MUST SEE: The Best Thing About Hero Quest Is…

bard broadcast

BardicBroadcasts gives us the low down on what makes Hero Quest so awesome…  Watch it – trust us!

That may be the most EPIC unboxing of all time!

Do you agree?

  • Desmond Burke

    This is the greatest part about Heroquest!

  • cudgel

    Ahh this game made living in the middle of nowhere not so bad when I was a kid…..

    • BDUB

      Well, don’t keep us in suspense. How is living in the middle of nowhere when you’re and adult?

      • cudgel

        I miss it since I know live in a city surrounded by fleshy detritus, lazily mewling and vomiting narcotics upon the cold cement ground.

        • BDUB

          Lol! Good to know.

        • An_Enemy

          Did it ever occur to you to somehow help them so they’re not wasting their lovely narcotics on pavement and unkempt grass?

        • Frank Underwood


  • rtheom

    Oh man, so many great memories associated with this game. I really really hope that they end up bringing this back. Warhammer Quest is cool, but Hero Quest was just fantastic.

  • Tenpoletudor

    Brrrraawwwwd sword

    • BDUB

      I believe you mean, bro’d sow’d.

  • Dusty

    This made my afternoon. Off to eBay!

  • Paul James Harrison

    I need this in my life, again.

    • Aezeal

      I still have my old copy. Even started playing it with my kids. Tbh….the game lacks depth now. Love it when I was young, now.. better than playing other kids games.. but not a real game for anyone older than 12

      • Seienchin

        I agree in a way but also slightly disagree in a way.
        First of all: The US version is MUCH better than the european version(for example enemies have actual health points… in the european version every enemy no matter how powerful has one health point) but the core mechanics are too easy to exploit and have little reward for players after a few missions. On the other hand the game is great with beer 😀

        • Aezeal

          Well my kids do like Hq and I know whq had better rules so I guess this game should be an improvement.

  • Countdiscount

    The best thing about Heroquest is this video!

  • JonnyRocket

    Hero Quest got me into this fantastic mess. The game was great, the minis, the furniture, everything in it is awesome.

  • Shiwan8

    Nostalgia. Teh feels!

  • Jonathan B.

    The best thing about Heroquest is that they stopped making Heroquest. It makes my somewhat incomplete copy worth more.

  • Secundum

    I love this game, have all the expansions, and am currently GMing a group through all of them. (So far, they’ve died 3 times, once managing to get trapped in a dead-end corridor by the Witch King…PRE Spirit Blade.)

  • Ardboy

    Hero Quest was the game that got me into Warhammer. There was a little flier in the box I mailed in for a free issue of White Dwarf.

  • silashand

    What did I just watch? lol…

    • cudgel

      Truth, pure and unfiltered.

  • Dennis Finan Jr

    Just need mega death and overkill blasting in the background mixed with some slayer in between

  • Talos2

    Loved hero quest. I hope the new warhammer quest lives up to it

  • neverness

    I was always fond of the scenery, since no other company at the time was making cool dungeon accessories like that (bookcase, rack, etc.). I have used them a lot over the years for miniature and roleplaying games.

  • Thatroubleshootah

    i want to hang with this dude. I now also want this game

  • Dave Grimes

    Whats the deal with the gamezone remake?

  • MightyOrang

    Nailed it.

  • Jordan Cafolla

    I still play a bit monthly game of this

  • Gunther Clone C

    First time I’ve seen this video, aaaaaand I’ve watched it four times…. *hits replay*

  • Aaditya Rangan

    Seeing his copy of “Dragons Don’t Share” in the background motivated me to photograph mine!
    You can check it out here if you want:

    • euansmith

      Nice work on the dragon. I do wish that Reaper would bring out more terrain like that. The Bones III had a nice crypt and an, unfortunately underwhelming, stone circle (it looked like the kind of thing you could carve out of some foam in about half an hour).

  • euansmith

    Aside from the fantastic cover by Les Edwards (It’s leg day for the Barbarian), my favourite bit was the board. The way that placing doors and rockfalls changed the dungeon layout was great.

  • David Molina

    A Spanish company was trying to bring this game back as 25th aniversary edition . They did a Kickstarter campaign more than two years ago and still the backers (i am one of those unfortunately) are waiting news about the release date of the game and everyday this delays we think that we are never gonna see the game we have paid for . 🙁

    • amaximus167

      I stopped supporting Kickstarter campaigns after the very first time I supported one. They met their goal and quickly disappeared off the internet…

      It seems a lot of people never see what they pay for.

  • Seb

    Best thing about Heroquest? The fans who have kept it alive for the next generation.

  • amaximus167

    that was a good time

  • Deez

    I think he needs to change his name to BardicBrow’dcasts.