Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower UNBOXED


Those enterprising Texans from FNP Wargamers have a copy of Silver Tower to unbox for us all!

It looks like one set of Texans got into a car and drove over to Richmond TX to get the community an unboxing.  Enjoy folks!

UPDATE: GW requested this Youtube video be held till midnight May 14th.  So sit tight, it will be back in just a few hours.



TADA – Behold the tantalizing box in his hands!


Sprues, sprues everywhere!


Assembled minis!



That’s right only 20 stores nation wide got copies and FNP Wargamers got one to unbox just for you!
Special Thanks to our Local Friendly Gaming Store! Goldmine Games! Call Mike for details about Warhammer Quest Silver Tower!

Goldmine Games 
249B Gonyo Lane
Richmond, Texas 77469

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  • Robert Snaith

    Where are the doors????

    • Michael Campbell

      Do not try and see the doors. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth… There are no doors.

      • euansmith

        “The Path to Victory is like a finger pointing at a door. Do not focus on the finger, or else you will miss that Grott Skuttling sneaking up behind you.”

        • And I could have sworn the line was “sniff my finger, guess where it’s been”.

      • Josiah

        The spoon!

    • Hamish

      They got burned up along with the Old World

      • GameOgre

        The New World has open concept hovels.

  • Damon Sherman

    more closeups! what is this, a video for ants!?

  • Robert Snaith

    Q. What is a dungeon crawl game without doors.
    A. AOS???

    • wibbling

      Age fo Sigmar is a skirmish wargame. If you want doors, buy them? Heck, there are suppliers of any type of dungeon scenery you could wish for.

    • Hamish

      I see what you did there…

      • Parthis

        That totally works; the original was old, failing and almost unrecognisable from it’s glory days, and the new is beautiful and gaining acceptance in it’s own way.

        I for one like AoS, it’s a refreshing and surprisingly fun game that people hate for what it isn’t, as opposed to what it is.

        • Do you actually know what those pictures are and what they refer to? Or are you brilliantly subverting his post and I’m not getting the joke? 🙂

      • vlad78


      • Cylux

        I see what you did there :^)

    • Screw the doors, what about walls and a fricking ceiling?!?!?

      And water! I want running water in my dungeon or I’m going to the Chinese counterfeiters!!!

  • Sixko

    So what kind of game will this actually be?
    CO-OP vs AI rules? player vs gamemaster?

    • ZeeLobby

      Vs AI. I believe you roll a dice to decide on enemies action, and one different player controls them each turn.

      • Sixko

        Perfect, my gaming group really digs co-op games 🙂

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah, I’m a fan too, when it’s done well. I also enjoy a good DM/GM when the mood calls for it. But switching one in should be easy with the tools they’ve provided.

  • Robert Snaith

    What color pill do I take to see the doors?

    • LordRao

      If you take enough of any colour you will eventually see a door of bright white light.

  • LordRao

    Horrible monopose minis. I really hate the direction GW is going in. I love the concepts, like the Tzaangor en Tzeentch ogre, but all the minis in each subgroup look basically the same.

    • Seb

      That said, the original Quest models were identical mono-pose and multiples there of.

      So new figures wise – even if I do not like the hero models personally, the detail is top notch and varied enough – we have come a long way, to be able to critique them as such.

      In comparison to the original, this is a vast upgrade models wise, however among current offerings – you have a point 🙂

      • ZeeLobby

        I just don’t think we’ll see posable from GW anytime soon.

        • Axis Mundi

          Still, they do use the best plastic, so a razor saw and some green-stuff works well as an option if you feel brave. Trying the same thing with the materials everyone else use – yurk.

          • ZeeLobby

            Very true. I do really like their plastic. And sometimes their poses are OK and don’t need mods. But some are just hideous, and can be a pain to alter. I just wish they’d sacrifice detail for more possibility. Some of my favorite kits were the empire wizard, space marine captain, etc. You saw a lot of great stuff come out of those kits. Just wish they’d continued down that road rather than monopose clampacks.

          • LordRao

            That’s exactly what I meant. 🙂
            We’ve seen excellent models from GW for decades, and this, although beautiful, seems just a gigantic step back for us modellers.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. It’s very “well we know what’s best” posing. That said, they do it mostly because including that amoubt of detail plus possibility on plastic sprue is challenging. I just wish they’d dial down oneand enhance the other.

    • Aezeal

      Whining by whiner much?

      • ZeeLobby

        LoL. No opinions allowed!

        • wibbling

          Of course you can state an opinion, but you used yours to pan Games Workshop without offering valid comment on anything else. for example, you could have said “Folks play Descent, which is similar and I like it because… I like this one because…”

          • WellSpokenMan

            Did you actually read ZeeLobby’s comment? He said he rather have multi-pose flexibility instead all the fiddly little detail bits. He would rather they do A than B. That’s fairly constructive, particularly by internet standards.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah…. I’m not sure what you’re trying to imply here. I always try to suggest alternatives in my comments. That said, I don’t find anything wrong with LordRao’s comment. He even praises some models! I’m starting to think you don’t read anything you respond to.

      • LordRao

        Hi Aezeal, thanks for dropping by, and once again enlightening us with your constructive, well thought out comments. Feel free to, as per usual, critique any criticism by playing the ‘whiners gotta whine’ card.

    • Parthis

      It’s a gateway product; ease of assembly and kinda important.

