzone rules in Action, Mantic’s very own Dave and Sunny played out a full 150 point game between Forge Fathers (Dave) and Enforcers (Sunny).

Although I won’t spoil it, the game turned out to be very bloody (and fun) and is a great example of the new rules – and how not to play them! the whole game plays out in just under an hour (with narration and the occasional rules checking). You can play games in even less time with ease!

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We put this together using the models from the Faction Starter sets and a fair bit of Mantic Battlezones terrain, including one of the new Deluxe Mats! If you’ve done a Battle Report you’d like to show, why not post it below? We’d love to see them!

If you want to try this out for yourselves, the Forge Father Faction Starter and Enforcer Faction Starter are available to pre-order now! You can find all of this great scenery in our Battlezones range.

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Deadzone Second Edition is a brutal, fast and furious skirmish game set in Mantic’s Sci-Fi universe. Simple to learn, it’s got a lot of tactical depth and a full Sci-Fi line of miniatures to keep you engaged for countless hours of hobby & play time.


Forge Fathers are the Space Dwarves I’ve always wanted!

  • euansmith

    That was a good laugh; though the Forge Fathers should have won, because… they are Forge Fathers.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      total concurance here, love the stunties.

      • euansmith

        They are not “stunties”, they are economical 😀

        • petrow84

          Brokkrs are economical, Steel Warriors are Enforcer Armors on coupon sale.