Mynock Squadron Podcast XVI: TIE Defender 101

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With Imperial Veterans only a few weeks(?) from release, TIE Defender guru, Biophysical, schools us.

Imperial Veterans is a few weeks(?) from release, and looks to insinuate a long underutilized ship into the meta. TIE Defender guru, Biophysical, schools us.

Michael Simon (AKA Biophysical) nearly took down a major X-Wing Regional last year with naught but two TIE Defenders. He demonstrated that in an environment rife with hyper-mobile aces, boosting big bases, and shield regenerators that just a pair of quality jousters (supposedly outdated tech) could still excel in premiere competition.

The impending release of Imperial Veterans will unleash a plethora of TIE Defender upgrades, and has us all eager to properly deploy the might of our favorite ship from 1994’s TIE Fighter PC game. Fantasy Flight provides the craft; Biophysical delivers the training.


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  • A post that is just a link to a podcast, that is actually immediately visible as such.
    This is how it should always be done, guys.

  • Fantastic interview and a lot of good workshopping on Defenders, ImpVets and the strategy of the game in general. A bit better audio quality from the interviewee would have been nice, but, meh, Skype.

    I’ll definitely check out the archive.