Warhammer Quest: App & Review


There are dozens of new heroes to use in Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower. Come check out the app:

The guys over at Bad Dice Podcast put up a quick review of the new app, just out yesterday.  Take a look:

‘My Hero’ App Review


“Review of the Warhammer Quest Silver Tower ‘My Hero’ app for iOS and Android from Games Workshop. I look at the features of the app and how it also includes some new characters from Age of Sigmar into the game.”

Mr. Mystery has a full rundown of the App’s contents and pricing below:

Treasure Cards and Skills Cards – £2.99 each

Additional characters -£0.79 each (not including models, obvs)

Every current upgrade as a bundle? (37 characters, 2 ‘card’ packs) £20.00

Oddly, no mortal humans. None. Not a Witch Hunter or Noble in sight. So far.


Six ones from the main game, and the four in the forthcoming expansion box (Knight Venator, Tzeentch Sorceror, Slaughterpriest and Auric Runemaster.

Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer
Assassin (Dark Elf)
Black Ark Fleetmaster
Chaos Sorceror Lord
Exalted Deathbringer with Impaler Spear
Exalted Deathbringer with Ruinous Axe
Great Bray-Shaman
Grey Seer
Grimwrath Berserker
Grot Shaman
Knight Azyros
Knight Heraldor
Knight Vexillor
Lord of Chaos
Lord Castellan
Lord Celestant
Lord Relictor
Nomad Prince
Orruk Warchanter
Orruk Weirdnob
Saurus Oldblood
Savage Orruk Warboss
Skaven Warlord
Skink Starpriest
Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath-Hammer
Sorceress (Dark Elf)
Unforged (Dragonslayer)
Warden King
Wight King


Warhammer Quest Silver Tower: My Hero $0.00

The Warhammer Quest Silver Tower app allows you to create a hero and guide them through their trials in the sinister Silver Tower, tracking their dice, skills and treasure, and those all-important amulet pieces. Determine which skills and treasure your hero will carry over from game to game and add even more to your game with downloadable, app-exclusive skill and treasure cards. You’ll also find more than 35 additional heroes to download and use in your games, from the sneaky Grot Shaman to the charismatic Sorceress, and many more.

Choose your Trial and follow your hero as he fights his way through the twisting labyrinth of the Silver Tower. Track their dice, collect their Treasure and Skill cards in an easy-to-read format and note which cards they will keep as they continue on to their next adventure.

Choose your hero from a huge selection. View their stats, weapons, Traits and Renown and whatever Skills and Treasures they’ve managed to claim during their dangerous quests.

View your Characters, Skill cards and Treasure cards. All ten heroes from the boxed game are included, as well as the thirty-six Treasure and Skill cards from the box – and more are available in the Shop. View all the details of everything you have available – select the right warriors and equipment for your next journey into the Silver Tower.

Add new options to your game! Choose from a selection of more than 35 new heroes, all based on plastic Citadel Miniatures from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar range. Buy packs of new Skill and Treasure cards to give you more ways to defeat the dread servants of the Gaunt Summoner. With so many additional options, no two games of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower will ever be the same.

iOS: You can download the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower app for your iPhone and iPad from the App Store.

Android: If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can download the app from the Google Play store.


~Will you dare to enter the Silver Tower?


  • ZeeLobby

    It’s… pretty bug-ridden right now. I really hope they update it to use some swiping and gestures and maybe even some animation. It definitely feels like the result of a “My First App” tutorial. Makes me wonder if maybe they tried to do this one in house.

    • Frank Krifka

      I haven’t had a problem with it myself. But it seems people with slightly older devices are seeing crashes

      • ZeeLobby

        The reviews pretty much say it all. I wouldn’t call the galaxy note 4 an old phone. But some have had issues with it. I’ll admit it’s only crashed once on my iPad Pro 9.7. But performance seems all over.

        • Frank Krifka

          no no. i know a few people who’ve seen it crash multiple times. i haven’t used it extensively myself, but I did play a round with it. Seemed fine so far.

    • euansmith

      This is what happens when you don’t give Kirby’s wife £2.5 million to design the app 😀

  • BaronSnakPak

    I like the idea behind it, but I’m not liking the “exclusivity” of the format. As someone who doesn’t own a tablet or a smartphone it limits me to only using the core game and characters.

    • Brian Griffith

      And the Lord of Plagues, Warmage, Slaughterpriest, Auric Runemaster, Tzeench Sorcerer Lord, and Knight Venator.

      So… twelve heroes possible without the app. Not too shabby.

      • BaronSnakPak

        Lord of Plagues and Warmage aren’t in the rulebook, at least the rulebook sitting on my lap right now.

        I’m not disappointed by what’s currently available, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed about being blocked from additional content because I don’t have a certain piece of expensive hardware to access playable rules.

        • Brian Griffith

          Lord of Plagues is in the current White Dwarf, and the Warmage got packed in if you pre-ordered from GW’s webstore.

          The point is, though, the app is not the sole means of GW supporting the game with new heroes and content. It’s going to be a regular fixture of White Dwarf from here on out, and they’ll be releasing regular character packs and adventures at various points for sale.

        • euansmith

          I’m assuming that GW will bring out some physical desks of cards if the game proves popular. I guess the risk is the people won’t buy the game until the cards come out, and the cards won’t come out until people buy the game.

  • Baldrick

    Needs a Witch Hunter character……or two…….

  • georgelabour

    Wait…skaven adventurers? That’s going to need an expansion all on its own just to cover the way it’ll go from dungeon crawler to Warhammer: Age of Paranoia.

    Even better Orruk + Skaven adventuring party!

    • Gunther Clone C

      YES! I love your thinking! 😀 I’m excited for my Skaven getting a chance to raid the tower.

  • Ragnar Black

    So the skill cards are same for every hero? Only difference is two abilities and special rules for weapons?

    Now I can see why they are able to put them online in such a small amount of time.

    In the old WH: Quest there was 12 special skills based on the char. This seams pretty weird to me.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Welp, now we know the preferred aesthetic of the new dwarves maybe kinda, unless that is an engineer that was launched just before end times? I am stoked to see a new bray shaman, mine is nearly twenty years old! More or less though the rest are indeed current models looks like.

    • Alpharius

      None of them are new mate. The duardin one is just renamed from Warhammer 8th (still a cool model) and the bray shaman isn’t new either.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        crazy, when did they launch that shaman? I have never seen it before and I own pretty much all models in the beast men range past and present. Did they launch it with the 7th/8th ed book that brought us the razorgor?