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Are You Ready to RUMBL? RUMBL helps you find new opponents in your area to play miniature games with.


What is RUMBL

Simply put, RUMBL helps you find new opponents in your area to play miniature games with. By using your geolocation, this app allows you to locate other players nearby, and potentially challenge them to a game. After you’ve selected a suitable opponent, you can issue a challenge. Once they accept, you will be able to chat securely with them and establish a place and time to meet to play.

After you have finished your game, you can submit your results and easily keep your personal gaming record up-to-date. RUMBL uses these records to create regional, and global leaderboards. You can focus on being the best player in the neighborhood, or you fight to be the best in the world!

Why You Should Sign Up

Signing up doesn’t only help you find new opponents, but it also helps new players in your area find you! Even if you have a thriving community, by signing up you can user our leaderboards and see who among you is truly the best general. In addition, the RUMBL team is already using your suggestions and working on new features. Some of these features include event tracking, so you wont miss another tournament, and locating game stores or clubs, so you’ll always be able to find a place to play.

Are you ready to RUMBL? Sign up now!



We have already established partnerships with a variety of game publishers, including Warlord Games, Mantic, and Dream Pod 9, with many more in the works. This is the OFFICIAL place for you to find opponents for their games, plus a whole ton more. We currently have support for 20 games currently and are always adding more.

RUMBL Beta Program

RUMBL is currently in the early stages of it’s beta, and we need your feedback! While there are a couple minor niggles still to work out, the core functionality of the app seems to be working great. If you have any feedback for the team, please let us know on our Facebook page: We are a small team and doing the best we can to make a solid product to share with the community, so please share your feedback so we can continue to improve the product.

  • Shawn

    This is pretty awesome. It works extremely well, I think, if you have to travel a lot.

  • megatrons2nd

    Interface is clunky, does not allow the ability to delete a game that is accidently clicked for the play list, doesn’t allow for write in games outside of those already in the list. Nice idea, and has been done before, but the same problem will likely occur, in that most gamers won’t actually create accounts. Hope this one does better than the 5 others I’ve signed up on through the years.

    • Hey Megatrons2nd! I actually intentionally made it so you couldn’t chat before the opponent agreed to play, though we are actually changing that, since we have had a lot of feedback about it in particular. Regarding removing games, that is something else we are changing, we didn’t anticipate how many people would accidentally add games as often as they are. Thanks for the feedback though, we will keep working to improve the app! 🙂

  • Thatroubleshootah

    i signed up to hopefully get more gates of Antares games in. Hope they add Project Z.

    • You’ll be happy to hear that we will probably be adding the full Warlord Games catalogue over time. 🙂

  • dave long island

    Finally! At long last, technology has figured out how to replicate what the ancient Mayans called “putting up a flyer on the corkboard at your FLGS”.

  • Rattlernxt

    Works great. We have been using it in the store for a while now.

  • Manuel Cirujano

    There’s another opponent finder, made in Spain, in

  • Carl Walker

    I have completed all my details but it won’t let me register, I’m assuming the beta is full 😢😢

    • No, they analyse your details using Algorithms and have worked out that nobody would want to play against you. Sorry.


      • Spacewolflars


    • Hey Carl! Please send me an email so I can figure out what is going on:

  • Dan Prosser

    If this gets a decent amount of people signed up, it could be great (with a few tweeks to the infrastructure and design). Currently the closest player to me for any game is over an hours drive away so I guess I’ll just keep checking to see how populated the site becomes

  • euansmith

    Do I swipe left or right?

    • I always wondered why they made you swipe left or right. Shouldn’t it be up and down repeatedly?

      • euansmith

        Thanks for a genuine LOL

  • Admiral Raptor

    Good stuff. I realize how lucky I am that I have a regular group of friends to play with. Hopefully more people can set up those groups thanks to this app. I also like that it covers a wide variety of games.

  • Oh! I’ve been using Grindr for the same purpose. You mean that was the wrong site?

    This would explain a LOT…

    • nurglitch

      What, like why your opponent insists on topping if they win?

  • Anti-Gravity

    Just some trivia: there was an app called ‘RUMBLR’ where people could use it to organize consensual fights/brawls in their area.

    It was quickly shut down for obvious reasons lmao.

    • euansmith

      I use Tumblr for when I want to meet up with like minded people for a bit of Acrobatics.

  • I assure you that we won’t have non-gaming related content, ads or otherwise.

    • Jeremy Applebaum

      How do you plan on sustaining the site then?

      • Bugsculptor

        We’re certainly not planning on non-gaming related content or ads… at some point there may be gaming related promotions in there. New mini releases etc.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      cool, that is a good thing to hear, and i suppose a much more up to date, and one of those trend setting apps is nicer than practically an old geocities page lol.