Silver Tower Arrives, Star Wars Goodies, and Warmachine Reveals


It’s been a busy weekend , so grab some coffee and catch up before we head into the new week.

Warhammer Quest: App & Review

There are dozens of new heroes to use in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. Come check out the app:



Star Wars Armada Wave 4! Interdictor & MC80 Liberty

You can’t get away! The Imperial Interdictor is here with a Mon Calamari cruiser to add some spice to your Armada games!


Warscroll Warhammer Quest

AoS: Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower Warscrolls – FREE!

Worried about missing White Dwarf #120 & #121 and not getting the Warscrolls for the Heroes? Well check this out!



GW: New Releases 5-21-2016 “Pricing & Links”

Might Heroes are joining the fight for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower – Come see what else is coming out from GW this weekend!



Warmachine-Hordes – Battlebox Information Released

The new battleboxes have dropped and this has scuttled my return post! Let’s jump straight into some summary spoilers of the new Battleboxes for WMH – from Kirby (He’s BACK!)



Total War: Warhammer – Battle Magic & Launch Imminent

Get ready Warhammer Total War fans – the game is out in 2 days! Here’s a primer on battle magic while you wait.



GW: “100” Store Celebrations & Captain Centos

  It’s official and we have pics and a date folks.  Here’s how you can grab Captain Centos straight from the horse’s mouth.


~Summer is almost here! What are your vacation gaming plans?


  • Dave Scammell

    Sincerely thank you for mentioning this was a weekend round up on the homepage, Larry.
    I was worried this was going to turn into dozens of people complaining about being tricked into clicking on an article, their comments being deleted, people posting comments about their opinions being deleted which in turn also get deleted and blah blah blah. But no, this time we know what we’re getting beforehand. So thank you.

    Could you pass this habit on to the guys who do the Long War podcasts please?