      • LordRao

        Sure, but in my experience poseable minis aren’t more difficult to put together than these single pose ones. Most poseable minis had flat shoulder joints, and ball/socket hip joints, which were very easy and intuitive to assemble.
        I’d think that, for a starting modeller, the old style minis were much easier to make unique, and slightly convert and kit bash, than these new ones, which will require (extensive) cutting and green stuff.

    • What direction are you talking about? This isn’t the first time GW or indeed any company has done a boxed board game with monopose and similar miniatures.

      Do you think that GW is going in Mantic’s direction? That’s unlikely.

      • LordRao

        You’re right about the starter sets, but GW seems to be doing monopose figs exclusively lately. My main experience is working with the AoS stuff (I assembled loads for my friends), where the non-Sigmarine stuff has almost zero poseability.

        Not sure what you mean about Mantic; my finger isn’t on the Mantic pulse at all, I’m afraid. I see their new figs once in a while, but don’t actually know if they are poseable.

  • Seb

    Really interesting look into the boxed set. I like how enthusiastic the store owner was to get special dice etc to add some zing to preorders. Thanks for the effort in compiling this FNP.

    • Johnathan Typhon

      Thank you for the kind words!

  • ZeeLobby

    My local FLGS got a copy as well! They hadn’t unboxed it yet, but they had it behind the counter. Now if only people played more GW games there anymore.

  • euansmith

    I like that they seem to have kept the tokens and cards under control. I’ve got Shadow of Brimstone and MYTH and neither see any play because it take so long to sort out all the bits. Zombiecide gets lots of play as it takes a comparatively short time to set up; and also because it is brilliant fun.

  • Caleb Watson

    I don’t see how this is better value then Dungeon Saga. DS is cheaper, has doors, furniture, it’s easy to play and has virtually no assembly needed.

    • ZeeLobby

      To be honest I imagine most sales will be for the minis. I totally plan to pilfer them and use them for other games/systems. Especially if the rules are bland.

      • WellSpokenMan

        Yeah, I’m thinking about this for Frostgrave myself, but I’d have to see it 30% off or more to pull the trigger.

        • Thatroubleshootah

          Agreed 100 percent

        • Thatroubleshootah

          I’d like the game, but did not play it when I was a kid so no nostalgia factor for me. I’d like to get it under a hundred bucks. I’ll wait and see if I can grab it for that. The models would be good d anbdvd proxies

      • LordRao

        I agree, but that seems to be at least part of the appeal from most derivative games. Would love to see these minis turn up in any other type of skirmish game, esp. if the player has gone to the trouble of actually converting them.

    • wibbling

      Dungeon saga isn’t going to be a patch on the production values here or the quality of the miniatures.

    • euansmith

      These minis are beefier than the Mantic ones and also have cross-over appeal for AoS players. Also the game play might well be different and appeal to different audience. That said, while I wasn’t impressed by DS’s cardboard bits, plastic terrain bits (which I thin is made by Renedra) are tip top.

    • Parthis

      They both have their strengths. Dungeon Saga, for my money, suffers with the classic Mantic problem; really, really weak miniatures and a pervasive sense of shallowness.

      • Caleb Watson

        Because AOS is do deep and well thought out…
        The mini’s in DS are solid sculpts, I don’t have to assemble them and they paint up just fine.

        • Parthis

          Well if average that requires little effort is what you want out of your wargaming hobby Mantic have just what you need.

          Oh, and AoS better and more ambitious than cloning and overly simplifying a 30 year old product.

          Try it, you might actually realise a few things…

    • DS is half the price for half the models. The models themselves are terrible compared to GW box set models, and most of them arrive bent and are a nightmare to straighten out.

      The box DS comes in is really fragile, it tries to be clever but it only lasts a couple of unboxings before it falls apart.

      Mantic stuff just feels cheap. Fortunately it is cheap, otherwise there’d be no reason to buy it at all. The game itself is fun, not the best out there, not the worst. If you just use the models as counters, go for it. But hardly anybody paints up DS miniatures to display quality.

      So you’re basically getting worse quality models and some furniture for the same price as high quality models and no furniture.

      And the furniture is made from the kind of rubber they use in sex toys. There, I said it.

      • Caleb Watson

        Doesn’t fall apart. I’ve had mine for 4-5 months played the piss out of it. You can straighten them out with a blow dryer. Not a high level of difficulty.

  • Dan Lewis

    At the risk of being accused of whining….

    I actually think these spin-off games suit the AoS “world” better than the main game does. The lack of fluff depth, general simplicity, OTT nature of the figures and so on can be considered negatives in the skirmish game but are no real issue in a boardgame like this. I can see this selling successfully whilst I struggle to see main AoS having a lasting, positive impression on the market.

  • Andrew Dursum

    Asgard Games is showing the progress of painting their box with better pictures… just sayin.. https://twitter.com/YourCircleJerk

    • Johnathan Typhon

      Thats awesome! I wanted to get a quick and good overview of all the cool stuff. Glad Asgards is doing something cool like that.

  • Johnathan Typhon

    Sorry Guys! GW called and we have to make the unboxing video private until midnight tonight!

  • Dalinair

    Is this just an expansion for the main game, there doesnt look like nearly enough dungeon tiles

  • krisbrowne42

    Looking forward to doing crossover with Super Dungeon Explore minis/tiles, and reviving some of my Hero Quest/Warhammer Quest paper craft scenery…. Or making friends dust-off their 3d printers for scenery, there’s a TON of open-sourced dungeon scenery out there that looks decent.

  • Anti-Gravity

    Can’t wait to pick up this dirty box set. Gonna build them all in one fatty session!! So nice, more impressed with this kit than any of the other ones recently.