Outside the Box 05-13-16

tabletop-fix-wideHello again, this week we present you news from Demented Games, Raging Heroes, Mierce Miniatures, Mantic Games and my more!

Demented Games
Here is a new picture of the Gentlefolk Lancer:
13095863_1131669373531924_5538258025003011263_n–> More Demented Games News

Raging Heroes
New Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are available:
Nertha-Card-Web-VisualSeverina-Web-visual-ALTERNATE_0abafe10-c56e-41de-9c59-2d750ecf2516_grande –> More Raging Heroes News

Mierce Miniatures
Mierce Miniatures presents an angry hippo:
d331c28e147cce28ee2c67c2e124915d_original–> More Mierce Miniatures News

Mantic Games
The Enforcers and Forge Fathers get new starter sets:

And new previews of the Walking Dead boardgame:
f8a338cd763ba6809bf7824db8716ef1_original 45b5c377bfda85f27af125e401b91711_original–> More Mantic Games News

GCT Studios
GCT Studios presents Kenta Takashi for the Prefecture of Ryu:
kenta_takashi_promo–> More GCT Studios News

Mad Robot Miniatures
The Gideon MBT is now available:
2iMpLIi KV5Asr6–> More Mad Robot Miniatures News

North Star Military Figures
New Captains for Frostgrave are available:
13177682_1265236206838612_3301351875746484472_n 13100943_1265236286838604_581541491523613883_n–> More North Star Military Figures News

Warlord Games
Plenty of previews for Beyond the Gates of Antares:
Freeborn-Striker-600x546 Fartok-in-Suit-600x54113043448_10208564126395852_4922177408486785399_n-600x80013124445_10209692351253685_1558169831093390711_n–> More Warlord Games News

Fantasy Flight Games
Some fan-favories will make an appearance in Imperial Asault:
swi27_spread swi31_layout swi29_layout–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

TT Combat
The new Galaxy Building stands 120cm tall, its footprint is 90cm wide and 90cm deep:
dcs-galaxy-building-07_1024x1024–> More TT Combat News

Dream Pod 9
A new preview of the plastic CEF miniatures has been published:
Final Plastic Test Pops Assembled CEF Minis Web–> More Dream Pod 9 News

Perry Miniatures
Perry Miniatures presents upcoming releases:
13133182_879114822210625_5975345005101952672_n 13151515_879114915543949_2108170470113447436_n–> More Perry Miniatures News

AntiMatter Games
AntiMatter Games published new pictures of the Nereid Treasure Seeker:
13076607_1070877379625923_8221651916906367968_n–> More AntiMatter Games News

Vanguard Miniatures
New 6mm Novan artillery is on the way:
13118996_1319332444747385_14038687029880003_n 13139149_1319332304747399_6022047704110987994_n–> More Vanguard Miniatures News

Grimlord Games
Plenty of new pictures for Endure the Stars:
13138985_2026959707528407_899536518505902265_n 13102877_2026959417528436_2593238905594424248_n–> More Grimlord Games News

Awaken Realms
The new Bell Crow is actually sitting on a 120mm base!
unnamed–> More Awaken Realms News

And Lost Kingdom Miniatures presents their upcoming Magmhôrin Elite Guard:
13177978_1531606557145941_3288737357531441022_n–> More Lost Kingdom Miniatures News

And the new crowdfunding campaigns:
Collins Epic Wargames – Polyversal Miniatures Game
Awaken Realms – This War of Mine: The Boardgame
Nocturna Models – The Quest
Ulisses Spiele – The Dark Eye RPG
J-Bone Industries – Frogmen Fantasy Football Team on Indiegogo

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This Awaken Realms mini is insane!
  • euansmith

    Abraham for “The Walking Dead” looks spot on, as does the Perry’s “Ice Cold in Alex” ambulance. If the final minis come out like the renders, I’m going to be so glad I backed “Endure the Stars”.


    • Xodis

      Abrahamlet is wonderful isn’t he? lol

  • nurglitch

    Woo, CEF Test Plastics are looking good. Looks like DP9 is on track for GenCon.

  • markdawg

    Grimlord Games Stuff is awesome!

    • Azrell

      yeah but whats with the second set of legs on his back?

  • dinodoc

    Why do I picture that hippo shouting, “I’m Hungry!”?

  • That Bell Crow wants to be my new lord of change

  • Xodis

    NICE, I did not expect Obi-wan to make an appearance in IA.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Man, is it me or do those Mantic minis actually look good? Damn, less money in my pocket.