Outside the Box 05-20-16


Welcome to this week’s issue of Outside the Box, and what a week it is! Let’s dive right into it!

Knight Models
A new wave nof superheroes is availaable:
r tq–> More Knight Models News

Raging Heroes
And again more releases for the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy:
Svetlana-Card-_Resin-only_-Visual-Web_grande Keela-Web-Visual-ALTERNATE_grande–> More Raging Heroes News

Spartan Games
OmniDyne joins Firestorm Armada:
FAMP23-2And HALO Ground Command gets two massive dropships:
HGEX02-3 HGEX01-3–> More Spartan Games News

Wyrd Miniatures
Wyrd Miniatures presents Titania:
aef–> More Wyrd Miniatures News

Fireforge Games
A first picture of the sprues for Russian medieval infantry has been published:
13246163_1203501793002476_7800486181226601972_o –> More Fireforge Games News

Anvil Industry
Anvil Industry presents the support weapons for their Regmients range:
13230237_1003057089775610_4539616044047895716_n–> More Anvil Industry News

GCT Studios
GCT Studios presents Maniitok for the Tengu Descension:
manitok_promo–> More GCT Studios News

Rubicon Models
A new preview of the German motorcycle kit has been published:
13239299_1715031755416852_8969138514883923532_n–> More Rubicon Models News

Dark Sword Miniatures
Dark Sword Miniatures added new releases to their range:
7314_f1_p 1194_f1_p 8089_f1_p–> MoreDark Sword Miniatures News

Antenocitis Workshop
New pictures of the Super-Hawk dropship have been revealed:
13244881_1015204518517189_1948058729055620135_n 13226995_1015204495183858_5451206651054511374_n–> More Antenocitis Workshop News

North Star Military Figures
North Star Military Figures announced a new Soothsayer for Frostgrave:
13177472_1271201846242048_4372156249765588494_n–> More North Star Military Figures News

Warlord Games
Beyond the Gates of Antares gets a supplement:
battle-for-xilos-600x440And new boxes for Project Z are available:
specops-600x344–> More Warlord Games News

Titan Forge
A new Samurai range has been announced:
13179347_1104008469660827_4003602447809169525_n–> More Titan Forge News

Fantasy Flight Games
Another preview for Imperial Asault:
swi26_spread_legal–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

Dark Age Games
The May releases for Dark Age are now available:
dag1128-warwind_b–> More Dark Age Games News

Dream Pod 9
New previews of the plastic miniatures for Heavy Gear:
Final Test Pops Assembled MHT-95 Hovertanks and Flails Minis Web Northern Plastic Miniatures Primed in Grey Web–> More Dream Pod 9 News

Perry Miniatures
Perry Miniatures offers new Afghan tribal warriors:
phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg111And new previews have been published:
13239991_882428758545898_1683893076557032439_n 13230108_882428775212563_7753756690025208197_n–> More Perry Miniatures News

Vanguard Miniatures
More 6mm releases for the Novans are on the way:
13230138_1331837003496929_7214032832348604775_n12994520_1305197036160926_4645804592988118008_n–> More Vanguard Miniatures News

And Burn in Designs announced a classic teardrop trailer:
13230132_1116359351719680_8509168612839878799_n–> More Burn In Designs News

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What a week!
  • Thanks again for these articles, Tabletop Fix! Something I look forward to every Friday. 🙂

  • Xodis

    Love these posts, looking forward to the new IA models by FFG, and its really getting hard not to start grabbing Knight’s superhero models.

  • nurglitch

    Huh, Vanguard is a team-up between Onslaught and Troublemaker. Interesting to see the market consolidating. Wonder what will happen when the 8mm-scale GW stuff comes out.

    • dinodoc

      That’s such a weird choice. I’d have totally expected GW to go with 10mm. Were they really so afraid of DZC?

      • nurglitch

        I think it’s moreso choosing not to make it so easy for off-brand suppliers.

  • euansmith

    I’ll second The Dave and Xodis’s thanks to TTF. Visiting the blog is an everyday pleasure.

    I like the look of the Batman game and the Animated Series minis really appeal; if only my gaming buddies felt the same 🙁

    Those Samurai from Titan Forge look spectacular in the render.

    • dinodoc

      Nippon army project for WHFB?

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Love the Samurai on foot. Kinda like that soothsayer.. but is it just me or they resemble navigator art for 40k / dune quite a bit there?

  • markdawg

    Those Samurai are too cool great mins! Also stocked for Rubicons Motorcycle with MMG!

  • Richard Mitchell

    Battletech please let Dream Pod 9 build your minis

  • Certs

    Folded up one of the papercraft version of that Chickenhawk 4 years ago and still have it on my terrain shelf even now. But, as an actual resin (or will it be plastic?) product nowadays, I think it’s a very dull design.